About Volume 5

I was notified via my Baka-Tsuki Talk page that volume 5, chapters 1 through 6 have already been completed by another translator and that some are just not uploaded. I will thus be skipping the aforementioned chapters and heading straight into chapter 7.

On another note, my gaming streak was cut really short by somebody, so I’ll just go back to translating because that can’t really be interrupted…

Enjoy the wait for chapter 7. I should probably get to sleeping soon since it’ll break dawn in a few hours (what am I doing?!).

Update: Chapters 1 through 6 have been posted on Baka-Tsuki by Alight.


10 responses to “About Volume 5

  1. Hey Mizuho, just thought I should mention, volume 7 is being translated by zzhk, according to the registration page I mean. Oh and thank you very much for your insanely fast translations. xD

      • thank you for all the translation so far and to come, it makes me really happy to see this project back up and moving along the months nothing was translated were hard

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