With the conclusion of volume 4’s translations, I’ve streaked up a volume in the span of 3 days (holy crap)! As I’ve been neglecting any other form of fun, I’m going to take one day off and play some games.

Don’t worry though, I’ll be finishing up volume 5’s missing chapters next week. I expect we’ll be seeing the translations to volume 9 within 2-3 weeks (or less)? I’d been really rusty from a lack of using Japanese, so I’m only getting faster with the translations (it took like 10 hours for the first one, but now I’m down to 4-5 hours each).

See you in one day!


5 responses to “Mini-Break

    • …You do realize that I have the RAWs here, right? The translation on Baka-Tsuki is incomplete, but this version isn’t. “chancs” is the one who did the Baka-Tsuki one and it has no relation to mine.

      EDIT: And now I’ve replaced it, so it’s complete.

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