Amendment to the Plans From Here On

Well, with zzhk picking up volume 7 and apparently declaring war(?), I’m going to skip up to volume 8. The declaration of war was a joke, but it seems to have spurred quite a reaction…maybe this is a result of my inability to tell when to stop a joke (it became reality?!).

Anyway, I will be answering a few concerns raised in the comments on the last post here. Yes, I will communicate with zzhk, somehow. It’ll probably be through the Baka-Tsuki Talk pages though since I actually don’t know any of his other contact information, so hopefully he actually notices it. Actually, if you’re reading this, zzhk, please contact me with when you plan to finish volume 7 by.

I will be doing volumes 8, 9 and 10. I actually expect to finish that within the next week as long as I find volume 10 somewhere (anybody have a copy or know where to get one? I don’t mind having to buy it either). I’ll just register the entirety of volume 8 on Baka-Tsuki now…

I hope this clears up all the issues you’ve been wondering about? Post any additional ones in the comments!

I’ll start the translating for volume 8 as soon as I get some lunch (really late) into my system…

EDIT: To buy the book is $38 on Amazon, like $22 on Kinokuniya (but requires a credit card? I don’t really have one…), about $30 on some other site I forgot, and a great majority of the sites are Japan-only. Somebody please help me find a place to buy from. I’d like to keep the costs around $20 if possible.


24 responses to “Amendment to the Plans From Here On

  1. Volume 10 comes out in a couple of days. Also if u have time try translating some of zero no tsukaima its been forever sence it’s been updated and I really want to know what happens

  2. I personally suggest translating this “Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden ( ” vol 1-3 has been done by ‘C.E. Light Novels Translations’, but after doing a poll which this novel wins, they insist on translating Sayonara Piano Sonata becoz of the lead translator preference.

    This novel itself hasn’t been translated in the past 5 months (was declared hiatus by C.E. Light Novels Translation) , and currently has 10 ongoing volumes . The story is about ‘Magic, Swordfight, Promises, Secrets, Romance, Princess-knight relationship, etc’. This novel is one of the first light novel i read, and it got me hooked instantly. Try to read it in ur free time, and i hope u will consider translating this.

      • “Here’s probably the weakest volume in the Hyouketsu Kyoukai series.

        I’ll be putting my main focus on SPS, so translations for this will be slow.”

        it used to be 1 chapter each week, if we’re lucky, dunno about now with he “being slow”, ah look at me ranting about other ppl works in someone else website.

        ill wait for Seirei vol 8-10, keep up the good work!

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