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It recently came to my attention that…my English gets really messed up when I translate. Not that my English isn’t kinda strange when I’m not translating, but it gets worse when I do. That being said, I’m looking for an English editor. There’s not much involved in it:

  • Proofread the translation for stupid little errors like “chuckled light and smiled” instead of “chuckled lightly and smiled” (I actually found this when I went back over my translation…*kicks self*).
  • Make the English sound better.
  • Do something about how non-native the English sounds. My brain gets stuck in “foreign mode” when I translate, so it becomes worthless when it comes to making it into native English. Though, I’d really not like to see 100% colloquialisms or something like that.

The pros:

  • You get to read everything before it actually goes out so it’s basically a “read before everyone else gets to” job.
  • Get to say you actually did something.

The cons:

  • You may cry tears of blood if I hand you something bursting with errors.
  • You -will- lose time from your schedule.
  • Reading moe scenes ahead of everybody else may just mean you die that much sooner from blood loss.

How to apply:

  • By NanoDesu’s consent, I have been allowed to use their editor exam: http://www.mediafire.com/?25m0dt6526f311r. Please apply by completing the first two sections on this document and e-mailing it to sakurahonyaku@gmail.com. The applications will be cycled from there and you will be notified of your application’s status ASAP.

Please note that I will not discriminate against you for having zero editing experience. If you seem to have the skills required, you will be considered. If you don’t, I will inform you. Please do not feel discouraged by this though and practice more; you will get better.

As a final note, I will be holding back on releasing chapters until I find an editor. Unless, of course, I don’t find one for a good period of time (like 4 days, maybe?), in which case I’ll just bulk release whatever I’ve held back.


34 responses to “Extra Help

    • I generally finish up a chapter near the end of the day. Btw, there’s one thing I have to ask…how are you making a good case for yourself when you’re missing capitalization and punctuation in your comment? And “ok” is usually “okay” or “OK”. You even used “u” instead of “you”.

  1. I have zero experience in editing but I’m really proficient in English grammar and spelling, so I’d like to use my skills to contribute translations since I’ve enjoy reading Light Novels. Plus, some of the pro’s doesn’t sound half bad.

    • Answer this question: What sounds wrong about “since I’ve enjoy”?

      No, I’m not being harsh or anything. I want to see if it’s a typo or something. Or if you really made that error consciously.

      On another note, I expect most applicants will have no experience in editing. That’s no problem. Everybody needs to start somewhere. It’s a huge pain in the ass that people can’t trust somebody who’s honed their skills outside of the public eye.

      • Sounds like you have a fair grasp on English from what you wrote. The little derps like that can be excused anyway (I derp like that all the time, as shown in the post x_x).

        Now then, first comes contact information. I’d like to somehow contact you, but I’m not exactly sure how you’d like to be contacted. I have quite a few e-mails, though I hardly use them for actually mailing. I have Skype (though with a lack of video and audio), Facebook, Twitter (for no reason) and other such communication media available. I also don’t really mind any other forms. If you would prefer a more secure method of exchanging the information, I do not mind that as well.

        The first job is a test job. It’s either you do it well or you mess up. I’ll decide whether it’s good enough, then upload it and ask for the various readers’ opinions. The final decision will be based upon the feedback from that.

    • I would like to request that you submit a completed version of the first two parts of NanoDesu’s editor exam that I have included in the original post. It looks like it’ll work really well for pre-screening at the very least. The last part will be decided as I wrote in the original post and in my previous comment.

    • The best way to contact me would be through the AnimeSuki forums or through my email (not sure if I should post it in the comments section). If you can find me on Facebook or if you can email/contact me through Baka-Tsuki, that’s okay too.

  2. If you are still looking for an editor for Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance, then I would be willing to help you. I am a native English speaker and would be willing to complete the Editor’s Exam posted by NanoDesu. If you want me to assist you, I would only need to know what file format you would use, if applicable, and how to contact you. I am interested in working on this simply because I enjoy reading Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance and other works on BakaTsuki and would like to give something back to the community.

      • “top notch” -> “top-notch” or “topnotch”
        “translation editing, as you do not” -> comma is not required
        “you, most likely, will” -> that “most likely” does not actually disrupt the sentence idea
        “double checked” -> “double-checked”
        “changed” was switched to “change” because it was meant to be a noun in the sentence
        “well edited” -> “well-edited”
        “he” -> “he/she” or “one” because it was gender-neutral previously in the paragraph; the original would have been fine if you replaced “he” with “you”

        That’s what I noticed in your submission. Well, I’ll consider it a pass with reserved opinion.

      • You got a decent number of the major errors but missed a lot of the smaller and more subtle ones.

        Also, I’d appreciate if you post attempts at the exam by emailing them to the translator, as I am still using this exam to vet editors and I do not want attempts at solving the exam posted publicly online. Thanks.

      • Ah sorry NanoDesu. However, I do not know how to delete a post. If a moderator could, it would be most appreciated.

      • Having that first big word change not taken out kinda did it for me. It doesn’t look like you really changed much (as your note at the bottom says) and the first section explained it: you can change it as long as the meaning doesn’t change. Changing as little as possible means you are just handing me the test back. Please redo the second section with “more freedom” because I don’t think this can be accurately graded without it.

        And I know you’ve seen NanoDesu’s objection to it, but perhaps you haven’t seen the edited post. Please send the fixed version to sakurahonyaku@gmail.com.

    • Thank you for your consideration. I have no experience editing a translated work so if you do require my assistance, please keep that in mind. Should you need to contact me, you can reply to this post or use Skype or email. (Can moderators even see the email that we provide when we post?)

      • I can see that e-mail, yes. If you would like to be contacted with that e-mail, it is easy enough to do so. I suppose you should specify that in your comment though since I won’t contact it otherwise.

      • This is fine. I will email a revised section 2 with more leeway used in my editing. Apologies since I don’t know exactly what I am allowed to do and not to do.

  3. Is it okay to still apply for the editor position even if i have a plague of not being able to use commas correctly? Sentence flow, i’m okay with since i wrote stories before and other forms of punctuation as well but commas are my bane.

    • How can you not use commas correctly? It’s intuitive for the most part. I noticed that your “i”s aren’t capitalized btw. Writing stories is good and all, but that doesn’t mean they had good grammar. You’ll need to do well with the application for consideration. Please try hard with the commas. They might not hate you as much as you think.

  4. Might help your case if you advertise a bit wider. B-T, AS, etc– anywhere with a larger English audience which is into this sort of thing. As it is, you’re limiting your exposure and therefore pool of potentially suitable candidates. I’m sure there are plenty of people with the skill and willingness to help; they’re just not aware of your need.

    Good luck, and keep up the good work.

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