Updates on What’s Been Happening

First of all: yes, I am holding back chapter 2 at the moment. One of the reasons is that I’m still having the editors run through it but…the other reason is that I’m not done translating it.

And that’s where the other big news item comes in: I have a job. It’s a job that pays over 3 times what I made the last time I worked. Unfortunately, that also means I have much less time for translating all of a sudden. I’ll be forcing out a translation tomorrow even if I have to cough blood to do it. I may just forgo the editor thing for the initial release and just check it myself (I don’t see it getting released for another day or two if I leave it to the potential editors to dissect it now).

Anyway, that’s the update this time.

EDIT: I translated something in chapter 1 wrong. It didn’t mean “concubine” in that sentence but just “I,” so Linfa was not naming herself as a concubine. Sorry if that confused anyone.

EDIT 2: Chapter 2 is now complete and just awaiting editing. It should be out by tomorrow if not within the day.


12 responses to “Updates on What’s Been Happening

  1. Congrats on your new job

    About getting slower, it’s no problem at all, at least you’re still willing to translate. A slower translation is much much more better than none at all

    • I’ve already coughed blood before. A couple times. It’s not related to this though and I haven’t done it recently.

      The chapter is almost fully translated so it should be fine if I keep it up for a little longer…

  2. Thanks for the translation, but always keep in mind your health, some people don’t mind a slower translation…As long as you keep translation, the pace you take doesn’t matter, remenber you do want other think…do what you want…and take into consideration what others say but don’t let it get to you 😀

  3. Thanks for all the time you put in.
    Also, don’t worry too much about trivial errors in translation.
    They’ll get caught eventually. (Unless you put the wrong words in, nothing can save it then except you)
    And best of luck with your new job!

  4. Hi, I’m actually very pleased that you’re taking the translation seriously.
    As for people saying don’t bother about the mistakes, I’ll say don’t listen to them. It’s good to be proud of your work and be mindful of errors as it’s going to serve as a medium to the author’s original work.

  5. Nice that your new job pays well. I got about a 2 year patience time limit that may get extended, so take the time you need. Organic Chemistry prevents me from joining the editing committee as well as lack of practice in the skill.

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