Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Volume 8, Interlude – The Dusk Witch

In a room of a high-class hotel built in <Ragna Ys>’ business district.

Greyworth looked down out the window at the night view that stood out against the darkness.

“This might become the last <Blade Dance> that these eyes see.”

She narrowed her eyes and felt slightly sentimental.

She had debuted and won twenty four years ago. She was fifteen at the time.

At that time, the <Blade Dance> system was still working properly.

Three years ago, an unseen crack had appeared.

And now, the current competition obviously had unusual circumstances arising.

It had been a short cycle of only three years from the last tournament. The participation in battle of a darkness spirit that was not the user’s official contracted spirit. The grotesque existence that wasn’t a spirit contractor, let alone human, <Nepenthes Lore>—

(—Just what exactly is starting here?)

Coming to <Ragna Ys> had been done under Greyworth’s personal judgment. Watching over her pupils’ activities was just a public camouflage for the empire’s top brass.

(……Although, they’ll already have realized something of that degree.)

Greyworth pushed her glasses up and silently moved away from the window.

She was continuing her personal investigation into the other Ren Ashbell that had appeared in the current tournament. When the <Murders>’ merchant, Vivian Melosa, that had been caught behind the scenes was interrogated, her name had come up.

The <Murders>’ merchant was connected to the executive and secret part of Alphas Empire’s religious organization. Because of that, Vivian Melosa had known a lot of information concerning that Ren Ashbell.

According to her story, the masked girl had appeared at the empire two years ago. It seemed she entered the religious organization’s secret agency called <Snake>, and in a short few months, she had risen to the top of the organization.

The tactical-class military spirits that had been bought with the empire’s capital amounted to twelve. It seemed that the amount of subordinate spirit contractors, including orphans from the <Instructional School>, was already over twenty.

(……It’s not for terrorism. It’s almost like war preparations.)

That kind of girl was leading the elite and participating in the <Blade Dance>.

What exactly was the <Wish> that she kept to herself—

(At any rate, it’s not world peace.)

She sighed deeply—

“—While this heart still beats, I must pass that on to the boy.”

The witch placed her hand softly against her chest.


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  1. “It had been a short cycle of only three years from the last tournament. The participation in battle of a darkness spirit that was not the user’s official contracted spirit. The grotesque existence that wasn’t a spirit contractor, let alone human, —”

    lot of ur tls are pretty bad and barely readable. was looking forward to reading but cant enjoy this at all. i really hope a better tl gets done later.

    • Pfft, clearly you aren’t native enough to understand his native English.


    • It’s idiots like you, animefan4829, that makes translators go MIA.
      I’d very much prefer a bad translation over no translations at all, and I’m sure many of us do too.

      (I’m not saying the translations are bad, but am just using an analogy.)

      • Haha. My base trait is being careless, so I don’t give a crap about criticism and stuff in any way that makes me feel bad. You can’t make everybody happy, and there’s no point to trying. It’s my motto for this.

  2. Some English advice here, since that appears to be the theme of discussion. You’re still being way too literal. If you don’t see why being literal is bad, I would encourage you to read this:

    “She narrowed her eyes and felt slightly sentimental.” – why is she narrowing her eyes and feeling sentimental? Narrowing your eyes in English usually indicates annoyance or anger, so it’s a rather inappropriate idiom here.

    “The participation in battle of a darkness spirit that was not the user’s official contracted spirit. The grotesque existence that wasn’t a spirit contractor, let alone human, —” – These are all sentence fragments, and while the source material may have structured them that way, can you honestly read that back to yourself and say that it sounds good? It’s a bit of a mess, and needs a working over.

    “The tactical-class military spirits that had been bought with the empire’s capital amounted to twelve. It seemed that the amount of subordinate spirit contractors, including orphans from the , was already over twenty.” – Amounted to twelve? The phrase “amounted to” is used in the context “That boy amounted to nothing,” or similar things. I’ve never seen it used to actually count something. “Amount” is also almost never used to count discrete objects. You would say “the amount of stress,” but you would never say “the amount of pencils.” You would use “number” instead.

    Won’t go into the rest, but there are inappropriate idioms in quite a few places.

    I know you speak English. None of this can possibly sound very natural to you. All it takes is for you to repeat the sentence out loud back to yourself and you’ll see it plain as day.

    • What else is going to go there…”half-close” or something? The alternatives I can think of don’t really work in the respect you’re thinking of.

      To be completely honest, a lot of it sounds okay to me. Why? Because I’ve played too many games. Seeing sentence fragments is second nature to me so I don’t even consider fixing them when I write them down. I don’t see any reason why it would become an impediment to understanding, but some people seem to think so.

      “Amounted to”? Maybe it’s because SQL has killed my usage of that word, but I’ve used it like that before, and heard it from other people. There are plenty of native English speakers in that group. Well, maybe you would like to think they’re not?

      I don’t think I’ve even seen criticisms for any of these before, and I know I’ve written them somewhere in my past. Almost makes me feel like pulling them out, except that I burned them at the end of the year anyway.

      • Sure, “she half-closed her eyes,” or “her eyes closed halfway” are much more faithful to the intent. “What else is going to go there” is not how you should be thinking – it’s your responsibility to figure it out, no matter what.

        If playing games is starting to make those things sound natural to you, then you honestly should start running far far away from those games. I don’t care how fun they are, but when games actually start having negative influences on your English, it’s going to come back to bite you on the ass in real life.

        *shrugs* I don’t know who you’re using that phrase with, but it’s not correct English. I’m sorry, but if any of the people you talk to think otherwise, then they don’t know English very well at all. But plenty of native speakers of any language don’t even speak that language well, so it’s not like this should come as a surprise.

      • To his credit, Sinemerald was looking for editors for this very reason. It should be the job of the editor to find and fix those problems, right? Either that, or I am very mistaken on the job of an editor for a translated work.

      • Editors can only do so much. If there are some technical errors and some awkward wording, then that’s what editors are for, and that’s what they’re great at. If there are *significant* errors in wording and syntax, then that can’t be fixed unless everything is checked against the source material again, which lies outside the editor’s jurisdiction. It might be weird to think of them like that, but the more significant errors in English should be treated as translation errors, because the only person who can properly fix those is the translator himself (or herself).

      • You think I’m gonna stop playing games just because it’s affecting my English in ways that most people don’t care about? Get over yourself.

        “But plenty of native speakers of any language don’t even speak that language well, so it’s not like this should come as a surprise.” Thanks for destroying your own argument.

    • That does make sense, but the problems you mentioned happened to be things like word choice and sentence fragments. An editor can fix those, right?

    • As someone who’s also learned Japanese from playing games and has a fine grasp of English at both of a technical and intuitive level (but is terrible at composition), I’d like to say…

      NanoDesu’s criticism of the translation is at least in part valid… However, the translators who would truly benefit their readership by seeking improvement are the the hordes who can’t string together sensible grammar (that’s the real bottom line–sure, editors can’t reinterpret idioms without Japanese knowledge, but they can’t even rewrite a line with a simpler variation if they don’t understand it!) or who translate every verb phrase literally. This translation is extremely readable and detailed, making it a top-tier light novel translation in my book, while NanoDesu’s skillfully non-literal interpretations and detailed translation notes just make his work top-top-tier. Be that as it may, you’re always going to have readers like animefan4829 (wait, what kind of generic name is that??) who demonize any translations that aren’t super-smooth to read.

      sinemerald’s “played too many games” issue with idioms is one shared by anyone who learned much of their Japanese from reading material without any accompanying translation (e.g. me, another person I know). And it’s an issue that only affects a person while their intuitive mindset is oriented toward Japanese. The cause of it is the absence of translated reference, not the presence of untranslated reference. I personally think that a better suggestion would be to read a good translation of a Japanese novel alongside the original as a supplement. That is, if sinemerald is sufficiently interested in improving his/her Japanese. I know I’d rather finish a certain GIGA game than repeatedly glance back and forth between two books.

      “amounted to” has a connotation akin to “more than the sum of its parts” but I wouldn’t consider sinemerald’s use of it to be more than 5% awkward (i.e. I wouldn’t correct it if I were an editor).

    • Ohai yye1. And how are you doing this fine, spring morning? Having a cup of tea on your veranda, gazing out into a meadow whilst writing your memoirs in very grammatically correct English?

      • “Butthurt” isn’t the right word. I just don’t feel obligated to give a serious response to anyone whose only perceivable skill is to shamelessly ride the rather unstable coattails of others.

    • Thanks you for the translation sinsemerald. Hello Nanodesu to be honest i do respect your skill in translation but you know I think you have mistaken notions in your values. Well, firstly to be honest giving comments is at least for me is not bad but it is a different matter altogether when you keep insisting (perhaps imposing would a more suitable term for what you are doing) for it would piss people one day. I don’t if you have heard of what happened at baka-tsuki a couple of months ago involving a translator and editor( If my memory serves me right), well at the very least in my opinion what you are doing is more or less the reanactment of that situatuation albeit a bit different, for this time it is between 2 translators. Secondly, your are saying that you have right to bug sinemerald just because you are a translator then I must say you don’t have that right, though perhaps it can be lessened if you are going shoulder the casualties but that in itself is already a breach of professional conduct. Now that is for my point of view and good day. 🙂
      Ps. if there is any then pardon my grammatical error and typos

      • There’s no way you can compare what happened on BT with the current situation. I can assure you that.

        Also, being a translator doesn’t make one’s point more or less right. I don’t think it really has to do with your “position” or your reputation. For example, if you say as a casual reader that twenty-four should have a hyphen, your correction shouldn’t be less valid than if you say it as an editor.

  3. @Rikka0612 Sorry if I misunderstood anything after all I did state it was just from my point of view but I think you seem to have missed my point, I am not referring to the scale which indeed may not be comparable but the attitude, the attitude to never back down until one of the sides concedes, which created the incident in BT in the first place. For your second statement I think you also seemed to have missed my point since I created it based on Nanodesu’s statement which the ff. “I’ve been in this business for long enough to know how much of this happens. But considering I am not a leecher, I feel no qualms about telling you where you’re going wrong.” then again pray forgive me if I misunderstood anything after all what I state here is sole based on my opinion. Thank you and Good day.:)

    Ps. if there is any then pardon my grammatical error and typos

    • Hi kenral,

      It’s actually quite ironic that you bring up the BT incident. Do you know where all the translators who ended up leaving went to? They’re all ND translators, and translating in our group now. Because we care deeply for what we output, because we have standards and quality control, and because we make sure such policies are consistently upheld.

      So considering the circumstances, you’re probably not using a great analogy there. What that certain editor did on BT is different from what I am doing, which is pointing out legitimate, major errors in the English language that anybody who can claim to be a native-level speaker should have absolutely no issue in finding and correcting.

      • Good day Nanodesu,
        I think your derailing from my point what I am referring to is not who is correct or not and etc. which I think I already made as clear as sky or at the very least for me it is already clear. Furthermore isn’t it quite sly of you, trying to dodge the points I raise earlier against you, and since your are so confident in your English I am sure you are quite aware that your reply is a faulty reasoning since it doesn’t directly address my point against you. Now if you really think your righteous why don’t address them directly. Thirdly, I am curious, if you are fully aware as to where your actions would lead to if you continue what you are doing right now (at the very least at this blog) especially since sinemerald has openly expressed his annoyance of you and his stand in his translations or maybe I am mistaken at that since I am not a mind reader but at the very least that is what I can conclude from his numerous posts which are related to you and can you please give me a sound answer since I assume you are an educated man? Then again I pray you forgive me if I offended you in way that you don’t deserve.

        Ps. if there is any then pardon my grammatical error and typos

      • I shall also answer your question earlier and for that yes I know but that hasn’t anything directly related to the incident since it is something that happened after the incident or if I must say something it like an after story to the incident and it is questionable as to why you would spoke your standards here seeing this is not your blog and whatever the translator do with his translation is basically none of your concern execept of coarse if you are planning to recruit him, show off or sabotage (though that would only apply you have twisted personality) and if your that worried about quality BT would suffice after all there is kuroihikari who does TLC at the translation posted there and personally his skills are quite good. Although of coarse at the end this is nothing but my personal opinion. good day. 🙂

        Ps. if there is any then pardon my grammatical error and typos

      • No, the issue isn’t about showing superiority or whatever you seem to be implying – the issue is about making sure novels receive decent translations. And when a translator openly admits to being “careless” and not caring too much, then that is a good sign that said translator will not want to improve, will continue to produce rather mediocre translations, and will saturate the web with these translations to such an extent that better translators will be wholly discouraged from redoing them, and readers will be left reading their translations for eternity.

        If you are a reader and you are fine with someone being careless and not trying very hard to translate works that you presumably love (in fact, if you are willing to go out of your way to kowtow to that person), then you have no respect for the original work and you have no respect for yourself. But I care when I see good works being poorly translated, and I care when I see the potential for other good works to be poorly translated due to the same negligence, and I am not alone in that. So I am trying to make it clear that once you become a translator, there are expectations that you will strive for excellence and not cut corners, and care about the work you are producing. And I will continue to expect that of fellow translators, DESPITE what those same translators or the readers think of it. Not because of some ego thing, not because I am trying to prove my superiority, but simply because it is the right thing to do for the fantranslation community and light novels in general.

      • Just as Nano mentioned, things were kind of different at that time. The editor here had previous altercations with translators over trivial matters that sometimes don’t even affect the quality of work.

        About the second statement, it is kinda taken out of context. Since he’s a good guy, he might feel guilty if he were to criticize something he doesn’t do, though I don’t speak for him.

        Still, I mean what I said. A translator can be wrong, no matter how hard he works (or how hard he thinks he works). Hard work doesn’t protect you from criticism, and criticism can be made by everyone as long as it’s valid.

      • If thats not a shameless plug, I dont know wat is, on someone else`s blog no less (yes, I realize the spelling mistakes in here, but I don`t really care)

      • Good day Nano Desu,
        You know honestly your reply to me is for some reason is really funny not because the what is written is funny rather your reply always seem to go off tangent, the topic that is, even though I have properly address your argument to me, whether it was right or wrong is no longer for us to decide but at least in my point view I did manage though, but in your case though you always seem evade my argument after which you put forth your own argument, that makes me wonder if your still credible enough to reprimand sinemerald for his action(at the very according to you) if you yourself is turning blind eye to the points I made against you. Just a note though it also make me wonder as to where getting that courage to continue to pester sinemerald after you lost several round of argument against him adding the matter he has already express his annoyance of you. Now let me address what you just recently posted I am not posting for the sake of protecting him nor did I kowtow to him, I posted because it happened that day I was terribly annoyed and was looking for enjoyment by reading novels and you simply have to add to the fray or in other words it is for selfish reason, and about you saying having no respect to the original work and myself are things which are really questionable firstly respect for myself has nothing with reading light novels, I don’t as to how you did come up with the idea it’s true that that his works doesn’t have the perfect grammar and there would be typos but if you know how to apply context clues which I don’t know whether it was taught you in school but then again deciphering the text is a very easy task if only you make your brain work a little since I have seen worse and about respect on the original work that would differ according to the individual and very lengthy to expound upon. Next about the standard you are making fuss about I already stated this earlier that I am looking like a broken cassette reiterating this but a capable person is handling that at BT right now and if your still not contented with that what don’t tlc them yourself or redo the whole thing since it is quite obvious that is what you are doing right now. My next point you seem to have misunderstood why this site was founded it was founded because there were times sinemerald was having a hard time posting at BT if there are any other reason to it, that only sinemerald would know. Now I hope I have answered all your qualms. If you next reply to me doesn’t address all the points I have made against you from the beginning then I would no longer bother reply since I have deemed it your lost for this whole argument or very least in my eyes.Although of coarse at the end this is nothing but my personal opinion Good day and again I pray you forgive me if I offended you in way that you don’t deserve. 🙂
        Ps. if there is any then pardon my grammatical error and typos

    • @Rikka0612 it seems like I missed that point for that I am sorry but you know in my point of view that point in itself is nothing but also an another inevitable result of the aforementioned attitude there is some who share same thoughts as me namely one of the four gods of BT the who banned the said editor that is. As to authenticity of my claim just check the talk page of the said editor though I don’t know whether it is still in there since talk page are always being edited after all and next i am like a broken cassette for repeating this when i made the comparison it based on the attitude said above, which Nano desu is proactively displaying right now. Next I never said he was a bad person himself rather it was the attitude (more precise the act) that he displays and I am in no way has the right to call him a bad person since I don’t know him in RL even If I know him I still don’t have that right. Also don’t bother replying since I am know or (perhaps not) just defending your friend Nano Desu and for that I commend but if I were you, I had step out of it for he just dug his own grave by being way too meddlesome. Good day. 🙂

      Ps. if there is any then pardon my grammatical error and typos

      “You can only consider an act truly good if it has good cause and the way of achieving it is also good for if either is violated then it already doubtful”

  4. You should just give it up NanoDesu. He’s been terrible for 6 years, still pretty damn terrible, and will continue to be terrible for the rest of his life.

    He still has ‘With that, Shao came over and sat on Kamito’s lap.’ for シャオがやってきて、カミトの横に腰をおろした” in Volume 8 Chapter 1 ffs.

      • Okay, it’s kind of creepy how you two talk about sinemerald like this isn’t even his/her blog you’re commenting on…

      • first, sorry but don’t criticize me if my grammar or language structure or choice of word is inappropriate.

        I think we should already stop these criticisms on each other, its not a place for doing these useless things, We readers came here to read light novel, we can’t read courtesy to translators like “SINEMERALD and Nano Desu”. We love their effort and we follow them. I love light novels, i wake up in morning,do exhausting work get tired and in night when i open my PC and try to see the progress in the work, ironically what i found peoples are fighting with each other. That depressing guys, when peoples like us who can’t read other language read some good work again courtesy to translators,they gets inspired and they think like i will try to be a person like him and stuffs and i also learn this language and will do translations or other things for getting it introduce to people who can’t read it, but when i see things like these we don’t feel good , you know for hard work we do we make a image in other peoples mind and maybe some of us help them in completing theirs dream ,so i will just say it ” please don’t shatter your responsible images we have made for our self which give us some hope to do something we haven’t done up till now”.

        Now , Nano Desu sorry if i may sound rude or anything please don’t take it to heart as i am no one as of now but still here it is what i want to say,don’t you think as a fellow translator if you have some problems with the translation of simerald you should had asked more politely, dude every one have ego or more accurately self respect, if you have talk and listened to him this whole issue won’t have extended this far , that we readers have to came and support our translator(well i know he don’t need any)
        if you have some problem why not do some IM and talk with him directly i think that will be more beneficial then proving ND’s or Sinemerald’s superiority.I think many problems can be solve by talking peacefully.

        Sorry both Sinemerald and NanoDesu if i sound rude or anything.
        My statement are only mine even though i love to read further translations from sinemerald and like his work , i am still saying this even to him.


      • When did I not ask politely? All of my suggested edits were perfectly civil, and I did not insult or attack the translator in any way. I expect all translators to be able to take constructive criticism.

        As for the idea that I am doing this out of a sense of ego, feel free to read my response to kenral above, in which I address that.

      • Well,please forgive me for my rudeness but i think since my english is not so good i may had not been able to connect to you.
        In my comment I was not trying to blame anyone here, as I have no right to blame anyone, everyone have their own view point, if they matches with me i am happy , if they don’t i am still happy to find someone different. I was just saying it is not a place to make things on the level where we have to argue on a single matter for last 5 days.
        I am not criticizing you or any thing, you are elder and much more experienced than me,I am not even in the position to suggest you something i just don’t l like things like these going out of control.
        And by using ego word,I more likely want to use “self respect” word
        Well i can’t read people thought more but i will point out things which made me think you both had taken things seriously or rather very seriously.
        In start every thing was good with you giving him advice as fellow translator who respects authors work and wants to do justice with author. Again it seems good with Sinemerald justifying his translation based on the source he had learned japanese. But things started to take a new turn with you advising sinemerald to “If playing games is starting to make those things sound natural to you, then you honestly should start running far far away from those games” tell me how one can feel if someone you don’t personally know tells you to quite doing things he/she likes to do. You should had used better way to say it ( like you should not involve those games ways of writing style and novel writing style together they are two different thing or more like those two are of different level or something more efficient), and even you have written it, simerald should have taken it in sportsman spirit.
        Do you really think a guy who is not a native japanese, who had done so hard work to learn japanese and even doing a lot of things to find a good editor will not try to improve himself , i think he will do it after all he have people like us who love him and fellow people like you for correcting him. So maybe in fun he might had said he is careless but i don’t think he really is (what i personally think).
        I am not saying you two are doing it for your ego problem which i have tried tried to explain above I know one wants better justice(in his view) with authors work and other is justifying his writting style based on games is appropriate (in his view).

        Sorry again if i sounded rude any where but just it what i think all.
        Well i have something to ask can you give me some advice for learning japanese .

        Thanks for listening this idiotic thinking of mine 🙂

  5. Well frankly I would rather have a translation that’s 95% correct and gets done on time, than a 100% translation that takes years to get done. Thanks for all your hard work SINEMERALD we really appreciate it!

    • Came to this site because friend told me.

      95%? TOo high. I read seireitsukai in japanese, and this is maybe 50%. Too much original feel lost.

      • to other translator and people who can read japanese why bother coming to here if you dont,t like this translation it,s simple and easy why you make hard to coming here if you just come and saying poorly translated , not meet your standard ,too much original lost ,etc. too bad i don,t know how to read japanese .and one thing i know is sinemerald who translated this stuff and contributed for us reader and i really grateful .sinemerald Don’t worry about comment. I and many others really enjoy your works.

  6. Thanks ! for the translation I finally caught up today 😀 Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance is a good light novel…………thank you

  7. 日本人の立場からも、この翻訳に足りないものがたくさんあるね。翻訳能力を試す前に、日本語をちゃんと学んだらどう?ファンを怒らさないように。


    • The Japanese I’ve dealt with online have always found it unacceptable to visit someone else’s site and insistently post judgments of their work/skill when that person never asked for it.

      Not going to reply any more because this isn’t my business. I don’t even read Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance. It’s just annoying when I see groups of people (typically geeks) who think they’re being righteous but whose behavior amounts to harassment or bullying. I hope you understand one day.

      • I know you were not responding directly to my post here, but let me just make a comment:

        A translation is not a blog. It’s a product, based on pre-existent material, and as such can be judged based on universal standards. Once that is true, and once people start caring about that standard, there is absolutely nothing sacred about a site being someone’s “personal blog.” A work will be critiqued like any work will be critiqued, whether the producer of said work likes it or not. That isn’t harassment – that is a prototypical buyer-seller relationship (yes, even when no money is involved), and if the seller doesn’t want criticism he/she shouldn’t make the product. Even for me, even though I spend a lot of time on my TLs, I’ve seen blog posts picking at mistakes I’ve made in my translations, I’ve had comments made on my sites to that effect too, but I take those comments in stride and try to learn from the valid ones instead of using “oh woe is me, this is just harassment” as a convenient excuse.

        Welcome to fan translation.

        Also, before you get ahead of yourself, please be aware that the only reason this comment thread is blowing to such silly proportions is because of misguided readers jumping in to defend honestly poor English because they are deathly afraid that sinemerald will take offense. Well, unfortunately, the constructive criticism won’t stop as long as the English continues to be awkward. Because even if I personally stopped what have been honestly rather civil critiques, other people are going to just jump in, and they likely won’t be as nice about it as I have been trying to be. Readers will only make it worse by defending what are ultimately pretty clear errors, because all that’s going to do is to instill sinemerald with the mistaken notion that ignoring these errors is alright. And once you have that notion, you will cease to seek improvement. And once that happens, you resign yourself to an eternity of mediocrity, and there is nothing more dangerous and more condemnable than that in fan translation.

      • Unlike you.
        A) We can’t read the original source material.
        B) Stop being a prick.
        C) We don’t give a shit. We don’t care that its not grammatically correct.
        What do you think this is a essay? A term paper? If you have enough time poking around on someone’s translation you might as well translate it yourself. For a person who said there too busy, poking around someones translation isn’t right. Next your going to tell me they can’t do their laundry properly and your going to fold it for them. Are you there mom? Are you that desperate that you need to go off and correct someone else’s english to make you feel a sense of accomplishment? No one needs to fit your ridiculousness “Standard of perfection.” We’re happy someone is translating get it through your fucking head. HES DOING SOMETHING WE LIKE. Not SOMETHING YOU ENJOY. FUCK.

  8. just stop criticising sinemerald already.if this continues i think you are gonna make him go MIA.i remember the days when i used to check b t every day for updates only to find nothing .then when ZZHK and sinemerald strtd translating i was overjoyed .it was so good getting 2 sometimes even 5 chapters a day .but now due to some people bugging him day and night he hasnt posted anything this week while zzhk has already taken v9 .WE DONT NEED ULTRA HIGH PRECISION TRANSLATIONS .AND SINEMERALD DONT GO MIA PLEASE

  9. by the way,i and my friends really really appreciate you for taking pains to translate the l n .dont get bothered by foul remarks of those ungrateful people .those are the remarks of .01% people other 99.99% like your work .once again thanks for the translations

  10. I really dont get what the big deal. i sometimes read machine translation of some light ovels that are NOT projects that belong to any community. Trust me that it will gave a migraine to anyone. However i still undestand what the effin their saying. As long as the main picture there im good. But a persons translation is way better than machine translation. For those who have grammer nazism problems instead of telling someone off, you should give ideas how to make the mistake correct.

    Honestly they are only a handful of translator so they are like the world wide web treasure. if you still want to disrespect them, then first you need to start by choosing your own light novel and post your tln in an effin website. second, people of bt approved your tln by saying no criticism, and that you are dedicated to the tln that you WILL STICK to the project till a translator dcide to translate the same ln for you to decide to drop it. once you did those then you can start criticizing a tln. but honestly once you did those, you will not criticize a fellow translator

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