Addressing Issues

Okay, I’m going to assume people know what the heck has been happening in the comments. So let’s get a few things straight. A warning that this contains minor profanities.

1. None of your flake matters to me.

I don’t get why some of you think I’m going to change my personality just because you criticize what I put on here. It’s not going to happen, and you can’t make me give enough of a shit for it to happen. I will continue to be careless, type things while half-asleep and overall piss the living daylights out of everybody with a complex. Problem? Get over it. Is this butchering the work? If I don’t consider it to be, then it’s not. The word is purely subjective: you can’t argue it. If you want to though, I won’t stop you.

I won’t be arguing back against anybody in the comments anymore; it’s too much of a waste of time. I don’t care what kind of perfectionist ideology somebody has, forcing it onto somebody else isn’t going to work. I’m not fixing -anything- except for really major errors that I think actually matter.

Now then, I’m not going out of my way to defend NanoDesu, but he has been civil. The negative view of his opinions is just because it’s being put alongside various other arguments that have more crap plus my argument with him. In no way has he outright stated anything that is bullying. Not gonna give him too much credit though. My big problem with his is that he is a condescending narcissist. Shamelessly plugging his group in the comments is just a result of his line of thought where “I am an ideal” stands strong. Good work appearing like you don’t think that though (it’s not very convincing).

Just FYI, there’s a major difference between this and real business, NanoDesu: it doesn’t affect me no matter how bad the quality is.

2. I’m not going MIA.

If you recall, there’s a post about my getting a job. Yes, it’s a full-time job. And I had to buy something to do my job which resulted in getting advance payment right at the start. So right now, I’m in debt. I’d like to say I would pay off my debt first, but that’d take a while. I’ll likely drop work around Sunday and just translate some stuff.

3. I have volume 10.

No, I haven’t gotten the hard copy yet, though I have ordered it. Thank you to all the people who posted links and various information to help me get this. I should actually be receiving my hard copy in a day or two (hopefully), with the latest at early next week.

4. Ahahahahaha.

I know somebody’s going to be butthurt because I just denied their very existence (perfectionism), so I only have one request: make your bullshit funny. It’s boring to read the regular crap some of you slap into your comments. At least do something as bad as リンペイ pointing out that I put “lap” instead of “beside” and extending it to me being terrible for the rest of my life. Yes, I knew that mistake was there and left it. Whatever. Terrible? I’m fine with that.

Hope that clears a few things up. And yes, feel free to rage as hard as possible. If your veins explode and you happen to leave this world, I’ll consider coming over and pissing on your grave. Amen.


45 responses to “Addressing Issues

  1. 1. Never read the comments but only saw the length. Too detailed :p
    2. Job priority…for survival B-)
    3. So jealous ❤
    4. Gov. style. Whatever you do, public shouts :lol

  2. Good for you man, most of us appreciate what you actually do. Taking time out of your life to translate isn’t something many people are willing to do for nothing. If people get butthurt because they don’t like your style, then they shouldn’t read them.

  3. Thank you Emerald for being awesome.

    I have also been reading the comments for the last week and yeah nano has been plugging his own group just as much as he has been giving criticism.

    I bet he is gonna react to this post like every post and going crazy about my broken broken BROKEN English or he is gonna pretend to not care by saying some random shit ;D.

    Anyways the majority of the people reading translations is not native english anyways.

    And how much is the cost of volume 10 + posting costs?

    I do not mind donating the amount to relieve abit of your burden.

    You can e-mail me if you have paypal or some other way. Assuming my e-mail shows only to you. If it doesn’t you can also leave a comment with a way to contact you.

    Kind regard,
    A very lazy person

  4. I think you’re overreaching if you think a post that sounds like this is going to make anyone else butt-hurt. Honestly, the only one who looks really realy butt-hurt through that post is you… Just thought you maybe should know before writing another post like that.

  5. I’m glad you’re still translating, honestly most of the stuff people are complaining about are silly things that any editor can take care of, I think your translations are just as good as any others on BT. Thanks for taking your time to translate for us and good luck with your job.

  6. Ah I had a good laugh when I read this. Good for you for sticking up for yourself and doing whatever the hell you want. Keep up the good work on the translations I can’t wait to find out what happens

  7. Great Post!!!!!!!! If they rage let then rage…… cares, Anyway thanks for the translation……the ego needs the approval of others, while only dignity needs the approval of oneself. It’s good that there comments don’t get to you………it’s nice to always read comments and laugh…….Good luck with your job……..and if the translation has minor errors, who cares is still a translation…….people should appreciated it…….I know some do and some don’t, but there will be always be a group that is negative and they are the minority, so to hell with them 😀

  8. I think that your translations are very very good. It’s not easy to translate this kind of stuff and you do this for free. I appreciate your work a lot and I think most of peopleo here feels the same.

  9. “Yes, I knew that mistake was there and left it. Whatever. Terrible? I’m fine with that.”

    Leaving aside the random ad homo attacks, that has got to be the most distressingly offensive, petty statement I have ever heard from anyone who claim to be a translator. Regardless of how aggressively mistakes are pointed out, to acknowledge things as legitimate error and to leave them unchanged out of pure spite or whatever reason is such a profound affront to the work and the readers that you really have shaken any semblance of respect I may have had for you.

    Of course, if you are dead set on being a petulant child, I doubt you care about this comment, but I was so blindsided and taken aback by this that I really had to tell you how unabashedly terrible that statement is.

    • Dude, give it a break. I’ve been watching this issue since the start. If I wasn’t so tired I’d write a book on all of this BS. Mizuho is trying the hardest they can and all you do is throw books at them. Just give it a rest and go back to your little ND cave. There is no reason for you to be here; let a person rest. Obviously Mizuho is quite tired. Stop trying to look down on Mizho’s translation just because you walk by and feel the need to make the world a “better” place. There is no better response to your comments than this. People like you kill potential translators.

    • ^^^^ Nano………….. just saying, but if you don’t like the translators’ work then why don’t you do it? If you don’t like it…… Don’t read it. Its quite a simple process actually and not to fuel your trolling ability here or anything but saying you have no respect for someone on their own blog makes no sense whatsoever considering they made the blog with the intentions that they do not care what others think. Also another thing (not trying to fuel your trollness again) why would make a painstaking effort to retort to the translator…….. You must have something better to do then that but hey, whom am I to know your life!

    • The translator is not translating or writing a scientific paper. This is translation is for hobby, and we should have fun for hobby. There is no need for being uptight, when your advice is not heeded. It is within his/her right to interpret the original text.

    • Sorry to rain on your parade pal, but as a reader (Or how I’d like to call myself: Beggar.) I have to tell you that it’s not disrespectful in any way to me. Since I am reading Translations from FANS for FANS, I am expecting to read anything but certainly not a work from someone with a Doctor in english.

      On another note… “Beggar’s can’t be chooser’s.” and we all who read the works of a fan who translates LN for other fans are certainly just that, beggars. If he/she would charge money for his/her translations it would be another thing altogether, but it’s free! And I’m thankful for the work Translators do for us beggars, that includes all of NanoDesu’s translators/editors as well. But please, stop being a fucktard on a site that belongs to another translator…

    • dude, seriously just GTFO!! We don’t need you to be here and yeah, most of us didn’t even WANT you to be here, just go back to your nearly-died-and-forgotten-blogspot and yeah, if you want ppl to be there just update some of your project, ranting your jealousy here won’t solve your problem.

      It’s not any of us who loved Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance will complain about emerald’s translation or his editing skill, giving correction is okay, but ranting or complaining?? seriously dude? this person isn’t getting paid to translate this and he’s happy to do that. if you want another version of seirei just translate your own version, it’s not any of us will bother to read it though, so yeah, once more, gtfo!

  10. “What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

    Oh, I’m sorry, I was half-asleep so I posted the wrong quote.

    What I meant to quote was: “Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognizes genius.”

    Don’t let the plebes keep you down, man.

  11. Wonderful. Simply splendid. I think we can all agree that you have found your true calling. Instead of translating, you should make posts telling everyone just how angry you aren’t.

    A didactic experience.

  12. ı am a translator too. ı do translation from English to Turkish and ı am a university graduate. there are always mistakes in translations and pointing them one by one is a bit too much. just say there are some mistakes there and over. saying that it is bad because of some mistakes is definitely wrong. what tranlators do is to convey meaning as long as it is understood there is no problem. most important one this is not a paid job. if you want perfection give money and time. a professional translation goes through many stages. as far as ı know 3-4 people do proofreading and editting in a translation agency. they don’t fret over a few mistranslated words. they only criticize if there are many mistranslated sentences. ı did many proofreading saw many mistakes that would too troublesome. ı mean in a invoice the translator add a additional “0”. what would happen if that wasn’t spotted. yet you want perfection for unpaid job. you criticize a person who works alone. if you find mistakes in that person works then do editing yourself. that you would also help people like us.

    as for translator some mistakes maybe minor to you but for someone who can’t understand source text(japanese or chinese text) they be important. for example me:) ı really thought Shao sit down on Kamito’s lap and ı was thinking why there is not a reaction from girls 😀

  13. As a native English speaker who can read or write no other languages I can safely say not once have I read one of your translations and been confused by what was written. Anything that looked a bit weird was very very very very easy to work out and I’m talking only a couple of seconds here.

    I would confidently claim me and over 90% of the readers of the translations are very happy with them.

    Thanks, for all your hard work and good luck with the job!

  14. Thank you very much for the QUALITY translations.

    I really appreciate your work and all this bitching is really annoying.
    I visit YOUR blog to read YOUR work and i am really satisfied with it.
    If someone spots a mistranslation or typo or whatever(to err is human) he can just point it out nicely so that the editor can correct it (if he doesn’t feel like it there’s always BT, where you can correct it yourself) .Simple as that.

    Mr perfect can you please go back to your perfect toilet (with or without your perfect laptop)? If i want to see your work i ‘ll do it myself in your blog, but it certainly is at least irritating to read about it in someone else’s blog.

    Again thank you for your excellent work and i cant wait to read what happens next..

    P.S. Forgive any grammar or spelling errors.I speak very best England…

  15. Loooool. You do realize that none of these readers give even a little bit of a shit about you right? The minute you stop updating they’ll forget about you and look somewhere else for their next fix.So a honest piece of advice, man: if your translating because you want to feel special or something, then you shuld stop before you get in too deep and realize you wasted a year of your life. At least, thtas sorta what it felt like your heading after i read the other long comment thead.

    Sorry sorry, it’s just so funny seeing all the idiots jump in to defend someone so much bc theyre just afraid theyre precious slave labor might go away. I look forward to seeing idiots pile on this post too and whine whine whine whine.

    And yeah, you sound really butthurt in that post bro. Pull it back a little.

    • seems like nano desu getting new account for bashing here, or did you come here to defend your “girl”? sigh jsut as pathetic as it will be. lol just GTFO

      • As strange as the idea that there might be other people who have different opinions than yours may sound, that wasn’t me. I don’t plan on posting anything that I feel I can’t post under my official account, and I would appreciate it if you get your paranoid schizophrenia in check.


    • Dude, I you are right to some degree. But you left a huge portion out. Aside from being on the net, even in RL no one gives two shits about anyone who isn’t a close friend/relative. Let’s be honest here, when you read on the news “Two kids got killed by a bomb.” you go and say “Aww man, thats really horrible.” but do you honestly care? No way… most of humanity is egoistic to the extreme. “We gotta go down with the climatic change or our earth will die!” but as soon as someone tells you “Then only walk, no more cars, only buses and such things.” you go on about your god given rights to be mobile.

      You are right, about 4 months without an update, most of his/her “Followers” would leave without a second thought. But dude, that’s how it works EVERYWHERE. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, as long as you are not a celeberity, no one gives two shits about what you were doing in the past.

      And before you get delusional, here is some advice: No one will care about your post once he/she posted a new announcement. So don’t start feeling special, it will only hurt you later on.

    • Well since you bothered even reading his posts it shows you do give a sht or you would of just ignored. And casual how do you know if the readers give a sht or not? I personally do care about his things in life (I’m not a stalker!!!!!). Here’s some “honest” advice for you: we readers (90% maybe ?) don’t like your post and opinions. If you don’t like it feel free to leave after all who “gives even a little bit of sht”(lol). Seriously this is sine’s website so he can type whatever he wants.

  16. Like what Casual Observer said, the moment you stop updating, the reader won’t be give a damn on what you do anymore. But nevertheless, unless you plan on creating a “peaceful community of translators” *insert imagination of 20~30 year old men playing tag*, you can keep in contact with the others. Otherwise, you can just tell them to leave your work alone and be done with it. No need for drama, right? 🙂

    • Although I always have fun reading, I was worried that this amount of unpaid work will ruin the translator’s life. Thanks for all the release and hope you can do your best in your RL job too.

  17. I’m upset that you’re going to willingly leave a known error as it is.
    I’m very lenient, I mainly look at effort.

    As for the readers, you should just keep quiet. Let’s just say you guys care less about what you read than what I care about what you read.

    • Shakespeare was english from the start (I think atleast.) so we wouldn’t be able to read the Translation of that piece anyways. xD

      But I get what you mean and agree with you, as long as I can read it in a flow without much “hiccups” I am happy. 🙂

  18. Dear Ragers and Flamers,
    . We the readers (90% maybe?) and fans dont like you talking sht about our translator. If you dont like his translations I suggest you leave instead of stating your opinions since we will mostly flame and rage about it(we become u). These translations are not perfect I understand however what in life is? As you can see opinions may vary so plz leave if you have a complaint. By——- Blank——–

  19. continued from post above
    Further more most of you seem not to contribute anything and are just a bunch of leechers why do you complain about sine’s works HE is doing all the work Not you.
    Your complaints benefits no1(99.999%?) and will only cause disputes so I suggest you leave or just stop typing

  20. ^Ay yo manz whats gucci doe? You probably bang Patrick Hoban and his disgusting green polos on a day to day basis.

    To answer your question, most people that do the complaining do contribute with their own translations. You just don’t know who they are cuz uh, u mo.

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