Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Interlude 2 – Team Inferno

Continuing however deeply into the cavern—

“The top brass of the Alphas Empire have agreed to provide a new military spirit. But any further cooperation is impossible—”

Facing the wordless back of her master, Lily Flame continued to give her report.

“—Ahaa, a new toy is finally coming. I can finally play with onii-sama.”

The one who opened her mouth was not Lily’s master, but the cute girl walking beside her.

Muir Alenstarl — the second-place <Monster> of the Instructional School.

“I’ll break anyone and everyone that gets near onii-sama ♪”

While glaring sidelong at Muir who was smiling innocently, Lily sighed.

The stronghold assault spirit <Colossus>, the wide-area annihilation spirit <Garuda> — of the three the empire had lent to them, Muir had already used up two. Of course, their results in the real battle had been adequate, but the protests of the empire’s top brass were stronger than expected.

“I don’t care how many military spirits from a former era we break. Either way, the world will change with this time’s <Blade Dance>.”


Lily placed a hand to her chest and respectfully agreed.

With regards to the <Plan> to change the world, Lily had not been told anything by her master.

If she had not seen the face beneath the mask, she would not even know who she was.

—She was simply a tool that acted as another’s hands and feet.

(—But that’s fine. This lady has given me all I have.)

That day when flames wrapped the <Instructional School>’s facility, she had extended a hand to her.

—Will you leave here and come with me?

(Since the moment I took her hand, I—)

“—And how is the <Witch> doing?”

What interrupted her recollection of that time was her master’s question.

The Alphas Empire princess that had failed to capture the <Darkness Spirit Princess> had not been seen.

It was likely that the empire’s secret organization, <Snake>, was planning to move before them but—

“I didn’t mean <Snake>. I was asking about the real <Witch>.”

“Real witch — you mean Lady Greyworth?”

Lily tilted her head slightly.

She had received information of her arrival yesterday. She didn’t think it was particularly important so she hadn’t reported it but—

“Even if she is a former <Numbers>, I don’t think a retired spirit knight could do much—”

“……If so, that would be good.”

The ruby eyes underneath the crimson mask glowed faintly.


7 responses to “Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Interlude 2 – Team Inferno

  1. Thanks!
    By the way, its just me or it seems that it was Rubia that attacked the instructional school??, all seem to indicate that, then that means… OMFG!!.
    Also it will be hard to kamito to fight against her since she had 4 years to master the way of the elemental spirit she stole, so she is way ahead of kamito in terms of spirit magic manipulation, but kamito physical strenght is way higher than rubia… =O

  2. thank you thank you thank you so much. even if i say thank you a 100 times, i probably can’t express my gratitude. LOL

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