Noticed that somebody asked this

I looked on the Animesuki forums and saw this question:

I noticed that you use kamui in Chapter 5, is it the alternate translation for Divine Power?

Why yes, yes it is.

While we’re at it, all of the alternative names and such are here on Baka-Tsuki:

Partway through the translation, I also stopped translating the kanji versions of the names. Some of them mean the exact same (eg. “Tasogare no Majo” as “Dusk Witch”) while some are quite different from the furigana provided (eg. “The Sword That Pierces Truth” as “Vorpal Sword”). I don’t think it requires detailing, but you can just run the kanji on the Baka-Tsuki through to Jisho or even Google Translate (gasp!…but it’s actually not bad for single words and short phrases).

EDIT: Just a note that I didn’t answer this directly on Animesuki because I can’t post on that thread without some kind of moderator approval. And the last time I tried posting on it, I don’t remember seeing it get approved.


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