Mondaiji and Hyouketsu Details

Lots of people asking lots of questions across different boards leads to a lack of information for those who don’t happen to find my forum-specific (or otherwise) answers to them, so I’ll be answering them with this post.

  1. I will be part of the Mondaiji project that Firebird has already started on Baka-Tsuki ( I have already received their permission as shown below (original link:

Taken from Firebird’s talk page on Baka-Tsuki:

I’m just going to assume I can jump in and translate on Mondaiji if I just put my name on the registration page. Since you allowed Drinkingwater to “ninja volume 2 of the series”. Mizuho (talk) 00:22, 18 April 2013 (CDT)

Hi! Thank you for participating! Welcome on board! Firebird (talk) 00:57, 18 April 2013 (CDT)

  1. I will be moving at volumes at a time. That is to say that I will finish a Mondaiji volume, then a Hyouketsu one, then back to Mondaiji. Repeat that until I hit the end of one series, then all of my efforts go into the leftover one.
  2. Hyouketsu apparently has three translated volumes (available on CE Translation’s blog: I will thus be starting from volume 4. Before I begin translating this, I will have to read through the first three volumes, so please bear with me on that front.
  3. There will be a collaborator for the Mondaiji project on my end, but they will not be starting work until somewhere in mid-May because of college. I expect a general boost in translation rate at that point.
  4. Hyouketsu will be released on this blog only. I’ll try to ask if I can submit CE Translation’s already translated volumes to Baka-Tsuki, but otherwise I just don’t like that incomplete feeling of having three volumes without links. Note that I don’t need to do the same for Mondaiji because I watched the anime a while back when I was trying to get a feel for all the series.
  5. A version of the translations that is eBook-readable will be provided via some means.

If you have anymore questions regarding these two projects, please post them in the comments to this post and I will get around to addressing them within this post or with a reply (or both).

On a side note, if you hadn’t seen it in the last post, NanoDesu’s team have stated that they will be picking Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? back up in the summer. Look forward to it.

Also, I’d like to get another editor. I’d like them to be stylistic this time though; I’ll leave the grammar trouble to AshenRaven.


25 responses to “Mondaiji and Hyouketsu Details

  1. Hello! Thanks for your future efforts!
    My only question/wish: can you provide an epub or generally ereader version for the final version of the volumes? I assume that, working on BakaTsuki, Mondaiji will be covered on that aspect.. but for Eden?

    Thanks again!

    • I can help if you want, but I dont think you have to worry for it.
      If people like the series it will come out eventually

      • I like having it available ASAP. That’s why I bother to release both the blog and BT versions at pretty much the same time instead of waiting despite how annoying it is to change the formatting for the two versions.

      • If there’s no one making it, I’ll help.
        Just contact me if you want, can find me at ND ( I think you know it already )
        since I have a lot of free time nowadays.

      • It’s true, but looks like people ask for pdf, not epub (this is what I found in most cases except BakaTsuki), also you have to search for the download link in hundreds of comments, not on the main page 😮 hence my worry!
        Anyway my thanks to you and the user which will lend a hand!

      • I have now created the “Projects” page which has a link in the top right corner. It will house all the links to the various translations and all downloads including the eBook-readable stuff. This should solve the problems.

  2. Awesome! Enjoy Hyouketsu when you read it – i’ve been following that series at C.E. since they released chapter 2 of v1, so i’m pumped!

    Thank you!

  3. oh my god i had voted for mondaiji to get translated a while ago but just now i found out that you actually started translating it and i’m so happy!!!! thank you so much for your efforts and for providing us with a translation for this novel!

  4. God bless you!
    Mondaiji is good and all, but I just want to see the continuation of Hyouketsu!

    Thanks for your hard work, I will be sure to like you page ^^

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