There will be a collaborator for the Mondaiji project on my end, but they will not be starting work until somewhere in mid-May because of college. I expect a general boost in translation rate at that point.

So uh.

Hi there, I’m a friend of sinemerald’s on a borrowed name as my usual nick is taken here. I’m also the aforementioned collaborator for the Mondaiji project.

My level of Japanese comprehension isn’t abysmal but if you guys have any complaints about my translation skills, feel free to let me know. It’s actually been a decently long while since I’ve picked up a project as large as this but it fits in with my need to brush up on my Japanese over the summer, so I figured why not. I am also personally interested in Mondaiji-tachi, so don’t worry if you think I’m just going to treat this as a chore.

As for when I’ll be starting….probably early June. I currently have a week left before the end of the college semester and I would like another week to rest up and plan out my summer. I definitely won’t be as fast as sinemerald is when it comes to cranking out translations, but I’ll try to keep up.


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