What the Hell happened?

I’m sure that’s the question some of you may have about why nothing’s been done…and I have nothing to say. Okay, that’s a giant lie. I was caught up with work. But that’s not all…I found out my local library rents games, I bought a PSP from halfway across the city and loaded Summon Night 5 into it (I’m STILL NOT DONE!!) and bought Terraria after a friend of mine said they wanted to play it with me. Overall, my life has been about 70% work and 30% working on those aforementioned games.

I’m putting all of those aside (except work; but I’ve mostly completed what I have to do for a while into the future…kinda) and am starting on Hyouketsu. With Mondaiji being translated by Aphraelyn, I remember saying that I’d be moving to Hyouketsu instead. I’m currently in the process of reading the already translated portions and will probably begin working on it somewhere tomorrow. I have to say that the language looks insanely fun (difficult) to translate, though I haven’t seen the Japanese version yet.

I’m currently on chapter 1 as I’m writing this…hopefully this won’t take too long. And hopefully Facebook doesn’t reject my action approval submission AGAIN.

EDIT: Lemme add one thing I forgot. To whoever asked about Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance volume 11…IT’S NOT OUT UNTIL JUNE 28!! I thought it had already come out because of that comment….


EDIT: Annnnnd finished (reading). After wasting 2 hours (or more) stuck in the chatbox to the right of the translation. I DIDN’T THINK I’D GET STUCK THERE WITH THOSE TWO (you know who you are).


5 responses to “What the Hell happened?

  1. Awesome!!!
    This is great I’ve read through Serei Tsukai No Blade Dance and I must say your releases are simply incredible. I am looking forward to reading your work.

    Have a good day

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