Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden Volume 4

Okay! So after finally finishing my reading of volumes 1-3 off CE Translations’ site, I’m finally getting started on volume 4 of Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden. In following with some of the customs I noticed from CE Translations, I will post all the color pictures and such here to begin with. I’ll try to figure out how to consolidate these to their own pages later.

Before I start, I created this IRC channel forever ago, but never released its details. If you want to bother me in some way, shape or form (actually, I’d prefer people to provide me motivation?), you can catch me on here: irc.rizon.net:6667 / #sakurahonyaku.

With that out of the way, here’s the stuff:


Title page has pretty much nothing. The bottom says “I will become strong — enough to protect the fallen you.” Pretty sure it’s referring to Sheltis.


Here’s the clean version.


“The Illusionary Paradise was the beginning. —What were your impressions upon seeing the world before Hyouketsu Kyoukai was constructed?”


“I……humans cannot defeat these monsters. ……But,”

“Let’s show those invaders humanity’s all.”


“Well then, Sheltis. I’ll be waiting in the Governmental Office.”

“Maybe you and I haven’t changed at all. I may not have the qualifications to say what humans are. However—“


“Hey, Black Furball, I have one warning for you. —You think you can underestimate humanity’s all?”

(Honestly, I’m not sure whether “Black Furball” is a name he attached to the opponent or not. Maybe it shouldn’t be capitalized. Whatever.)


Prologue: The Dream’s End, The Dream’s Continuation

Chapter 1: Enough to Wish For

Chapter 2: Three People Plus One

Intermission: Gathering

Chapter 3: Illusionary Paradise —Heavenly Melody—

Chapter 4: At the Deep Green Lands

Final Chapter: The Fourth Person

Epilogue: Together


Please note that the links to each individual chapter as well as this volume summary will be made available on the projects page.

On a side note, I thought all these names had been arbitrarily decided, but the author actually chose to write them that way…

  eden04_004 eden04_005

As you can see, they’re written right there in the English alphabet. I realize this was on CE Translations’ blog posts as well, but I never paid attention to the character pages.


15 responses to “Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden Volume 4

    • I somehow knew you’d be here. Once again. Rather, it’s not somehow, it’s pretty definite that you’d come to do this.

      Didn’t notice that I translated Hyouketsu Kyoukai being bound as it binding instead. Whoops.

      • Depending on context, it might be more appropriate to say it was completed or erected (given that I do not read this light novel, that would be up to you to decide). Once again, it is important to not assume that the common definition of a word is the correct definition in context.

  1. Will you have someone typeset the translation for the color pages? It would be awesome cause someone did that for the third volume pdf. If not would anyone point me to a guide to doing that so I can add it to a pdf version? I wanted to do that for the first two volumes but never could find a guide to doing it.

    • Typesetting means going onto the page in Photoshop, editing out the original, and throwing the new translation onto the page. I have experience with doing it if you’d like what to do, but I’m not sure if you want to do it for real (it includes redrawing).

    • Yep! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how the story progresses. I caught a peek at volume 11 and YMY HAS A SWORD. That’s really intriguing for me.

      • Lol, that was a quick reply.

        Seeing how the alphabetization of ユミィ isn’t that “stable,” it also took me long time to decide how to spell her name for the manga translation.
        I almost went w/Yummy, but my friends said that made them hungry, so I decided to spell her as Yumii. (lol) xD

      • Well, it’s written as Ymy in the novel, so that what I’m sticking with. Yummy sounds like a name you’d be ridiculed for…Yumii was what I originally thought would pass until I saw the character introduction page.

  2. Yeah well, I just wanted to tell you to keep up the work, I fully appreciate the translations, and let me know if there’s a need for donations, I’d be glad to help.

  3. Sir/Lady, I’d like to ask (hopefully I don’t insult you with this comment) if you have a continuous version of the whole vol4?

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