Looking for somebody who likes working with Photoshop

So it came to my attention that at least one person wants those color pages with the English printed on them. As such, I would like somebody to do them…for quality assurance, just do one of the four pages and send it to sakurahonyaku@gmail.com.


  • Redraw the entire affected area. Don’t just put a gigantic text background and slap the text on that so that nothing show up between the text, allowing you to hide the fact that you pretty much cleaned nothing off.
  • Remove the page gutter.
  • Keep the text styling the same.
  • Don’t cover up important parts of the scene with the text. For example, covering up a character’s face with the text should not be done.

These next ones are just “It would be nice~” kinds of things. Try to:

  • Up the image quality (the color quality at least) by removing some of that color warping (particularly noticeable on faces)
  • Sharpen the contrast in colors. I notice that the colors on the version I downloaded are kind of faded. It could be a lot better.

If you take this request up, you may want to try to find better raw versions than what I have. I’m fairly certain mine aren’t the best ones available.


4 responses to “Looking for somebody who likes working with Photoshop

    • Who’s paying…I’m looking for somebody with a lot of free time who doesn’t care about getting paid. This isn’t exactly a very vital position, and I can just fulfill the thing myself later if I need to.

  1. もう抑えきれない・・・この気持ちは。

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