Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Volume 4, Chapter 1

I’M DONE. Finally.

This chapter was about 40 pages long, and about 15 of them were complete bullshit. It took 4 days longer than expected to get this out, but to be honest I was actually procrastinating a lot due to my unwillingness to translate some of the grammar in this chapter.

I’ll explain in detail since some people had the wrong idea about my previous blog. I wasn’t going to just drop this project just because it was too hard, nor was I just going to spit something out that wasn’t even going to be accurate. What I meant was that the grammar used in this chapter wasn’t hard because it was that complex a scenario, but that it felt like it was hard for hardness’ sake. Like the author just put it in for a laugh, focusing on the details that, in my personal opinion, didn’t really matter.

After this continued for around 15 pages straight (it was mostly the part in the middle), I was really just up the wall trying to figure out not how the grammar translated to English, but why the author had decided to write the chapter this way. The extra 4 days were devoted to slogging through this part, and I spent most of that time trying to avoid putting personal preference in the way of work. The grammar was difficult, yes, but all it really takes is understanding what the sentence is saying in Japanese (very easy) and then creating a sentence from scratch using the same concept (not as easy). Here’s a good example of what I was dealing with in this chapter:


That is indeed, one sentence. I’ll let you figure out what it means.

In key terms related news, I received a suggestion to change You’s name to Yoh, like how most names with an ‘ou’ in their name is americanized to ‘oh’ (Touka to Tohka, for example). I’m not really keen on the idea, and it would still require changing the key terms (along with all of the previous translation slightly) if I were to make it stick, but I’ll leave the decision up to whoever wants to bring it up with Firebird. I’ve also noted that some more people like calling Calico Cat (currently named Calico) Mikeneko. If I see more support in the comments on this post, then I’ll go back and make the change stick.

Finally, my decision to start doing volume 7 -> 6 hasn’t changed, but I will be saving volume 5 for last, which means I will eventually be getting back to volume 4 no matter what happens. In this sense, I’m leaving volume 5 open for another translator to work on (possibly Drinkingwater on Baka-Tsuki, since at the rate he’s translating, he may be done with volume 2 next month). So the next update will be volume 7 unless I get a very good reason to keep working on volume 4.

Part 1

“……..What a bad dream that was.”

You fidgeted around on the thatched straw bed, mumbling. The street lights dimmed, and it was late in the night. In Underwood’s underground city, there is a cool breeze from the riverside, but at night it becomes a bit chilly. It was probably for this reason that the harvest festival’s main game was held in the daytime. Tomorrow would be the festival’s eve where the main game, ‘The Horsemen of Hippo Camp’, would be held. So she wanted to get as much rest as possible, but that dream was badly timed.

(………Wanting to be friends with a gryphon, huh?)

Remembering her last conversation with her father, she gripped her pendant. It’s been 3 years since then on the night of a full moon. Her neighbor had made a fool out of her, who wasn’t able to say anything back then, but now she could say it with confidence. The place her father had traveled to was this world, the Little Garden.


Breaking into a smile, she let out a sigh and tried going back to sleep. She did indeed say that she wanted to see the ‘outside world’, but not even in her dreams that she thought it was anything more than a metaphor. Her relatives said that her father was a vagrant, but to think he’d leave her daughter to go wandering around in a parallel universe, she was so far beyond anger that she couldn’t help but laugh. As she bitterly smiled, Calico, who was on the pillow, sleepily lifted his neck.

“………Princess? Wus’ wrong?”

“It’s nothing. Sorry I woke you up.”

She apologized as she rubbed Calico’s neck. Calico purred in content and curled up into a ball.

(If I told Calico about what happened to Dad………would he say that we should look for him?)

She lowered her eyelids and silently grasped her pendant. But that would be impossible, You thought. There were three big reasons why You didn’t go looking for her father after coming to the Little Garden. The biggest reason was that You and the others were all summoned from different eras. Being summoned from any era suggested that there was the possibility of being summoned into the Little Garden at any time period. If You were to pinpoint her position on the time line, she wouldn’t know if her father existed in the ‘past Little Garden’ or the ‘future Little Garden’. If that was the case, there would be no way she could look for him. Another big reason was………indeed, the aforementioned invitation.

‘Cast aside your family, your friends, your belongings, and the world, and come to the Little Garden.’

Cast aside your past, your family, and your identity, and come; that one sentence swayed her heart, and was why she was here in the Little Garden. To cast side the You that distanced herself from other people, and only conveyed her heart to animals, for new relationships………to make new friends was the reason she came here.

Izayoi and Asuka also probably cast aside the same things to answer their summons. But she was the only one dragging around her past, which slowed her down. Moreover, this time she’d tried to cheer on Izayoi, causing issues for the community. She wanted to avoid causing anymore trouble than this.

(………Come to think of it, Izayoi was supposed to come over tonight, wasn’t he.)

You got up from the bed and picked up the cat ear headphones next to the candlestick.

(……..As I thought, makeshift headphones won’t do the job. I should at least win the gift from tomorrow’s ‘Horsemen of Hippo Camp’ as a present………)

And she’d apologize. They might not forgive her even if she did, but it was a rule of the herd to follow through with one’s ideals.

(It seems Ayesha will also be participating, but I can’t afford to lose this time. Tomorrow, the first thing in the morning I’ll do is to go find a seahorse I can rely on.)

She tightened her grip on the cat ear headphones and slipped back into bed.

………But maybe because she was overflowing with motivation, she was so excited that she couldn’t sleep. While she thought about how to get to sleep, she heard the sound of heartstrings loudly out of nowhere.


Ba-dump, the relaxing sound stimulated her ears. It was a sound she’d heard somewhere before, but she was too tired to care. You’s eyelids became heavy at that moment, and she fell into a deep slumber. Entrusting herself to a gentle Sandman, her consciousness faded and then.

A streak of lightning flashed as the lodge collapsed in a cloud of dust along with the ground.



Lightning poured down, ripping up the ground. The blast sent You and Calico into mid-air towards Underwood’s steep cliffs, nearly falling down the cliff where the large shogunate was. Righting her stance and her drowsiness gone, You immediately started thinking to grasp the situation.

(That sound just now………! That’s the sound of the harp that was stolen yesterday………!?)

Heartstrings that steal one’s consciousness. It was the ‘Golden Harp’ that You took from her opponent. It took no time to consider that it was retaken somehow. Shaking off the Sandman, You immediately moved to meet up with the other ‘No Name’ members. But the lightning showered down again and again, burning the roots of the trees and causing the ground to cave in. It was like a waterfall of rocks and rubble. While skillfully maneuvering through the rocks, You spotted a Kodama girl out of the corner of her eye.


“Look out!”

Summoning the wind and taking flight, she pulled the Kodama girl’s hand out from the caving ground. Digging her nails into the burning roots of a falling tree, You, a bit surprised, looked at the girl she’d just saved.

“It’s okay now………e,eh? Aren’t you the receptionist at the harvest festival?”

“Yes. I’d like to have us introduce ourselves to each other, but let’s save that for later.”


The Kodama girl who called herself Kirino lowered her head in a bow as her flowered hair ornament rocked about. You hugged Kirino as she flew through the wreckage. Meanwhile, the rumbling of the thunder echoed throughout Underwood. To get as much information as possible, You raised her hearing to the maximum and listened to her surroundings. When she did, she heard a suspicious conversation from the watch tower.

“B-bad news! The titans are also coming this way!!”

“What’d you say!?”

“Damnit, they’re coming out of the woodwork at a time like this………!!!”

No sooner had You heard this when the bells rang out to warn everyone about the titans’ attack. In the middle of the whirling pandemonium, there was more bad news to top it all off.

“The bell that signals an invasion………! It can’t be, even the titans have appeared………!?”

Kirino let out a desperate cry as she trembled, holding onto You. But You’s problem laid elsewhere.

(………’The titans, also’?)

She furrowed her brow in uneasiness. Right after that, black sealed letters began to fall from the sky. You grabbed one that passed by the tip of her nose, and suddenly turning pale,

“Ku………A sealed black Geass Roll letter!? It can’t be——-!?”

Dropping off Kirino on the ground, You cut the seal with a nervous look.

Gift Game Name


Player List

  •  All living things encompassing the Beast’s Sash.
  • *However, in the case that the Beast’s Sash disappears, the game will be put on hold for an indefinite period of time.

Player Defeat Condition

  • None (Death and defeat will not be recognized)

Player Prohibitions

  • None

Player Penalty Condition

  • All players who attack the game master will receive a time limit.
  • The time limit will reset and repeat the last 10 days.
  • The penalties are ‘Penalty by Skewering’ ‘Penalty by Crucifixion’ ‘Penalty by Burning at the Stake’ and are selected randomly.
  • To break the penalty, the game must be cleared, or be put on hold.
  • *Player death is not included in breaking the penalty, and the penalty will become permanent.

Host Master Victory Condition

  • None

Player Victory Condition

  1. Kill Game Master ‘Demon Lord Dracula’.
  2. Kill Game Master ‘Leticia Draculea’.
  3. Collect the shattered pieces of the starry sky, and dedicate the Beast’s Sash to the throne.
  4. Using the Beast’s Sash that has been restored to the throne as a guide, strike at the heart of the liberation leader who is tethered in chains.


I hereby respect the above conditions in the name of pride, our banner, and the Host Master to uphold this Gift Game.
”                    ”   Seal

“Wha………What kind of game is this………!?”

The letter’s contents were pure nonsense. You had lived in the Little Garden for two months, but this was the first time she’d seen something like this. Worthy of note were the evil penalty conditions. It was completely different from the gift games You had seen up until now, foreign and dripping with malice.

(A,And it says that Leticia is a game master………What’s going on——-!?)

“It’s dangerous, get out of the way!!”

She jumped back at Kirino’s cry. Just next to the two, two large objects like rocky masses fell. You look at the two rocky masses, mystified by their momentum, which felt a bit strange to have been caused by the cave in. They stared on for a little while, but without any information, they didn’t know what to do. We should get back to the surface, You thought as she turned her back, and then.

Massive tentacles shot out from the rocky mass, capturing Kirino.



Crap, it was too late to regret. Looking at the rocky mass, it had grown not only ten massive tentacles, but four legs as well, and had started to move. In addition, the other rocky mass emitted intense heat from its entire body and became a 20 foot long salamander; its fiery breath scattered about, burning down a house.

“P,P,Princess! The boulder turned into a monster!?”

“………A salamander and………a tentacle monster………!?”

The two monsters were not as large as the titans, but their presence felt far more oppressive. In need of backup, You looked around for help, but she couldn’t find anyone. You glanced at the residents of Underwood, who were running around avoiding the burned down roots of trees and the cave in, and with a look of determination, she dropped Calico from her arms.


“………Calico. I’ll take on those two, so go find Asuka.”

“Y,ya got it, but takin’ on those two monsters is………!”

“I’ll be okay. I won’t do anything crazy. When I save Kirino, I’ll meet up with you. ——–Go!”

Just as she said this, You took flight in a whirlwind. Clenching his teeth, Calico turned his back and ran off. Directly after, pale lightning from the night sky enveloped Underwood.


Klunk!! Hitting the back of her head hard from the shock-wave, Kudou Asuka woke up. She was sound asleep, but after hitting her head hard enough to see stars, tears welled as she got up.

“Ow………!? W,What the heck was that………!?”

“………You’re sounding pretty laid back.”

A calm, yet shocked voice spoke up from behind her. She furrowed her eyebrows in irritation as she turned around, and there stood a masked girl clad in pure white armor and dress skirt——-Faceless. Next to her was a mountain of rubble that looked like it had been from an explosion. If you looked around, all you would see is pandemonium and a blazing sea of fire. It was obvious that this wasn’t normal. Asuka wasn’t a morning person, but even she couldn’t stay sleepy in this situation. Asuka leapt to her feet and collected herself, then asked Faceless firmly.

“………What happened? Did the titans attack?”

“Who knows? What if I went to go take a look?”

Faceless replied coldly as she turned on her heels. Even in this abnormal situation, she showed no signs of cooperating, to which Asuka responded to with a scornful look.

“Hey you, this is no time to be playing around——-”

——-The wind whistled sharply. As the wind stroked Asuka’s cheek, there was the sound of a large creature collapsing behind her. Asuka turned around in confusion——-there lay a dragon with scales in a poisonous pattern, its neck severed in one blow. Klink, the sound of a sword being sheathed rang out behind her. Asuka then realized that the blow just now was Faceless’ handiwork. At the same time, shivers ran down her spine.

Even though she was standing right in front of her, she didn’t have a clue what she just did with her sword. If her target had been Asuka instead of the dragon, she would’ve been dead before she noticed. Faceless gave a scornful look from under her mask in return, then broke out into a smile, laughing.

“It’s not just me who needs to know their place. To not give a single word of gratitude after being saved three times, maybe you were raised poorly?”


Her face became flushed by embarrassment with an almost explosive rage building up underneath, but by exerting her entire body and her pride, she somehow managed to keep it down. She didn’t like her tone, but Faceless was right. If she talked back here, she’d have to deal with the shame over and over again. But she couldn’t just obediently thank her, and as she was fretting, the voice of Jin Russell came from the cliff above her.

“Asuka-san! So you were okay!”


Jin made his way down on the broken root of a tree. Next to him was Pest in a maid outfit.

“………Kasukabe-san and Leticia aren’t with you?”

“T,That’s right. We were staying at the same lodge, but………”

As he gave a vague reply, his shoulders drooped. She looked at the reserved Pest questioningly, but she did not return Asuka’s glance, and silently looked at the night sky covered in storm clouds.

“………Jin. It would be best if we left soon.”



“The contract is in effect, so it would be problematic if you died, and I do intend to protect you, but——-guarding you against that will prove difficult even for me.”

Even with a composed and collected look, beads of cold sweat appeared on her face. Puzzled, everyone looked up at the sky and then.


——-What they saw was a scene from mythology. The massive dragon’s roar that shook heaven and earth rang across Underwood. Its scream was impossible to understand in a human language, but it demonstrated its overwhelming presence. Hit by a roar that could’ve blown out their eardrums, they just stared up in amazement at the sky.

“J,Jin-kun………that just now was,”

“A pure blood dragon………! It can’t be, why is the strongest class down here………!?”

The words he spat out were filled with fear. They’d seen all sorts of miracles after coming to the world of the Little Garden, but none of them could even compare with this extraordinary presence. Emerging from the thick storm clouds was the figure of a dragon whose size was on a scale of monolithic proportions. An icy chill ran down Asuka’s spine, but she clenched her teeth shut and suppressed her trembling.

“………Jin-kun. Let’s go look for everyone. Izayoi-kun aside, I’m worried about them.”

“O,Of course.”

Jin nodded in response. Finding a barely usable staircase on the rocky surface, everyone began to run for it, but Pest pulled them back by their sleeves.

“Jin, stay close to me.”


“——-It’s coming!!”

Pest’s voice tensed up. The night sky followed up with a spark of lightning. The dragon that had emerged from the storm clouds let loose a roar; its scales scattering like buckshot all over Underwood. The scales then transformed into huge serpents, salamanders, and massive five-tailed scorpions. Against these summoned rabid beasts attempting to overrun Underwood, Asuka raised her gift card in preparations for battle.


——-Underwood Harvest Festival Main Quarters.

The Draco Gleif Alliance had fallen into chaos. The messengers could not even deliver their messages all the way down to the servants in all the confusion, and the cooperation between communities was already close to non-existent. While the chaos spread, Sarah Doltrake, the administrator seated directly beneath the Alliance’s flag, folded her arms and waited for a single piece of information. Depending on the nature of that information——-there is no doubt that this crisis will take a turn for the worse, she thought as she clenched her sweaty hand.

(The southern floor master was defeated, and to take down their successor, a demon lord appeared. ………This feels like deja vu. It’s like what happened 3 years ago.)

What kept bubbling back up in her heart was the memory of the alliance that Salamandra formed with another community long ago under the setting sun. It was the incident which became the impetus for causing Sarah, the first successor, to run away from her home town. Looking back at the tragedy of her past, she sat in the administrator’s chair, her arms still folded while she waited for the report. Soon after, a messenger barged in, gasping for breath.

“A,Administrator!! I have returned from the northern area!!”

“Well done. So, how are things in the north?”

“Y,yes. It is just as you said, a demon lord has also appeared near the north’s floor master. Currently, a part of the Salamandra-Demon Princess alliance has been assaulted by the demon lord and has been rendered immobile!”

“………I see. It doesn’t sound like they’ll be able to send help.”

Sarah tensed the grip in her fist. Sarah tried to convey her thanks, but in no time at all, the next messenger barged in.

“A,Administrator! It’s bad news! We’ve been notified that a demon lord has also appeared near Shiroyasha of the east, and she is currently unreachable………!”

The northern messenger turned pale as if he were about to faint at the news of the messenger who barged in from the east. It didn’t show on Sarah’s face, but her heart was in turmoil.

(………The south has been destroyed, and demon lords have appeared in the north and east. What’s more is that they seem to be targeting the floor masters and their successive candidates. This can’t be a coincidence.)

Strong-willed demon lords, seemingly under someone’s control, simultaneously began an assault on the floor masters. If this is the truth, then this this bad news could be called a bolt from the blue. A demon lord who once placed other demon lords under their control, wasn’t all that uncommon. But that was only in cases like Zoloasta’s demon lord or Grim Grimoire’s means of using a creation summoning from scratch, or like the Heavenly Ones, gathering all of their affiliates under a single flag. A demon lord carrying their own flag would never mix their flag with someone else’s. The very reason why a demon lord is considered to be a natural disaster is because of their lofty pride. So in following through with your conceit, without any predictions or preparation, there would be no other outcome than to be battered and broken by a raging storm. To be able to command these natural disasters as if they were working together, there was probably no worse nightmare than this.

(As long as the floor masters are unable to move, the Draco Gleif Alliance has no means of taking down the demon lord. But as the sponsor, it’s my responsibility to at least get the participants to the outer gate………!!)

Sarah stood up from the administrator’s chair, and spoke to the two messengers sharply.

“Thank you for your hard work. I would like you two to keep the situation in the north and east under wraps. Recklessly revealing this will cause the confusion to spread unnecessarily. You two will proceed to the four-legged chief and tell him to prepare as many wagons and chariots as he can to carry the participants to the outer gate. While we take draw the attention of the titan’s army, the participants must be taken to a safe place!”

“Y,Yes, ma’am!”

The two messengers left the main quarters, sliding down the large trees’ trunks. To prepare for her debut against the titans, she equipped her usual sword and her favorite metal based gift on her wrists and ankles. This gift was also for raising the strength of her flames.

(The exalted first’s——-without the Dragon King of the Stars and Seas’ dragon horn, I am just a hybrid, a distant relative of a dragon. Let’s see how far I can get with the gift I have on me………!)

With a tense look on her face, Sarah continued her preparations. But, as if kicking away the tense atmosphere, Kuro Usagi came flying in through the window.

“Sarah-sama! So you were alright!”

“Kuro Usagi-dono………wait, you’re just in time. Gather your companions and prepare to go home. While we take on the titans, the No Names should also take cover——-”

“There is no need! [SUN SYNCHRONOUS ORBIT in VAMPIRE KING] will soon be paused for mediation due to a deliberation resolution! There is no response from the host, but I think we should be able to get at least a week of postponement!”

Sarah took a deep breath, and the color returned to her face.

“I see………! With a judgemaster, the game can temporarily be put on hold!”

“Yes! So first, I would like to ask you to mop up the rabid beasts in Underwood!”

Kuro Usagi’s pricked up her ears as she answered. Sarah had a clue on how to counterattack, but conversely, she let loose an anxious tone.

“That’s fine with me, but the titans are almost here. What are we going to do about that?”

“About that——-”

“A,A,Administrator!! It’s an emergency!!”

Bursting in and trying to catch his breath was a beastman messenger that was different than the ones from before. Wondering what it was, Sarah asked with a stern expression.

“What is it? Is something wrong?”

“T,That’s not it! Actually, in a sense, you could say that, but………!”

He was too shocked to put it in words. That would probably be the best way to express the messenger’s surprise. To Sarah, the way the messenger panicked was what was shocking. Even if he had run into the titans, he wouldn’t have been panicking this much. What’s more, the messenger’s face, while shocked for whatever reason, didn’t seem to show any hint of fear. If the strange expression on the messenger’s excellent face were put into words——-as though all wondrous things between heaven and earth had been gathered; like he had seen an extraordinarily strange and mysterious adventure’s cheat-level apparition——-put simply, that kind of complex expression painted his excellent face. While Sarah pondered this, she rebuked the messenger who hadn’t fulfilled his duty.

“I don’t know what happened, but if it’s an emergency, then be quick about it! While we’re wasting time like this, the titans will be——-”

Approaching, but she didn’t get to finish her sentence. When she tried to say that last word, what happened right after was——-a titan had been speared through the window.


Crash!!! The window ruptured magnificently. Then the large tree rocked and shook violently. Sarah suddenly became speechless. The titan warrior, covered from head to toe in dust and rubble, did not just come flying in, but was hit with a force strong enough to break its armor and passed out.

“Wha………What happened,”

She didn’t know what had happened. It showed on Sarah’s face. Next to her, Kuro Usagi, with an unusually uncomfortable expression, gave her a timely explanation.

“W,Well………This titan was probably thrown over here by one of our companions………”


Sarah questioned on reflex. But Kuro Usagi didn’t raise her voice to correct her. While Sarah became dubious about this, she went out through the collapsed wall and looked down upon the battlefield where the titans and the Draco Gleif Alliance were fighting. Underwood encompasses a length of 500 meters with a massive water tree famed for its size. From the mountainside where the harvest festival’s main quarters was located, she could see the entire battlefield. There, Sarah was shocked for a second time. The Draco Gleif’s front lines, which should have been pushed back to the nearby parts of the city within a few minutes——-had rallied back, securing a path all the way to the outer gate. And, leading them at the front, was a single boy.

“It can’t be………that boy threw a titan all the way here?!”

How is that possible!!? Sarah’s voice rasped. For her, who had lived 200 years, she knew the limits of the human body well. Even if he had been approved divinity by a holy spirit, it was impossible for him to have such herculean strength. Sarah was confused, but the messenger that was standing by near her, to support Kuro Usagi’s words, added his own.

“Administrator. Usagi-dono here isn’t lying. And if I might add, the titans’ invasion was, by that boy alone………ah, no……that is, to be specific! That boy alone is attempting to destroy the titans by force!!”


Sarah stared at the messenger’s menacing expression with her mouth half-open, shocked. She came back to her senses when the second titan was speared.


——-Underwood Southeast Plains.

Gry, who was fighting on the front lines, froze as he gazed at the boy. Even though he was prepared to die in this fight beforehand, now he stood still, as if his soul was leaving him. Everyone in the Draco Gleif Alliance who should have had the same tragic resolve, now stopped moving, holding their breath as they looked upon the front lines. The front lines were filled with a great army led by the titans and an inexhaustible herd of newborn rabid beasts. In the sky was the massive dragon. On the ground were rabid beasts and titans.

Underwood’s landscape was the expression of a cool, spectacular water display, but right now, those days were coming to an end with the destructive force of monsters. The harvest festival held for Underwood’s restoration was trampled down by monsters and extinguished. In this situation, there were only two kinds of people who wouldn’t feel desperate in all of Little Garden. They would either have to be carefree, bold with nerves of steel, or——-a divine warrior that does not fear even a god of war.

“………Hmm? I heard about the Celt’s titans, so I figured they’d be a bunch of gods. It seems I’ll have to change my train of thought. So basically, you’re all nothing more than humans turned titan, a basic framework of phantom beasts. ………But falling into this predicament after fighting a kid like me, wouldn’t your ancestors be weeping right about now?”

He patted his school uniform over the shoulder in dissatisfaction as he glanced at the titan troops. In response to his every movement, not just the titans, but his allies too trembled and retreated. At his feet were several hundred defeated titans and scattered fragments of destroyed armor. The scraps of flesh lying around were from the rabid beasts summoned by the massive dragon. There was probably no good explanation for this unknown helper. Even Gry, who knew his face, stood dumbfounded and marveled at his nonsensical abilities.

“There’s someone that powerful………hiding within the No Name community……..!?”

Gry dared to, in a different meaning, call them No Names. In this Little Garden of gods, a person this powerful, yet without any of the glory, which could only be blamed on irrationality, he dared to say it with this in mind. The titans, the rabid beasts, the despair that reigned over Draco Gleif’s members, were all crushed by this boy——-Sakamaki Izayoi, with an insolent light in his eye, spit on the titans.

“I’ll only say this once. Get the hell out of here right now, you flunkies. I was really looking forward to this harvest festival. It’s enough that I already have to go deal with that flying lizard, so don’t go causing more problems for me. Izayoi clicked his tongue. At his arrogant tone, time had started moving once again on the battlefield. The titan troops, taking Izayoi’s words as taunts, let out a battle cry, and once again set their eyes on attacking Underwood.


The titan warriors cut through the vanguard. They didn’t seem to be armed. They probably thought blades would be useless, so they came with grapples. They tried to at least restrict his movements by grappling him, but with overwhelming speed, Izayoi slipped through. Izayoi proceeded to jump off the backs of the titans’ heads as stepping stones. The titans who were stepped on were propelled face first into the ground. But it was a mistake to dance through the air. As long as he was human, it was fact that he couldn’t fly. The giants decided that this was their chance to win, so they threw chains at once from all directions and captured Izayoi.


Twice, thrice, quadruple, quintuple the amount of chains piled. There, the titans added their massive strength, aiming to compact the chains, which creaked loudly. To finish off Izayoi, who was bound by several layers of chains, the titans standing by in the back erected a tesla coil. Although it was nowhere near as powerful as the lightning that the dragon shoots, it was a light bulb that could release enough heat to melt iron. If they shot that, it was obvious that the titans wouldn’t be left unscathed either. But the titans who were holding the chains showed no intent to let up. The ten titans that were holding Izayoi captive——-were prepared to throw their lives away as they gripped the chains.

“T,This is bad!!”

Gry let out an impatient voice. He could probably see the titans’ death wishes in the their eyes. Putting strength into his limbs, he took off to help. But it was too late. The titan who erected the tesla coil glanced at his fellow titans and nodded in reply to their resolve. As the roar of the thunder drew near, carrying the life and pride of the titans——-

“——-Hah, I get it. So your pride was still intact, flunkies——-!!!”

——-He was swept away by an attack that shook the stars. The chains that the titans used to bind Izayoi shattered to pieces, and their right hands dissolved in the lightning. The titans had been equipped with masks, but their disbelief could be seen through them. As phantom beasts of humanity, and as fellow human beings, it is because of this that they could feel it in their bones how nonsensically unusual this human was. In contrast, Izayoi’s eyes began to set ablaze with joy.

“Man, I guess it was rude to call you flunkies. My bad. ——-Those who were prepared to die, and those who were prepared to kill them. After seeing that, I can’t really take you guys lightly. But conversely, I’d have to ask you guys why you’re all doing something so criminal………”


As if to shake off Izayoi’s question, the titans raised a battle cry and rushed in. If the enemy was going to rush in, then he’d have to push them back. Izayoi kept this faint suspicion inside his heart while he leaped into a titan’s chest and punched through his armor, sending him flying. The titan’s chain had shattered to pieces, and his momentum carried him all the way to the back line unabated, flying another few hundred meters entangled with other titans.

After confirming that they were down for the count, Izayoi then turned to his allies, the Draco Gleif Alliance, and fearlessly questioned them as well.

“By the way, I have some questions about our allies here as well, but………you guys in the Draco Gleif Alliance, how long are you going to pretend to be in despair?”


A buzz spread along the several phantom beasts, Gry included. There were those who felt insulted, and others who felt provoked by Izayoi’s words. All sorts of reactions ran about. Izayoi didn’t understand what they were saying, but after looking at their reactions, he figured it was possible to communicate with them, so he agitated them with a theatrical complaint.

“As you can see, the enemy was prepared to give up 10 of their own to kill me. That mindset is indeed, unmistakably that of a formidable opponent. I have to say, that was gutsy. ………After seeing that mortal enemy’s mindset, the Draco Gleif Alliance, which upholds the symbol of courage, can’t possibly be sniveling like wimps.”


Izayoi snorted as he felt like he struck a nerve. The alliance’s members bared their fangs, growling, but didn’t say a word. It was as he’d said, the Gryphon’s banner was typically engraved with bravery and honor. If this is a community with kingship, then it could be used as a display of sovereignty as well.

Elements of eagles, kings of the sky, and lions, kings of the earth, were present in the phantom beasts. By questioning the true meaning behind their banner, Izayoi had agitated the alliance members. His manner of speaking was indeed extremely irritating, but his word had some truth to it, which was in bad taste. They wanted to respond but couldn’t, as murmurs spread among the herd. Izayoi briefly examined their reactions, but replacing the smirk on his face with a serious expression,

“………Face the facts already. This grand harvest festival is supposed to have Underwood’s restoration riding on it. Those guys then committed acts of vandalism this festival, throwing dirt on your deepest wish. Scarring your companions and the land, and raised arms against your pride and your flag. After taking this amount of humiliation, within the hearts of the members of Draco Gleif——-shouldn’t be despair, but justified anger.”

This time, he spoke in half serious contempt. That was also how Izayoi really felt. Even though the Draco Gleif Alliance had their pride trampled upon, spit on, and wounded………in front of their mortal enemy, they couldn’t let their anger erupt. That was frustrating, and couldn’t be left that way.

“If you’re not going to move anymore after this, then that’s fine too. That must be the Draco Gleif Alliance’s secret to success. ——-But don’t forget. If you’re not going to stand up against your mortal enemy, the fact that you’ve hidden behind the backs of lowly No Names to survive will be something for even the future generations to laugh at.”

“………Tch……you’ve gone too far, brat………!”

“They’ve got a bit of bite to them, but in the end, they’re just seedy looking monkeys who has no claws or fangs!”

“Yeah! He may have crushed 20 titans with his fist, but we’ve speared twice as many with our horns! We’re not inferior to them at all!”

Receiving Izayoi’s ferocious instigation, a cry of fighting spirit and reproach rang out from the phantom beasts. No matter the size of his power, Izayoi was inexperienced. Not to mention, being talked down by a human kid that much, even they’d get mad. The tolerant inhabitants of the south also had their limits.

The Draco Gleif Alliance was roused by their anger towards Izayoi. But only Gry, who had already lost his rider, was in a different situation. Losing his partner who accompanied him for many years, it was for this very reason that Izayoi’s words carved very deeply into his heart.

(………My homeland was scarred, regardless of losing my rider, in this predicament……..even if that boy laughs at me, it can’t be helped.)

Gry raised his eagle head and looked at his lion body’s back. The partner he had carried there for many years was no longer here. In his everyday battles, his rider was struck by a falling arrow and fell, never to be seen again.

He’d gone numb battling with bad news happening one after the other, but anger and a sense of loss welled up deep within his gut.

(Fighting an uphill battle everyday, and my lack of aspiration up until now. There’s no way this abomination should be of one of the tribes of beast kings and the figure of the community………!!!)

——-The gryphon, of all tribes, had succumbed to fear towards the enemy instead of sadness towards the loss of his companions. Wrapped in anger towards his own humility, Gry, with all of his might, trembled as he roared like an animal and rushed towards the titans.


In the human language, it probably sounded like any other animal’s cry. But that roar was unmistakably that of an enraged warrior. Letting out a battle cry, Gry, without any cheap tricks up his sleeve, charged in, kicking up swirls of tornado-like whirlwinds which shredded the titans’ armor and sent them flying. Izayoi praised his gallant figure in admiration.

“Hah, as expected of the king of beasts! Looks like this’ll be quite the show………!”

The gryphon had rushed in past Izayoi at supersonic speeds. His figure roused the other phantom beasts to follow after, roaring, and with great fighting spirit, they rained down on the titans. Like this, they could probably fight the titans on equal footing. Their morale had rebounded, and their confusion had been quelled as well. At this rate, Izayoi would probably no longer have to deal with the Titans.

(With this, there should be no more problems with the Draco Gleif Alliance’s morale for the rest of the game. Now if we could make our standings clear during the deliberation resolution, maybe we can grab the initiative.)

In the middle of the increasingly intense war between the phantom beasts and the titans, Izayoi casually looked up at the sky. Even now, inside the thunder clouds, the massive dragon was squirming around. When this game began, Izayoi understood that he had a role to fulfill. What could take down that massive dragon lurking in the thunder clouds was probably——-the gift that resided within him.


——-Underwood Harvest Festival Main Quarters.

Sarah’s mouth hung open, taking in the situation. If she was normally known for her resolute behavior, then it wouldn’t take much time to realize that this wasn’t a rare case. As if to prove that fact, the beastmen who arrived as messengers were also looking troubled as they waited quietly in the back.

“………Kuro Usagi-dono.”

“Yes, what is it.”

Sarah glanced at the battlefield from the collapsed wall.

“………What is that.”

With an extremely rude choice of words, she pointed at Izayoi. Kuro Usagi smiled slightly bitterly as she scratched the back of her ear.

“Well, I’ll explain about him later on——-it’s almost time for the deliberation resolution to be received. I will let you know, so please take command and join in the mission to mop up the remaining rabid beasts within the city.”

“Y,Yes. Understood.”

Sarah lightly tapped her forehead with her fist, and switched gears. Kuro Usagi took out her monochrome colored gift card, Vajra’s Replica. Receiving power from the Little Garden, Kuro Usagi’s hair gave off a pale light, turning it scarlet, eventually beginning to burn brightly like flames. As her bunny ears swung about unsteadily, Kuro Usagi declared in a voice that could reach throughout the entire area of Underwood.

“The judgemaster’s invocation has been accepted! As of now, [SUN SYNCHRONOUS ORBIT in VAMPIRE KING] is temporarily put on hold, and we will be holding a deliberation resolution! Players and hosts, please stop the fighting and promptly begin preparations for the negotiations table! I repeat-”


Eh? Kuro Usagi couldn’t believe what she just heard. While she was making a declaration about the deliberation resolution, the massive dragon scattered thunder clouds passing just 100 meters above Underwood, and stirred up gusts of wind.


Izayoi exclaimed from the unexpected gusts of wind and was entwined with the windstorm. And it wasn’t just Izayoi. Also fighting in Underwood, Asuka, Jin, Pest, the titans, the rabid beasts, all kinds of people were indiscriminately blown into the sky. Sarah froze up as she gazed at this act of tyranny.

“The city………the battlefield, everything’s flying into the sky………!”

“Sarah-sama, look out!!”

Kuro Usagi grabbed Sarah’s hand as she was almost sucked into the windstorm. Sarah was only up in the air for a few moments, but her blood froze as she watched several of her companions being blown up into the sky without any way to resist.

This is the strongest class——-the fact that it was a pure blood dragon made her shudder, but that wasn’t what was truly terrifying. It was that this level of wind wasn’t even a special technique for this dragon. To the dragon, what happened just now——-was just him moving. That really was all that happened.

As long as the deliberation resolution has been accepted, it was obvious that the enemy wouldn’t move with the intent to harm. It is this power to shake the heavens and earth just by soaring through the sky, that in this Little Garden of gods, they are referred to as ‘natural disasters’. With its massive body that surpassed human knowledge, the city, the battlefield, the beastmen, the spirits, the phantom beasts, the rabid beasts, the titans, the humans, everything was equally just rabble to it, sneering as it drew everything towards the sky.

“This can’t be………how is this possible………!?”

Sarah clung to the large tree’s creaking trunk, and looked up at the sky in fear of the massive dragon’s figure as it returned to the heavens. The falling rubble and wreckage came into view. The screams of falling friends and titans. Falling like trash.

“T,This is bad! Let’s go save them, Sarah-sama!”



Kuro Usagi grabbed her hand, snapping her out of it as she raised her head.

“………Sorry. We must make haste, Kuro Usagi-dono!”

She slapped her cheeks and let out a shout. Releasing wings of flame, Sarah and Kuro Usagi went to rescue their falling companions.


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  1. If you feel the translation project is too hard, then you should pick an easier project that you feel more comfortable with, or take some time to improve your Japanese first. Translating a project that makes you feel out of your depth will only frustrate you, and will definitely not improve your Japanese if you try to go at it alone (so you’ll just continue to struggle on that project without it ever getting much better). You’re also not doing the readers any favors if you make too many mistakes; I haven’t checked anything yet, but if you are saying that the chapter seems overly grammatically difficult then you are probably making quite a few errors.

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    • I’m not really skipping anything even though the grammar is difficult, although I can’t say that I’ve translated it all perfectly either. About a quarter of chapter 1 was centered around the messengers, which I found absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary, but near the end it actually got a bit more interesting because Izayoi actually made some speeches. I’m not saying (for the moment) that this author does this all the time, but that definitely wasn’t his best moment.

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  5. i would wish a second season of the anime…
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    • Lots of people would love a second season of anything, but a lack of funding and/or popularity is always a big issue. Mondaiji may have had the popularity but I doubt it had the funding. Plenty of novels go unnoticed because of this.

      Personally I’d like to see another season of this but it definitely has to be longer than 10 episodes to cover some of the more extensive plots in Mondaiji.

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