Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Volume 7, Interlude

So I noticed that this author has tendencies to use very vague/broad kanji combinations for common descriptions that I assumed held the same general (read: most common) meaning. Due to this, it appears that I may have had several mistakes in my translations for some of these descriptions that I will probably go back and fix in my releases sometime this week.

sinemerald has also brought to light the fact that apparently I don’t follow a lot of the guidelines for translating; I don’t keep the paragraph structure as the novel does (which I actually didn’t really notice/care too much about until she mentioned it), nor did I keep the TL notes on the proper nouns and terms (ie. kanji combinations with a different phonetic reading and enunciations via ““` in the furigana space). I’m not really keen on some of the procedures but if it makes it easier to read, I’ll figure out an alternative.

Chapter 1 is around 30 pages long, so I’ll be on it for a bit. I’ll expect to have it out before Saturday.

In the meantime, here’s a short interlude.

TL Notes:

  • Kouen no Miyako (煌焰の都) – The name of Salamandra’s city headquarters. I’m too lazy to flip through the earlier volumes to look for a proper/official equivalent, or maybe I’ve heard of it before and it slipped my mind. Either way, I’m looking for a good translation for this.
  • I’m starting to doubt my kanji reading on some of these words due to the way the font tends to change the kanji. On one hand, it could be a font difference issue. On the other hand, it could just be Chinese. Who knows. If you notice something wrong, speak up.

————————2105380 Outer Gate. In front of the fountain square.

It was the time of day when the sky began to be dyed sunset red. In the Kouen no Miyako, it was around the time when Sakamaki Izayoi was fighting with His Highness. In the corner of the bustling commercial district, Leticia Draculea was standing around unseen. She should’ve been standing out with her maid outfit and her beautiful blonde hair, but she flawlessly melded her presence in amongst the crowd of people. While holding a sparkling comb, no one seemed to notice her. The peddlers, while carrying their large luggage, passed through the traffic without problems.

Looking at the various crowds of races coming and going with quiet eyes, she checked the letter she had in her hand.

(………To think that I’d receive this kind of letter from her.)

Carved into the wax seal was the banner of the boundary of the stars and Queen Halloween, which carves the movement of the sun. There is no one in this Little Garden who didn’t know of this symbol.

The boundary of the stars which governs the sun and the golden star spirit. Below Shiroyasha, it is a being that is entrusted with sovereignty over 6 suns. In this little garden where the gods of war gather, there is only one, a great demon lord, who holds the title of queen. Even in the Little Garden, Queen Halloween was one of the best communities out there, but among those were the elite who had the favor of the queen————————they were called Queen Knights, who were rumored to be able to best gods. Among those was a knight who was involved with the No Names, Faceless, who had sent them an express letter.

(This letter was actually addressed to You, but………I can’t neglect it just because she’s still out.)

Kasukabe You, Sakamaki Izayoi, Kudou Asuka, Kuro Usagi, Jin Russell, and Pest were all out at the moment to head over to Salamandra’s headquarters, the Kouen no Miyako. The only ones left at the No Names’ headquarters were Leticia, Snow White, and Gry the gryphon, who was out at work.

(Come to think of it, Gry-dono was supposed to be coming back today.)

As her blonde hair fluttered in a horizontal breeze, she looked up at the sunset sky in melancholy. The eldest No Name members should be busy preparing for dinner around this time. She had Lily handling the kitchen, so there was nothing to worry about there, but when she thought about clumsy Snow White messing things up, her heart couldn’t settle down.

(Today’s dinner is also going to be servings of cabbages………I hope that doesn’t turn out to be the case.)

Worried, she wrinkled her eyebrows in thought. But then she spotted a familiar figure across the bustling crowd. Wrapped in pure white armor atop a dress skirt, Faceless came through the outer gate with elegant steps, and without hesitating, she walked straight through the crowd and stopped in front of Leticia. Leticia, who had concealed her presence, smiled bitterly on reflex.

“………That’s sobering. I had confidence in not standing out, too.”

“How modest. Trying to conceal your presence in a crowd as a beautiful maid is rather strange, I’d think.”

“Good follow up. I’m sure you could become a wonderful maid.”

She shrugged as she smiled wryly. Done with the small talk, Leticia pulled herself together and asked.

“So, what kind of business did you have with You today? Since the letter had the wax seal of Queen Halloween, I’m guessing it’s a royal decree from the Queen?”


She answered in a non eloquent tone, which was unusual for her. Putting her hand on her chin, she hesitated for a moment, and then muttered troublingly.

“It’s about the ear muffs she was asked to summon………it seems that because of that, a rift has opened up in the boundary between the outside world and the Little Garden.”

“The outside world and a rift?”

“Yes. If the rift continues to grow, it may devour a section of an outer gate whole.”

Without any modulation, she spoke of an outrageously abnormal situation. The ear muffs she was talking about were probably the cat ear headphones. Leticia’s face stiffened as she took a deep breath.

“………I thought something was off, but this is much worse than I thought. What exactly do we need to do?”

“First, bring the ear muffs. After that, if we can find the center of the rift, we should be able to deal with it without too many problems.”

“Center of the rift? What is that, exactly?”


At the moment Faceless was about to answer. A large figure slowly shrouded the two.

“So this is where you’ve been. I’ve been looking for you, Leticia-dono.”

Faceless momentarily emitted an insecure mood in response to the large man’s presence and voice. It wasn’t out of hostility, but an unfamiliar presence and voice had crossed over her. It was the obvious thing to do as a knight. Leticia, guessing whose presence it was, voiced the man’s name as she smiled wryly.

“Sorry. I was going to come looking for you. Looks like I wasted your time, Gry-dono.”


It was a familiar name to her. But in Faceless’s memories, the name Gry belonged to a gryphon. With quizzical eyes, she peered out from under her dance mask————————and became speechless.


“Hmm? Well, if it isn’t the queen knight from before. It’s been a while.”

It was a polite voice in contrast with his wording. The male voice was deep, but despite that, it had a friendly ring to it, and gave off a sense that the person the voice belonged to was a virtuous one. His tall stature was not intimidating, but rather let one’s tolerance wander, so even if he stood in front of her, she didn’t feel intimidated. His facial features were graceful and he gave off a manly fragrance. However, his clothes were skin tight.


“Yes, that’s me………what is it? You look like a pigeon who’s been shot by a pea shooter. If you’re a queen knight, a human transformation shouldn’t be all that rare to you, right?”

His cheerful smile could only be described as that of a gentleman’s. In terms of physical human appearances, he looked to be in his late twenties. His chest and sturdy arms that matched his height were moderately built, and his brown skin made him look rather handsome. However, his clothes were skin tight. His clothes were fatally skin tight.

If one were to describe how tight his clothes were, Faceless, a veteran and one of the most skilled queen knights, had her mouth half open as she stared up at him; that was how tight his clothes were. A person such as Faceless was dangerously close to falling to riposte from the shocking illustration.

He was gracefully handsome and smelled sweet, but those clothes were just painfully fatal for his looks. He could’ve been around 190 centimeters tall, but he was standing tall in shorts and a tank top. This could only have the opposite effect for the appearance he prepared. It went past comical to the point where the people looking would be embarrassed.


Forgetting to exchange greetings, Faceless absentmindedly stared at Gry. Understanding her sentiments, Leticia sent out a lifeboat.

“Gry-dono. Faceless seems to be………well, surprised by your wild selection of clothes. What if you took this opportunity to put on some more civilized clothes?”

“What are you saying? I may have lost my wings, but a gryphon is a respectable king of beasts. It is unreasonable that I would be embarrassed about my looks and adorn myself with such inelegant clothing. If wearing clothes is the mark of civilization, then the robust figure of a king of beasts would be the proof of tranquility. This is something I absolutely can’t give in on.”

Gry declared with honest eyes. Leticia faltered upon hearing his sincere voice, but it troubled her to hear that from a man in shorts and a tank top. Leticia tried to think of a way to persuade him to rethink his attire, but Faceless took the reins.

“Excuse me………Leticia-dono. Please, don’t worry about it. Their race has their own assertions. Trying to make him conform to his surroundings isn’t a good idea.”

“I,Is that so?”

“Yes. Besides, this isn’t the time. We must find the epicenter as quickly as possible.”

“Hoh. It sounds like an emergency situation. I will lend you a hand.”

“No thanks.”

Faceless immediately replied. Taking her reply as being reserved, Gry cheerfully smiled and shook his head.

“There is no need to worry. There is no need for reservation amongst companions who have fought side by side. Coming into contact with each other is also part of the natural flow of life. First, let us hear the whole story at the No Names’ headquarters.”

Gry turned on his heels. His figure as he gallantly swaggered through the fountain square gave off a sense that his personality was one of a kind. If only his clothes weren’t skin tight.

“………I see. The definition of unfortunate and all that is that kind of gentleman.”

Faceless rubbed her chin, nodding in comprehension. That’s wrong, Leticia thought in riposte, but she stayed silent. There was a need for haste. Gry, who took the lead heading towards the headquarters, was followed closely behind by the two.


4 responses to “Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Volume 7, Interlude

  1. Considering some of the kanji from this chapter I had to pull out of a Chinese site and it had no Japanese equivalent…the author’s really roping in things outside of standard Japanese.

    煌焰の都 can go to City of Lustrous Blaze(s) or City of Lustrous Ardor. Also entertained the idea of using “Shimmering”.

  2. wait sinemerald is a girl… well im so sorry about the times i put you as a “he”. i feel so sexist lol. i mean your gender is like pyro from team fortress 2 so yeah… welll im sorry m(_ _;;m

  3. O.o (煌焰の都) looks really chinese… 》》》》煌焰之都
    and my guess it is just a mixture… its something along the idea of City of Flames(火焰之都) or something like that. 煌has the meaning of something grand and spectacular…
    My reference? Um I’m chinese.
    Kouen no Miyako definitely sounds real cool. hahaha. Anyways, can i know the name of Faceless in jap? Because in the chinese version, it is Fei Si. Lei Si and it was so irritating to find a name for it.
    Finished Volume5 calling her a temporary made up name of Felicia Raisa.
    I’m going to start on Volume 3 chap 5 and I expect to see that name sooner or later again…

    Oh and by the way, really should have said it earlier but oh well…
    Thank You!
    Your translations are very good! 😀 Gambatte!

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