Translator’s Block.

So I’ve gone almost two weeks without a single update. Why?

At first, it was because I conveniently forgot that I have a less-than-great constitution, so I decided to take a few days off resting up. Unfortunately, the week I spent resting was accompanied by 90+ degree weather, constant 80+% humidity, and bugs of all varieties storming into my room everytime I left my window open more than ten seconds. Not exactly the best working conditions for me.

During this time, I found out that the decent translations that the person from sent in weren’t actually all that decent (or accurate, to say the least). As a result I ended up spending roughly the same amount of time (and more because of what happened after) rechecking all the translations and correcting it. Needless to say, I most likely won’t be using the epilogue that this person translated for anything more than a general reference.

Then….my parents decided to bring relatives over for the next two weeks or so. I expect them to be gone by July 16th, but in the meantime, my parents, especially my mom, who’s currently sleeping on the floor in my room, has completely ruined the sanctity of my workspace. In short, even if I wanted to start working on the translations again, I can’t concentrate at all.

It sounds like whining and is probably a suck-it-up situation, yes. And I’d agree. But I seriously cannot concentrate here. I would rather spend my day doing something a little more productive than translating ten sentences a day (seriously, that’s what I’ve been doing the past two weeks on average). You can whip me and verbally abuse me, but until I get my room and privacy back, I won’t be able to do much of anything that can be called work.

What this means for me is that I won’t be able to meet my appointed deadline for finishing this by the end of July – I actually do have a bunch of other stuff to do this summer that I most definitely won’t be able to do when the fall semester starts and I wanted to save August for it.

By the end of July, I’ll try to guarantee Volume 7’s completion, but the rest will most likely have to wait until the fall. This might also mean that I should hand Volume 4’s remaining chapters off to drinkingwater if I want this overall thing to go any faster. It’s not an official statement, but I am seriously considering it.

When will chapter two be out? I have a little over half of it done at the moment. If I really buckled down for the day I might get it done tomorrow, but considering my concentration span in these condtions, I’ll be lucky to continue my ten sentence a day average.

I yearn for the day when I can move out of here. I can’t even relax in my own room.


17 responses to “Translator’s Block.

  1. Sounds like quite a rough patch you have going there. I’ll at least give the customary “good luck with it and don’t worry about the writer’s block.” Not sure why you need to apologize for anything, though 😛

    Also, as the one who did those translations, I’ll apologize here. I am in the process of learning (in fact, I have about 1 year under my belt), and I try to make it known that such is the case. I used to do a lot of machine reading, which is also fairly well known, but I’m not even sure if my personal translations are below or above such machine translations. Also, since I’m learning on my own through LNs, I have little to gauge my accuracy. I have done a translation of Volumes 1 and 2, and I have been comparing mine to what has been released on B-T, and if what you say is true regarding accuracy, I have some reservations about some of the translations on B-T.

    Anyway, thanks for the feedback. It’s good to hear any amount of criticism, and I look forward to what you translate, no matter how long it will take.

    • You’ll be able to see the differences in translations when I post up chapter two. Some of it is minor differences in meaning, such as different words for a more subtle touch, but other times there are sentences that have opposite meanings or don’t capture the meaning of the grammar.

      It’s fully understandable for someone who has yet to fully grasp the language, especially since Mondaiji has some of the most annoying and obscure grammar and kanji combinations out there (sparsely, but it’s there), but I honestly would’ve worked a bit faster if I had done this from scratch.

      Volumes two and three are being translated from Chinese to English from what I hear. As you may know, and from my experience, CN -> EN translations are notoriously rough and I’ve yet to see anyone do a decent job of it. The basic meaning is usually there, but for some reason, no one ever really turns it into comprehensible English. I haven’t really taken a look at Volume 1 on BT but you’d have to take a look at Firebird’s other translations to see his level of accuracy.

      • Not even dreyakis from MKnR?? if you didn’t read it, i recommend you should. 😀

      • Well sinemerald also reminded me that most CN novels are translated from JP, and the differences between the two languages means that some things get lost in translation. It’s not as prevalent with JP -> EN, but if you’ve ever heard of Duwang subs (look it up or youtube it if you haven’t), then that’s basically the idea. Instead of directly going from JP -> EN, you get JP -> CN -> EN, which is definitely not the preferred method of translation, at least for me.

        That’s not to say I haven’t seen any single person not pull it off, but it really depends on the CN source.

  2. You are right. This sucks definitely. If you cannot even have your privacy in your own room. After all it is your sanctuary. This is seriously the worst. My condolences^^

  3. well that life i guess … Hahaha (im not laughing at your misfortune or anything like that). well good luck and hope you can survive your ordeal

  4. well i guess sinemerald got the better end of the stick huh… well then let the waiting game begins XD

    • I probably wouldn’t have spent as much money as she did over there so far (as well as most other friends I know who visited Japan), but yes, anything would be better than what I have over here at the moment. Like wrestling with a bear. Or sky diving without a parachute.

  5. against the bugs storming into your room you can do somting like buying a bug net for your window. So you would have 1 problem less^^

  6. damn, every time i check the main page, i read this post title as ” TRANSLATOR is BACK” and got disappointed every single time.. loll jk, keep up the good work, hope everything turns fine in the end

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