Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Volume 11, Prologue


It’s been a while! Glad to be back! Now to go to sleep. I’ll write actual notes when I wake up. One giant note though: I haven’t read 9 and 10 yet. STILL. WHAT AM I DOING. Okay, to bed.

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Translator notes have been changed to the style I’m using in Hyouketsu. They’re a lot more convenient (when I wrote the notes up here, I’m pretty sure I forgot to mention a lot of things). It’s not actually part of what I translate so I don’t mind changing it despite my stubbornness with consistency.

Stammers like 「えっ、えええええ!?」 (for example only) are still “Ee, ehhhhh!?” instead of “Ee-ehhhhh!?” because of the aforementioned consistency. I like consistency. It’s not changing.

As this was pre-release, I didn’t release this on Baka-Tsuki. I might have to do that soon considering this is an official sneak-peek and I don’t think there’ll be any differences in the actual release like I was worrying at 6 or 7 in the morning.

“Absolute Sword Arts Final Form ─── <Last Strike Dual>!”


The <Demon Slayer> in his right hand and the <Vorpal Sword> in his left.

The crossed light and dark dual blades smashed Rubia Elstein’s sword.

The instant the crimson sword broke.

The overflowing red hot flames raged all at once.

“……No, way……!”

Time stood still. Within the fierce flames───

A sigh of despair leaked from her lips.

Or it could possibly have been just a gasp for air.

Either way───

(───The next breath, won’t come)

The bursting flames were fanned up into a vortex by the sword pressure.

In an instant, Kamito stepped in even deeper───


The twin swords blew apart.

A slash made at point blank range with godly speed.

The tip of the <Vorpal Sword> which glowed with darkness disappeared into her chest as if being devoured.


Her red eyes seemed to say, I don’t believe it.

At that instant of defeat, her form was sublime and beautiful.

Beautiful ─── he honestly thought.

───But that strong feeling was also only for a moment.

“Sorry. I’ll have you return the title of <Strongest Blade Dancer>.”

With the demon sword in his left hand still plunged within her chest───

Kamito flashed across with the <Demon Slayer> in his other hand.

Within the maelstrom of fire, the fragments of <Lævateinn> danced around like fragments of fire.

Rubia, who had taken those consecutive attacks with her body, flew into the air and slammed harshly into the ground.

The attack Kamito had unleashed was not one that attacked the body, but one that attacked the opponent’s spirit. There was not a single wound on her body. [T/N: This says “materialize” in the katakana for “本質収斂”. Obviously, that doesn’t really make sense on its own and I’m not really one to lengthen the intended word (“materialize on the opponent’s body”), so it’s going into a translator note.]

Or so saying, but in all honesty, it would be a little difficult to breathe.

Still though───

(……She’s still conscious after taking that dual sword secret technique.) [T/N: “Ougi,” if you like that better.]

Kamito gave a sigh in his heart as he calmed his rampant breathing.

Most likely, the majority of her power was from <Lævateinn> who had just been obliterated but───

To have taken that attack and still be conscious was not normal.

Kamito had completely lost consciousness when Greyworth had passed the secret technique down to him.

(This is the power of a <Sacred Maiden>, huh……)

The <Sacred Queen> who had defeated the <Devil King> one thousand years ago ─── Areishia Idriss.

Rubia Elstein was the successor of the strength of that soul.

So to speak, she was the existence that would face Kamito who had succeeded the power of the <Devil King>. That strength was what had truly allowed a girl with a weak constitution who had never swung a sword before to transform into the strongest spirit contractor.


While looking down at Rubia who was suffering in anguish, Kamito silently lowered both of his swords.

The blade dance was completely settled. Even if she had the strength of a <Sacred Maiden>, she no longer had the strength to battle after losing her Elemental Waffe.

(……Well, the same goes for me───)

The instant he loosened his tension. His sight grew hazy and he was attacked by an intense sleepiness.

(……Really, activating Elemental Waffen at the same time was a little reck, less……)

<Demon Slayer> and <Vorpal Sword>. Swinging around both Elemental Waffen which were outside the standard at the same time, it was inevitable that even Kamito would exhaust his kamui.

The instant the <Spirit Seals> on both his hands lost their glow.

His knees suddenly lost their power and he began to collapse starting from his footing.


Claire frantically held up Kamito who seemed like he would fall over.


“A, are you okay?” [T/N: Bite me. I like to keep series uniform, so the translation here has a comma. T/N’s are a different story because I don’t translate them.]

“……Yeah. I just used a little too much kamui……”

While enveloped in a comfortable and soft feeling, he closed his eyes.

His consciousness grew dim. But only his hands gripping the twin swords would not let go.

Even though Kamito had fallen to become <Demon King>, Est was sworn to be with his as the <Demon’s Sword>. Also─── [T/N: It says “魔王の魔剣” which is “Demon Lord’s Sword”. They just dropped the “Lord” part (secretly sheds a tear).]


The darkness spirit girl he had kept chasing ever since that day three years ago.

He felt like if he were to let go, she would disappear once again───

He held onto the sword’s hilt hard enough to turn his fist white.

“───Kamito-kun, loosen up. I’ll cast healing arts right now.”

Fianna ran up beside him and whispered into his ear.

But Kamito shook his head within Claire’s embrace.

“……You……can’t……it’s better not to touch me right now.”

“……Eh? Wh, why?”

“I awoke once as the <Devil King>. ……The Devil King’s power is the power of the transmigrated Ren Ashdoll───”

“Which means to say it’ll react against my kamui?”


Kamito nodded slightly.

To begin with, Kamito’s body had the property of repelling healing arts.

For that reason, Fianna would send kamui in through direct contact to bolster his own natural healing abilities in a roundabout method but───

But if she did that right after he had been in his Devil King state, he didn’t know what effects it might have on her.

No matter how small the chance, he didn’t want to risk it.

“But at least first aid without using magic───”

“I’m……fine. Rather than that……”

And Kamito shook his head, moving his line of sight to ahead of him.

Within the flames blowing upward, Rubia was glaring in his direction while raising groans of agony. It was impressive that she hadn’t lost consciousness yet but that was just prolonging her pain.

“Heal her first. With her strength more or less regained, she won’t be a threat without an Elemental Waffe.”


“……I……still, haven’t lost……!”

Rubia groaned from deep within her throat.

Her eyes swelled up with the severity of flames and she stumbled to her feet.


“No, it’s your loss, Rubia.”

Kamito coldly denied.

“The <Sacred Maiden> is truly the arch-unit of the <Demon King> as you said. That is to say that as the strength of the <Devil King> within me grows, your strength grows as well. Am I wrong?” [T/N: It’s truly “arch-unit” here in katakana. It’s obviously meant to be archenemy, but “arch-unit” actually fits so whatever. The original is “抵抗存在” which is literally “resisting existence”.]

……There was no reply. Those eyes that were the same as Claire’s just glared over hatefully at Kamito.

“But your plan failed as I restrained the power of the awakened Devil King within me. Which is to say, well───”

With a slight exhale, Kamito concluded.

“The power of the <Sacred Maiden> that made you the <Strongest Blade Dancer> was also restrained at the same time, right?”


It seemed he had hit the bullseye. Her shoulders shook slightly.



“The <Demon King>’s power hasn’t completely disappeared yet───!”

A blue flame was born in Rubia’s right hand.

<Frost Blaze> ─── a heretical flame outside the laws of reason of this world.

“……You two, move away from me!”

Kamito yelled and prepared the twin swords in his hands.

But at that moment, an intense numbing pain ran through his arm. It was the recoil from the secret technique of the Absolute Blade Arts.

The nerves in his arms were paralyzed and in an instant, to Kamito who was momentarily defenseless───

“Awaken once here, Kazehaya Kamito. If not ─── you’ll die.”

Able to even freeze the soul, the absolute zero blue flame was shot.


Claire stood up and jumped in front of Kamito.


“O true flames engraved in blood of old, dwell in my hand and devour flames───”

Chanting quickly in spirit language, a crimson flame wrapped her hand.

Kamito watched intently. It was not a flame from Claire’s specialty spirit magic.

That was a heresy that formed the opposite of Rubia’s flames.

“That is the flame that returns all to nothingness ─── <End of Vermillion>!”

Her dignified voice shook the atmosphere and she released the crimson flame.

The raging flames of demise crashed into Rubia’s flame in midair───


The explosion that would normally result from two spirit magics’ impact didn’t arise.

Claire’s flame burned through Rubia’s flame.

Having devoured the blue flame, Claire’s flame stopped there for a moment and───

Finally, it disappeared into thin air without a trace.

(This is Claire’s <Flame That Burns Flame>……)

Kamito gulped. He’d heard about it but this was his first time seeing it himself.

“……So the fall to darkness spirit princess awakened your nature……”

Rubia whispered, aghast.

“……Nee-sama, stop already.”


Claire lowered her hand slowly and advanced forward.

“I definitely won’t let you turn Kamito into the <Devil King>.”

The confrontation of the Elstein sisters.

The two crimson eyes glared at each other within the tense atmosphere.

He seemed to see Rubia’s eyes waver for but a moment───

“……Don’t get……in my way, Claire.”

What leaked from her mouth were the cool-headed words of parting.

“I must save this world. That is the responsibility of one who knows the truth.”


Claire widened her eyes with a haa.

“That’s right. I came here to hear the truth from nee-sama herself.”

She nodded her head as if she’d made her resolve and walked directly to her older sister just like that.

“───The truth about four years ago.”

“Claire, it’s dangerous───”

At the same time Kamito voiced a warning.

Once again, an absolute zero flame was spawned in Rubia’s hand, burning fiercely.

But Claire didn’t flinch. She moved closer with her arm still down, defenseless.

“……Tell me, nee-sama. Why did you revolt against the <Spirit King> that day?”

“It has nothing to do with you.”

“It has something to do with me. After all───”


“Because nee-sama───”

“……I told you to be silent!”

The absolute zero flame was shot from Rubia’s fingertip.


Screaming, Kamito reached out his hand with all his soul, but it wouldn’t make it in time.

The instant the surging flames were about to devour Claire’s entire body.

“───Nee-sama has always been my beloved nee-sama.”


Rubia’s eyes widened in shock.

Claire didn’t exchange flames and jumped into Rubia’s chest.

“……Why……didn’t you avoid it?”

“I believed. That nee-sama would not strike.”

Claire softly embraced the wounded Rubia.


“……Nee-sama, stop this kind of thing already……”

The muffled voice immediately became a sob full of tears.

Rubia who couldn’t move stood stock still with a puzzled expression on her face.

“───It’s over, Rubia.”

Kamito quietly told her.


After a short silence, she───

“……It seems so.”

Looking up at the sky, she said that with a sigh.

“There is only a little time left for me. Having failed here, there are no other methods to kill the <Spirit Lords>───”

(……Time left?)

He was also interested in those words that had been said unintentionally but───

There was something he had to ask her before that.

Your objective is to turn this world into one without spirits ─── as you said.”


“For you who was a <Spirit Princess>, why are you trying to kill the <Spirit Lords>?”


Claire slowly lifted her face with eyes that were swollen from crying.

“Please, tell us the truth. The reason you had to betray the <Spirit Lords>.”


Lips wavered slightly and she sighed a little.

“You all definitely won’t believe it. I didn’t believe it myself until I saw that. That something like that would exist in this world is───”

“I believe. In nee-sama. No matter what anyone says.”


Rubia’s eyes swayed.

Claire stared directly back at those eyes.


Rubia breathed out once more and her lips shook.

And then───

“Four years ago, I betrayed the <Spirit Lord>───”

She silently opened her mouth.


───Because the Spirit Lord was insane.


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  1. Well i must say i was almost dying waiting for this Volume, but i want to ask wasn’t it suppose to be release on the 25th of July? i mean i’m not against having it before but did you bought it while you were in japan sinemerald? Also i must thank you for all your translations they are very much appreciated.

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  4. Curious. Last two sentences. Is it lord or lords?

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  5. this will be my first comment on this site…. Gotta tell you i am big fan of your work…… xD,,,,!!!!! Anyways, thanks for the chapter, really appreciate it…. I have been reading both Hyouketsu and STnBD from way back, and i really really apreciate your work. Thanks..

  6. I noticed just now, this prolog has been released on Baka-tsuki by Kuroi_Hikari and according to the registration site has zzhk already claimed to translate volume 11………

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