Seirei Gets an Anime

It was considered. It was anticipated. It has descended! Seirei is getting an anime!

I’m quite pumped up for this. On another note, does anybody have volume 11 raws?


20 responses to “Seirei Gets an Anime

  1. I hope they make a good anime. I don’t want them to like, make it spiral off a lot from what happened in the novel. Especially stuff to do with Restia, since I don’t know if I saw her in the video.

    • She was in the video as part of the images they showed from the novel. They pretty much carbon-copied everything in the video off the novel though, so I have high hopes that it’ll be faithful.

  2. This is awesome news just hope they don’t do what they did to many LN like Campione end early and generally not follow the book. Hopefully will by faithful like Highschool DXD has been so far, will just have to hope for good viewing numbers to keep the series going!

  3. The anime I am most looking forward to but, hmm…, how much will they adapt? Best place to stop would be volume 03 (before the actual blade dance festival) but I want to see more than just 3 volume but would be stupid to just stop in the middle of the festival. Aghhh, I dont know what I want…

    Well, can always hope for a second, third and more seasons 😉

      • But even then, fitting a good 10-11 volumes worth of content in 24 episodes would still be heavily pushing it at a good volume per 2 episodes or so. I’m not sure i’d want them to rush it like that and as previously stated nobody wants them to cut it in middle of the festival so it would have to either be 3 volumes or 10/11 to satisfy the fans.

  4. raw jpn book = jpdf4share. jpdf4share = rapidgator/netdownload premium acc. but if you dont want that then u have to wait for the delay of 3-4 weeks.

  5. sinemerald , u do know that zzhk already register in BT and already translated seirei vol 11 chapter 1 right? if u do are u still going to translate seirei?

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