Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden Volume 5 – Absolute Sanctuary

Well, let’s get right to it…I’ll just be writing the overview for today and going to sleep. Then I’ll work on this tomorrow (probably).

I realized when I came back to look at this that I FORGOT TO TRANSLATE THE INNER COVER’S TEXT. It’s there now.

Really looking forward to chapter 3 because of that title…

The cover with the promotion band.

The cover with the promotion band.

Cover with nothing.

Cover with nothing.

Inner cover.

Inner cover.

……Any closer and Elbert Resonance will occur.

The two harm each other through the repulsion reaction between shinryoku and mateki.

Even though they understood, they could not stop.

Now for the colored pages…


“Possessing the “Crimson Eye of Mikuva”, past here is the impenetrable Absolute Sanctuary.”

“From the secret service, ‘The Wheels of Heaven’, the ‘Rank 1’ Zeadoll shall purge you.”


“Losses……don’t exist. All creation, that is to say……no unforeseen accidents.”

“Shall we bet if it’ll turn out as you predict?”

“───What brings about reform <a beginning> for the world has always been peoples’ resolve.”


“In place of the fourth Guard who isn’t here,”

“I will become the fourth member of senpai’s unit.”


Prologue: Just the Two in the Slowly Darkening Tower

Chapter 1: Expedition

Chapter 2: The Governmental Sector

Chapter 3: Relationship Time

Intermission: Stargazing ──Star Song──

Chapter 4: Wheels of Heaven ──Absolute Sanctuary──

Final Chapter: Thousand Year Beast

Intermission: Blank World

Epilogue: Just the Two in the Tower at Midnight


The pronunciations for “stargazing” and “star song” are the same (hoshiyomi). No idea if it’s significant.

The word “Blank” used for the intermission above is the same one I translated from the previous volume’s preview (空白). It is a blank, void, null or nothingness.


9 responses to “Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden Volume 5 – Absolute Sanctuary

  1. gosh..ymy just so cute..!!! hope there will be a lot of tsundere ymy in this volume…hehe.. btw, can we see the debut of isa’s onee sama in this volume..??
    thanx for your hard work..

  2. God damn it i’m really excited for this. Hopefully we don’t get any long breaks like last time because i don’t think i can last one of them again. xD

  3. Looks like Sheltis has decided to wear a regular uniform instead of his old refashioned guards uniform from three years ago…

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