Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden Volume 5, Chapter 1 – Expedition

Just like Sheltis, I worked up my fighting spirit and managed to get out part 1…yay?


Part 1

Hey, hey, Sheltis, are you done yet──?

A nonchalant voice echoed in the room that had become littered with clothes and small articles.

“Just a little longer.”


“That’s why I said, just a little longer.”

“Then I’ll count to ten……get set, 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0, and done.”

“So fast!?”

Stopping his hands that were busy packing things in his travel bag, Sheltis turned around without thinking.

He had reddish brown hair and affable eyes. He was seventeen, his limbs gave off a somewhat slender feeling as he breathed out and he still had a slight feeling of leftover innocence.

“One second didn’t even pass by just now, right!?”

“I said I’d count to ten〰, nothing about ten seconds〰”

Machine crystal <Ilis> lay beside the pillow on the bed, looking small. The vivid yellow blinking of its crystal portion was a sign indicating, “be concerned about it, be concerned about it“.

“……What is that child-like twisting of words?”

I just have that much leisure. Sheltis, haven’t you been ignoring me while you were packing your bag since a while ago? Ilis has become so lonely, she might cry.

“Nah, this isn’t in the realm of ignoring.”

He gazed at the clock at a corner of the table.

The time displayed on its digital screen was exactly nine in the morning.

“Oh crap……it’s already the gathering time. I’m not done packing yet!?”

Come on, Sheltis, the airship bound for the Governmental Sector departs at nine and a half. Weren’t you told to gather at the airport on the tower’s sixty-fifth floor at nine?

“If you know that, then won’t you stoooooop!?”

The one who made a schedule which looked like it would end in being late was Sheltis.

“……The one at fault is the Instructor.”

He had been caught yesterday evening by Instructor Yumelda who was known for her demonic training. For ages after that, he had been subjected to grueling training under the name of coaching until this morning.

“If you’re going to go on an expedition to the Governmental Sector, then I’ll hammer that portion’s worth into you ahead of time……isn’t that strange?”

The Instructor was quite lively though──, so it seemed fun.

“……It was definitely the height of tension. She was smiling so widely.”

He had truly felt scared when she started swinging around her trademark black whip and laughing, “Ahahahahahahahaa!” deep into the night.

So is this okay? You’ll be late at this rate.

“That’s right, that’s what I said!”

He started shoving whatever he grabbed into his travel bag. There were the machinery and equipment used for guarding VIPs, his change of clothes for the trip and other simple things like emergency rations.

Hey, hey, Sheltis? What about that book I said I wanted to read if we had time?

“I want to bring it, but no! I don’t have the time to pack something like that!”

Eh──. No, no, then let’s bring something else. Ilis thinks it’d be great to bring a giant rocket launcher and machine gun. I also can’t give up on a flamethrower.

“I think those would be confiscated at the Governmental Sector’s airport though……rather, stop bothering me!”

Just when he was about to silence machine crystal <Ilis> who was atop the bed───

The small sound of knocking came from the door.

“Sheltis, are you still here?”

“……Monica? Ah, wait, wait, I’ll open it now!”

She stood at the mechanical door that had opened.

A girl with a slender body whose long sakura-colored hair was bound into one lock behind her. Her grey eyes which showed the strength of her willpower looked really attractive on her graceful face.

Monica Esperanto.

Her age was one above his at eighteen and was the unit captain that governed their unit. On her waist holder were two blackened crossed rods <Rosario> and her clothes consisted of the usual formal wear.

“……How rare.”

Staying standing in the door, that was the first thing that she murmured.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen you wear the formal wear.”

“Yeah, well. It’s one thing inside the tower, but I don’t want to be suspicious over there.”

He tugged a little on the cuff of his pure-white formal wear that didn’t have a single wrinkle. He had always been wearing the black retired formal wear as a jacket habitually, but it really wouldn’t do to go to the Governmental Sector like that. Yesterday, he had hurriedly taken out the new product that he had shoved in his locker.

“Does it suit me?”

“……That’s a difficult question.”

Relaxing her lips a little, Monica smiled.

“I’m used to seeing you in black so I thought it was a different person for a second.”

“My usual clothes are also in my luggage. I’m used to wearing them……honestly, it’s to the point that I’d also like to wear them in the Governmental Sector.”

The mateki of Yuugenshu gave off a dark purple brilliance.

It was easy to determine whether a Yuugenshu’s mateki had come in contact with the white formal wear. In other words, if he received mateki while in this formal wear, there was no way he could fool them by saying he hadn’t.

……It’d be bad if I was bathed in mateki and came out fine.

……It’s really difficult. The closer I get to Ymy, the more I’ll have to wear this white formal wear.

It’s finally time to go to the Governmental Sector, isn’t it, Monica; the escorting is a big responsibility. Do your best.

“Please stop that; I feel like my stomach’s going to burst.”

The unit captain grimaced in response to machine crystal <Ilis>’ words of encouragement.

“……How about you, Sheltis?”

“Everyone’s the same; I’ve been completely anxious since about three days ago.”

The mission ─── an escort from the floating continent <Orbie Clar> to the distant Governmental Sector.

The origin of the matter was the Queen’s edict. The case on the floating archipelago <Lagoon> that they had gone to together with Leon was the start.

What they had seen underground at a research facility upon the floating archipelago <Lagoon> that wasn’t recorded on any maps was ─── that which menaced the floating continent, a Yuugenshu, being cultivated.

“……If we let this assembly go by, there won’t be a second chance to investigate that Yuugenshu.”

At any rate, it was an experiment where they were cultivating the threat to the populace themselves so they couldn’t be forgiven regardless of the reason. Since Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> had decided to send one of the guardians of the floating continent, a Priestess, it was plainly obvious just how seriously they were viewing this assembly.

“Those of us going along as escorts also have a heavy responsibility.”

“Don’t say it; I actually took stomach medicine before coming. If you say anymore, it feels like it’ll develop into gastritis.”

Pressing down on the area near her stomach, Monica smiled faintly.

“Come on, Sheltis, rather than that, how are your preparations?”

“Y-yeah……I’m really rushing here.”

“I thought so.”

Monica sighed with her travel bag slung over her shoulder.

Anyhow, his room was in complete disorder and his bag on the bed was overflowing. It was a situation where him not being ready was obvious at a glance.

“It’s already gathering time so I had Kagura and Vaiel wait ahead of us at the sixty-fifth floor.”

“I-it’ll be fine. Just five more minutes!”

“It’d be good if that’s all it takes……will you make it in time?”

Looking down at his bag, Monica slowly crouched down. Just when he wondered what she was doing, she began packing things into his bag───

“Ah, ……sorry, getting you to help.”

“It’d be bad if you panicked and forgot something. It takes several hours to get to the floating archipelago <Lagoon> in the Governmental Sector, so we can’t turn back partway, you know?”

While still in a crouched over position, Monica lifted her face and smiled.

Collecting the crumpled luggage, his bag was packed with experienced movements.

“Are you used to this?”

“Packing luggage is a fundamental action for units, after all.”

So she says, Sheltis.


After he froze for a short moment.

“……Sorry, Monica, I should do the packing by myself at least. It’s fundamental, after all.”

“Eh, ahh, no! I-I didn’t say it with that kind of intention in mind! Th-this is……I answered because I was asked or well……u-umm…………”

It’s fine, Monica. It looks like his spirit’s been roused, so leave him alone.

“……I’ll do my best.”

Sheltis began packing once again with all his heart and soul.

Part 2


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  2. Is there a part 2? It seems like he/she/they just went on to chapter 2+ without doing anything else here. Not complaining, just don’t want to read the next chapter if there’s still a bit more here.

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