Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Volume 12 Prologue

Yeah, I did it. I went and translated the prologue. And I’ll finish chapter 1 while I’m at it.

Hey, Kamito.

If there comes a time when I become not myself───

I’d like you to kill me.


And if possible───

Forget about me.


“……, Uu……”

What entered his vision when he first opened his eyes was a pure white ceiling.

Gentle rays of sunlight flowed in through the curtains. The scent of freshly laundered sheets.

Numerous question marks arose at this unfamiliar scenery.

Why exactly was he here in this place?

(Where……is this……?)

When he made to raise half his body, he came to realize.

……His body wouldn’t move.

What first came to mind was the possibility of being under restraints.

However, there was no feeling of restraints atop his nightclothes. If it was a magical restraint, then he shouldn’t even be able to move a finger.

(So it’s just simple depletion of stamina to the point that I’m debilitated……)

Coming to that conclusion, he first looked around the room’s interior to get an understanding of his current situation.

What came to view was a flower vase on the bedside ledge. From there, he saw a large table at the center and a number of drawers lined up against the wall. There weren’t any particularly glamorous decorations but out of the various furnishings, any one of them on their own was a first-class article.

On top of that, there was this snug bed enveloping his body.

(……Is this a noble’s room?)

At the least, it wasn’t a room a commoner would live in.

If so, then why exactly was he sleeping in a noble’s room───

(……Confinement? No───)

There was a window in this room. The room’s door was also made of made and seemed easy to break.

It was different from that facility‘s gaol surrounded by cold stone walls.

───And it was then. He could hear footsteps from outside the door.

Without hiding its presence, it was drawing nearer.

……Most likely, it’s a single person. It’s probably the one who carried me into this room. I don’t know what they have in mind, but as the situation dictates, I should threaten them and hear what they have to say.

His trained body reacted naturally. Something close at hand that could be used as a weapon ─── he reached out and grabbed the vase on the bedside ledge. It wasn’t a reliable weapon but it was better than nothing.

The footsteps stopped. The sound of the door unlocking was heard and the door swung open slowly.

He unconsciously gasped.

The one who appeared from the other side of the door was a red-haired beautiful girl.

When he met eyes with the girl, her ruby eyes widened.



The water jug in the girl’s hands dropped to the ground with a loud sound.

But she remained frozen, standing still in amazement.

(……Wh-what is it?)

Kamito also froze with the vase in his hand.

He didn’t think the person who confined him would have this sort of reaction.

After several seconds of silence, the girl drew in a large breath and───

“Kamito, you woke up!”

She ran straight towards him without any caution.


Kamito’s reaction was late because of that unexpected action.

The girl spread her arms and hugged him from over the sheets.



Suddenly started crying out in a loud voice.

“……, wh-what are you……”

Kamito mumbled, perplexed.

(……What is with this girl?)

He didn’t understand the reason. Was this girl not confining Kamito───?

The girl rubbed her weeping eyes on the sheets.

“Y-you wouldn’t wake up this entire week and the Academy’s healer couldn’t heal you and I wondered what I’d do if Kamito stayed like that, and this whole time……”

“……One week? Academy?”

Kamito furrowed his brows and tilted his head.

“That’s right! Everybody was so worried about you, uwaaaan!”

The girl started crying fiercely once again with her face buried in the sheets.


“Of course! Ellis, Rinslet and the Ero Queen……”

“……Wait. Let me ask you one question.”

Said Kamito, interrupting the girl’s words.


“───To start off, who are you?”

In an instant, the girl’s face froze over.



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  1. Thanks for the translations! I love Restia so much though and those first few lines tug at my heartstrings so so much! TT__TT

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