Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden, Interlude – Empty World

I believe I originally translated the title as “Blank World”. I feel now that “Empty World” is a better fit.

Igneed’s name’s spelling has been revealed! It shall henceforth be Igun-I. I leave it to our hardworking Baka-Tsuki editors to fix the name on their end because I’m way too lazy to change mine. Unless I feel inspired to somehow.

On the other hand, Igun-I is never gonna let me forget NGNL. 空白に敗北はないの.


Governmental Sector, Central Area, Sector Three, the hangar.

It was a central point where there were usually no checks because of the security equipment and where a great number of guards stood at the gate that served as the only entrance.

There was a single figure that walked through the interior of that hangar without any attempt at hiding himself.

“Yes……there was a hindrance in partway through but it was dealt with using emergency measures. Even if they check the ‘Crimson Eye’s‘ records about the research area in question, they won’t arrive at any information about us.”

The young man had a black communicator at his ear.

He wore a black hat low over his eyes; his attire also consisted of a pitch black suit and pitch black boots. It wasn’t the appearance of blending into the shadows but one of becoming a shadow.

“But it was a hard blow to have the underground facility at the research area destroyed. The ‘Sleeping Child‘ that I captured was also defeated and individuals that suitable for the twins’ ‘experiment‘ are rare……eh? Then catch another one? Don’t say that so easily, it’s pretty hard to catch a Yuugenshu.”

The corners of his lips rose up beneath the rimmed hat.

“I was the same as always. Maha-san? He dominated from start to finish. It looks like his opponent was strong this time so it seems that puppets are no good after all. It might be a good time for the real him to emerge from the ‘Dark Room‘ but he’s pretty shy after all.”

The young man didn’t try to hide his smile from the other party.

“The twins are continuing the experiment? As harsh as always, haven’t they been in the middle of that experiment for around a hundred eighty hours now? Though we wouldn’t be able to make a barrier that surpasses Hyouketsu Kyoukai without that. ……Right then, maybe I’ll bake a chiffon cake as a reward for their hard work. Eh? You’ll help with just the taste testing? Don’t say that and help me for real.”


Ara, then you want me to help you bake? Baking things is my specialty, a really big specialty.


A bewitching laugh came from the other side of the conversation.

“It feels like it’ll become ashes, so I’ll pass on that.”

Is that so. What a pity.

“Then everybody else’s schedules are…………ara, one of ‘Heaven’s Wheel‘ is moving? I see, so some people in the Governmental Sector really have noticed us as well. If so, then our location might have already been discovered using the ‘Crimson Eye‘. It would be troublesome if that information is supplied to Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>. ……If they sneak up to our base, we’ll grandly welcome them? I see, so it’s finally time to come out into the open.”

He disconnected the communication.

Putting the device into his suit, he took a single deep breath.

“…………I’m happy. I finally got to meet you. Now it can finally start.”

It was a whisper like a sigh.

“The frozen time begins to move. The fragments of memory that all have forgotten. The dreams of all the forgotten children. That which sleeps at the bottom of the Garden of Corrupted Song <Eden>───”

The wonder-filled monologue permeated the dim hangar. It didn’t resound or echo; that voice truly penetrated.

His age, true face, place of origin, strength, goal and real name were all still unknown. All was unknown ── the only hint was that he identified himself as ‘Igun-I (Blank World)‘.” [T/N: So apparently the official spelling for Igneed’s name is Igun-I. To go back and change everything I’ve written with him so far or not to do it…that is the question.]

“Now, Sheltis, let’s sing our story.”

In the dark and gloomy area, Igun-I smiled like the Virgin Mary.


5 responses to “Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden, Interlude – Empty World

  1. Thanks for the translation! Small question, is it intentional for it to be Garden of Cursed Song instead of Garden of Corrupted Song ?

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