Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden, Afterword

With this afterword, I mark the end of volume 5. This afterword is surprisingly long…

I wonder who actually reads these afterwords when I translate them?


She continues to protect her absolute sanctuary for the sake of a single family member……


Thank you for picking up this book, I’m Sazane Kei.

I wonder how you liked the fifth volume of ‘Eden‘?

It has already been published that the boy who fell to paradise has returned to the tower and formed a unit together with new allies. With that in mind, this time will be an important mission that challenges that unit. This is the first mission with full members so it would be fortunate if it were to come together as a story. Unexpectedly, this is also the heaviest book so far in ‘Eden‘. [T/N: He really wrote that Sheltis fell to “paradise”. I didn’t make a mistake here.]

Also, this fifth book marks a full year for the series. The story is just starting to get going so I’d really like to do my best for next year.


◆ Changing the subject: my new computer

As the title says, I’ve made a complete one-eighty from my previous laptop and moved on to a desktop computer. The screen’s suddenly become so large that it’s actually a little hindering and I was a little bewildered at the difference in how typing felt with the new keyboard, but having the boot-up and software launch speeds faster is really pleasant.

It was the fastest laptop at the time just there’s such a difference with just a few years. The development of technology is to be feared.

With this, my manuscripts will be done faster……or they should be, but that’s not true for some reason. What a mysteryyy.


◆ About the drama CD

Now then, an announcement about it last volume but this is about ‘Eden’s‘ drama CD.

The first announcement was in August and it’s been four months since then. In that period of time, a book was completed and the seiyuu-sans were decided. Also, as a peculiar nitpick for ‘Eden‘, we’re being particular about the “music” playing in the background.

I envisioned ‘Eden‘ as a story with a high affinity to music and arias from the onset. The studio, Marine Entertainment-sama, are also matching with that and sending sample BGM to the author (that would be Sazane in this case) and deciding the music to be used in the drama CD based off his feedback.

※ It’s extremely rare for a novel author to be involved as far as the BGM.

I will use this space to thank all those from the studio that’s being particular and creating this enthusiastically, Marine Entertainment, the one who was in charge of volume for the drama CD, Tsuyama Touka-sama, the seiyuu-samas that blew “sound” into this story, as well as all those involved in the making of this drama CD.

──Seiyuu Introductions

Sheltis                   Abe Atsushi-sama

Ymy                        Asumi Kana-sama

Leon                      Nakamura Yuuichi-sama

Syun-rei                Tatsumi Yuiko-sama

Ran                        Ise Mariya-sama

Meimel                  Endou Aya-sama

Queen <Salah>  Oohara Sayaka-sama

Tsali                      Sawashiro Miyuki-sama

Eyriey                    Hikasa Youka-sama

Yuto                       Kanemoto Hisako-sama

Ilis                         Shindou Kei-sama

Other than that, assistance was received from many seiyuu.

With that, the drama CD will be unveiled on December 29, 2010.

It will be on sale on Marine Entertainment’s homepage (limited edition and regular edition) and net shop, can be ordered at all Animate stores and will also be available in CD shops. For details, please visit Marine Entertainment’s special homepage: http://www.marine-e.co.jp/sakuhin/fujimi/eden/.

It’s a rare chance to mix media so Sazane is also participating excitedly. Please try out the world of ‘Eden’s‘ music as well.


◆ Thanks

To my editor K-san who I’ve really been under the care of for this volume, Kasukabe Akira-san who produced beautiful illustrations as always even with his super busy schedule, thank you very much!

Above all, to you who have taken this book into your hands, I thank you from my heart!

Thanks to you all, I have been able to do my best for a year now. I hope for you support for the coming year as well.


◆ Next Volume Preview

……This is an isolated world…………filled with the Forbidden Crystal……my world.

The girl who stands opposite of the boy who fell to paradise. If you can hear my voice……then I will teach you the true Seventh Heaven Rhythm <Sophia Code>.


The third Priestess and third Sennenshi return to Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>.

The Sennenshi who won’t take orders from anyone, Holn Nova, pursues a single Yuugenshu. In that battle, Sheltis and Ymy, as a Priestess, bet their everything.

On the other hand, a strange rumor spreads throughout Tenketsu Palace’s tower──


Well then, let’s meet once again in March in ‘Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden 6, Crystal World‘.

Last third of October 2010                http://sazane.exblog.jp/                                          Sazane Kei


3 responses to “Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden, Afterword

  1. I heard that some people actually reads the Afterwords first before reading the volume.. Which is actually troubling to the author because the author would have spoilers to the volume.. (I think that’s Kamachi Kazuma who said that in one of his Afterwords)

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