Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden Volume 6 – Crystal World

One of those things I’ll write up and then go to sleep after writing it up. Here goes





“A Priestess that can’t even save a single child. ──I won’t acknowledge you.”


“I’ll convey it with my shinryoku……I’ll definitely convey it.”


“The Priestess named Ymy is……amazingly strong. She holds stronger feelings than me, you or anybody else.”

“A weak Priestess and an impossible dream……don’t voice hopes so frivolously.”



“You who hears my voice. You can finally awaken. In this frozen, sleeping world, you will be able to walk with your own feet.”

“Now, O child who was born,”

“If the world wishes for you, then I shall teach you a grand chant.”



Prologue: Return

Chapter 1: Brass Musical Instrument <Horn> and Stringed Instrument <Viola>

Chapter 2: The Resounding Horn’s Dissonance

Chapter 3: Hard to Control

Intermission: The Lords of Unusual Books

Final Chapter: That Which is Worth Betting Everything on ──Crystal World──

Epilogue: Those Who Have Gathered


There are less chapters this time. Does that mean less content?…or does it mean longer chapters. We’ll see…now I have to get around to linking the chapters to my projects page since I forgot to do it.



5 responses to “Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden Volume 6 – Crystal World

  1. is it me or is the little girl covered in mateki? she could either be another case of sheltis or a person being corrupted by mateki.

  2. it’s been a while since i visit this site and boom..!!! 😱😱vol 5 already done…thanks a lot sinemerald..really appreciate your effort.. 😊😊

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