Why Am I So Slow

I’m sure some individuals that are avid light novel readers have been fretting about why I’ve been updating so consistently slow right now. I’m writing this now because it could become even more infrequent depending on some events within the next week.

So first of all, a big part of the reason I’m not getting much done at the moment is that I’m actually commuting to my local university. I spend around 6 hours there per day. That’s still okay though (I’m sneaking translating in between activities).

Secondly – and this is the big one – I’m still involved in the working scene. The most recent venture will have me actually having to leave my house, unlike all the remote work I’ve been doing until now where I would be able to lounge around and finish it at like 3 AM. I have an interview on Wednesday next week so I’ll need to focus on brushing up on all the skills I need so I don’t just bomb out and embarrass myself (and also fall into a good bit of self-loathing for squandering chances like this).

As for if I manage to pass this interview, the work hours will be standard. I believe that’s around 8 hours a day, so a good portion of my day will go missing. Coupled with other things I have to do, I’ll have a minor piece to devote to translating. I will set a realistic goal for myself when I come to face exactly how much work this job entails.

That’s about it; now then, I’ll be off to study all my work materials.


15 responses to “Why Am I So Slow

  1. its unfortunate that translators get no money from doing these stuffs. It might be very good if ppl grather around and get offical site ( maybe baka suki ) and asking for donation.

    I’m a little bit lucky in this LN part. My country has been translating it for years ( in our Language ) now and it’s way faster than the US.

    Some series like Seikoku_no_Ryuu_Kishi we have it to vol. 10 right now but there are also a lot of series that you can find in baka suki and i cant find in my country as well.

    • Honestly, translating is already a gray area, and translators making any sort of money on it from some sort of donation drive is iffy at best. Not that I’m not appreciative of their efforts, and hell if i had money id send some just to help a brotha out, but actively requesting for money even in the form of a donation drive is kinda pushing it imho. With that said, Sinemerald I’m just happy that you continue to translate the series even though you have a full plate, for that thank you. It doesn’t matter what pace you translate this as it is plenty enough to know that at least I will get to see the unstory unfold in due time.

  2. Actually, I (if not most of us) am just thankful about the fact that you even translate this novel for free on your spare time as it is not your obligation to do so. Hence, i think you shouldn’t worry too much and just do what you seem is fun.

  3. Well, that’s to be expected. Majority of translations are free and are dubbed as fan translations. I’m just an editor here, and even I do it on my spare time. I view Light Novels, Manga, Anime, and Games as important methods of enjoying myself. I enjoy
    editing and do so because I’m an otaku. RL issues are a hassle, but it’s important. You’ll stress yourself out if you do translations out of obligation. And, I’d rather receive a notice saying that translations would take a month per chapter release, than a notice saying the series is dropped. Good luck.

  4. Really nice to know that your still alive…… Good Luck on the interview….
    And i hope in the nearby future you might find time to update……. Cuz i’m really really curious of what happens nxt….. But still i’ll wait tell u update… No pressure WE ARE ALL GLAD AND HAPPY FOR ALL THE EFFORT U MADE SO FAR…

  5. The reason you’re so slow: You got real life.
    The reason you’re badass: You got real life.

    Real life is an important aspect of every Otaku’s existence, no matter how much they wish to deny that fact, and no matter how much they fail at it.
    Keep it going, stay strong, and don’t take any pressure from translation project. After all none of us are paying a cent for it, so we certainly do not have any right to whine about you actually trying to keep your life on track.

  6. I would suggest to just drop the project and hope that some other translator with more time on their hands pick it up. People with no free time shouldn’t take up hobbies that involves responsilities and expectations. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful for your translations. I just believe that woth your current circumstances, you should just stop translating for now.

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