Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden Volume 6 Epilogue – Those Who Have Gathered

Not that much further to the end of volume 6…

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Part 1
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Part 1

Sunlight poured through the colorful stained glass. The sunlight reflected the glass’ color and like that, decorated the pure white hallway with innumerable colors.


It was just like a hallway of light. The quiet holy grounds stretched out endlessly.

Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>, floor 290.

This was the floor directly under ‘Paradise‘, the summit of of this super tall tower with 291 floors.

Starting with the Priestesses, only a portion of a handful of ranks could operate the elevator leading to this floor.

“It……It’s too amazing. Such gaudy……ah, no, that’s wrong, huuuh. Magnificent?”

Calling it gaudy would be heard as meaning extravagant. She had said it with exactly the opposite meaning. There was naught but natural light and sounds on this floor.

“It’s an amazing place, right, Yuto?”

“Right─. Eyri-nee.”

Holding the skipping Yuto’s hand, Eyriey walked down the soundless corridor.

“……Were we really meeting in this kind of place?”

She felt like they had come to a ridiculously out-of-place spot.


At around ten in the morning tomorrow, come to floor 290 of the tower.


……The person called Tsali said this was it.

“But I’m pretty sure this was where the Queen lives──”


A girl with hair the color of reflective water was standing before a door large to the point of being able to look up at it.

“……I showed you an embarrassing thing yesterday.”

“Ohh, it’s Shasa! Are you doing good, or rather, are you alright? Are you really okay?”

“Y-Yes. I was sleeping up until not too long ago today.”

“Ah, that’s true. You’ve got bed hair here.”

“Ehhh? B-Bed hair? Where, where is it?”

Shasa frantically combed her back hair.

“Ahaha, it’s fine if you don’t worry about it. More importantly, that’s a really big door.”

“This? This is──”

Shasa turned around and narrowed her eyes in front of the towering door.

The giant metal door which was large enough to look up at. Upon the silver which glistened like water’s surface, each important point was decorated with gold and sky-blue. This much of a grand of a display of colors would be imprinted upon the viewer like an attack but for some strange reason, this door did not give that impression.

“The door which continues on to Queen Salah’s personal room, ‘Curtain of Dreams‘.”

“This is……”

Even Eyriey who lived in the Living Districts had heard of it.

The relaxation room for the Queen who held absolute authority within Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>. It was the quietest holy grounds in the world for the sake of the Queen’s three days of rest after a month of praying for Hyouketsu Kyoukai.

“By the way, where are we going?”

“Ah, that’s right─. ……I guess inside the tower really is fine. Since Shasa-chan’s so informed. Is there any place to have fun?”

She was still worried about Shasa’s condition so it would be best to play inside rather than outside as much as possible.

“It’s hard to think of a place that’s made to have fun. It is after all a building made solely for practicality. Even though it’s this grand, there’s no space for what you spoke of.”

“That makes sense. Then……okay, got it! Leave it up to me. My friend’s a Cadet Guard so let’s get him to let us use his room!”

“Eyri-nee? Are you talking about Shel-nii’s room?”

“Yup, yup, I also got a duplicate key fu─lly prepared.”

“In truth, that duplicate key is illegal but it’ll be fine in this case……Eyriey-san, you’re such a bad person.”

Shasa’s expression lightened with a giggle.

“Then it’s decided! Well, let’s go.”

“If it’s okay, could we take a little detour before that?”

“Oyo? What? Do you have somewhere you want to go?”

“Yes. Follow me please. The elevator on this floor is connected to all floors in the tower.”


Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>, floor 269.

It was a floor which was entirely divided into clean-cut square rooms.

“Hey, hey, Shasa-chan, where is this?”

“It’s the meeting floor. It’s used by the Elite Guards but this floor is reserved at the moment. ……It seems that a rare customer has come.”

“Eh? You just said it’s reserved.”

Wasn’t it bad for them to have entered?

“It’s fine; I just want to take a peek secretly. I can hear what they’re talking about with telepathy and understand the situation with clairvoyance.”

“Ohh……amazing. Come to think of it, you can use shinryoku. Yeahhh─, that was surprising back then. We first met at Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>’s large baths and you suddenly──”

“Y-You already promised not to talk about that!”

The girl’s face flushed and she shook her head.

“Rather than that, look. Over there.”

“Eh? Where?”

Eyriey eyes bored in the direction that Shasa’s finger pointed at.

“Please don’t say anything. Look, that inner meeting room that Priestess Meimel is entering right now.”


Part 2

Meeting room 269-F.

The room which was right at the center of the floor was already filled with many personnel.

“O─i, is Meimel still not hereee. I’m about to die from boredom.”

“Ishtar as well, she’s really lonely without I’sa-chan……”

Hey, Leon, what does that have to do with calling me? There’s plainly a big rank difference between me and everyone else.”

“Shut up. To begin with, the start of this is your acquaintance ‘Number One‘ Zeadoll or whatever it was. This is also to hear your circumstances.”

“……No, it’s not like it’s at the point where you would call him my acquaintance.”

“I see, so because of that, we got wrapped up in something troublesome again.”

“You can’t get bored being in this room.”

“…………The tension is making my stomach hurt.”

“A-Are you okay? Monica-senpai, stay strong. Would you like some digestives?”

Hey, hey, Sheltisss. The cute Ilis feels like having a paid yearly vacation soon.

“Oka─y, thanks for waiting everyone; look this way.”


Meimel clapped her hands and everyone in the meeting room turned at once.

“Uh─mm……one, two……there are a lot of you. I wonder if everyone’s here. Shall we do a little attendance checking? Everyone, when your name is called, respond in a spirited voice──”

“Everyone’s here. Rather, Meimel, you’re the only one late.”

Ran was seated on a folding chair.

“It’s fiiine─. Within three minutes isn’t called late.”

With a refreshing smile, the tall Priestess turned around. A smiling expression. ──With a gaze that didn’t give a shred of a feeling of hostility or doubt.

“Well then, shall we start by giving our respective introductions?”

“Ahh, don’t worry about that.”

At the center of the meeting room.

A man bound to a chair shook his head.

“There are two Priestesses. Their names are Meimel and Ymy. Behind them are the Sennenshi, Ran and Leon. Both are the best on the floating continent <Orbie Clar> in their respectives fields of barehanded and great sword combat. And the one over there staring at a picture of her little sister is the Cadres Guard, Ishtar. The nii-chan behind her is Sheltis and the one beside him who looks like her stomach is in pain is the unit captain, Monica, right? The one in the back who looks like he detests this from the bottom of his heart is Vaiel and the one with a huuuge hat is Kagura. All of them are Cadet Guards. If I got anything wrong, please point it out.”

“Oh my, that’s amazing. Not just the Priestesses and Sennenshi─. You even remembered the Cadet Guards’ names.”

Meimel spoke with a look of praise.

“I should at least endeavor to remember the faces of those who came to our place. Riiight, Kuro?” [T/N: “our place” written as “Governmental Sector”.]

“Right. Though I’m the one who did all the investigating.”

“……That was unnecessary, Kuro.”

A long, long sigh.

Or so they thought, but that man looked straight up at Meimel who was looking down at him.

“So tell me one thing. Why am I bound to this uncool folding chair? I’ve been like this since yesterday for a whole night so my backside’s starting to hurt a little.”

“Well, that would be because we can’t just let an unknown intruder just freely do what they want. Yesterday, you even entered D ward which has restricted access.”

“But you know. I’m wrapped up like this and Kuro ── my subordinate had a proper seat prepared for her. She even has black tea and snacks.”

In his bound state, he pointed towards the woman seated beside him with his chin. She was seated elegantly and quietly had the teacup against her lips.

“Isn’t this gender inequality?”

“Huick-sama, this is a distinction wrought by the difference in first impressions. So to speak, character, dignity, personal appearance, refinement and other various things that show habitually during everyday activities.”

“……Whose side are you on?”

The man sighed with a weary expression.

“Well, whatever. Come on, ask me anything; I’ll just say this ahead of time, but I didn’t come here for a fight or anything. Even so, what’s with this extravagant gathering? It’s close to half of those at the top of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>.”

“Everybody likes festivals.”


“Well, let’s put jokes aside. After all, you’re from the Governmental Sector’s secret military organization. That’s a special unit belonging to Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>’s rival, so I would be too scared to face you alone. First, let’s start with whether your named affiliation is true.”


Number Nine‘ Huick of the Governmental Sector secret military organization.


“The one who’d know the most about that is the Cadet Guard nii-chan over there.”

Huick’s gaze went past Meimel’s flank and──



Leon elbowed him and Sheltis blinked.

“That’s right. We’re talking about that muscle-headed idiot so he probably went off about me or the ‘Number Seven‘ as much as he wanted during battle.”

Ah, that he did, that he did. I have records of the conversation. I’ll play them.

Machine crystal <Ilis> responded with a carefree voice.


We of ‘Heaven’s Wheel‘ are a secret military organization stationed at the various centers of the Governmental Sector. We are permitted to use military force regardless of the place and we are named after the weapons entrusted to us.

By the weapons entrusted to you……so you mean that you’re the ‘number one‘ not because you defend this place alone but because you use a single mace?

Yes. The ‘number seven‘ and ‘number nine‘ also have a fitting amount of weapons to complement their names──……


By the way, the second one was Sheltis speaking.

“……That idiot, he really said whatever he wanted.”

The Number Nine sighed gloomily because of machine crystal <Ilis>’ playback. Kuro who was idling beside him also seemed to be at a loss for words.

“Pheeew. For the time being, let’s just trust that there’s a member called ‘Number Nine‘ in the organization ‘Heaven’s Wheel‘. ……Can we continue this conversation?”

“It’s a counterattack.”

“A counterattack?”

“Right. But you know, I came with the intention of having a conversation of equals between Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> and the Governmental Sector. So can I cut these restraints already?”

Flop……the ropes which were fastened firmly all along from his shoulders to his ankles displayed sharp cuts and fell to the ground.


Ran, who had been reclining in her chair, had her eyes shining. ……How did he cut them? There wasn’t even a slight noise or indication nor a presence.

“Amazing, amazing! How’d you do that? One more time!”

“Fufun. Well, isn’t that amazing? This is my──buhaa!?”

Huick fainted in agony after having an elbow slammed into his lower flank.

“Huick-sama, please take a short rest. The conversation won’t proceed so I shall speak.”

Standing courteously, Kuro bowed politely.

“Previously, at the conference that we had Priestess Ymy-sama attend, there was an incident involving Maha and Igneed of the Lords of Unusual Books. At that time, we caused a great deal of trouble for you.”

“Ah, n-no……that’s not true.”

Ymy frantically waved her hand and Kuro bowed deeply once more.

“And for Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>, exactly one month ago. A Guard unit was wiped out by Maha of the Lords of Unusual Books. That case itself was resolved by Sheltis-sama and Kagura-sama over there but…………is that so? A true conclusion has yet to be reached. The reason being that not a single thing about the Lords of Unusual Books’ identity or goal has been understood.”

──Isn’t that so?

Kuro gazed at Meimel with a smile and challenging look.

Right beside here, Huick shrugged while still seated in the chair.

“The Governmental Sector will be counterattacking from now on. We’ll be entering the one base that Kuro and I found.”

“I seeee. You want Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> to join in on that.”

“The Governmental Sector was attacked and you guys also had subordinates crushed by them. With that, wouldn’t it be good to cooperate?”

“……That’s riiight. Before that, anybody who wants to pose a question should do so.”

Is there anyone? Meimel looked around her and nobody there raised a voice in response.

……No, there should be questions.

……Everybody should have at least one doubt at the very least.

“Everyone’s so reserved, huuuh. Well then──”

“Just one thing.”

Amongst those who were keeping silent, Sheltis timidly opened his mouth.

“Is anything fine?”

“That’s right, good on you, nii-chan. It’s important to be curious.”

The look in Huick’s eyes changed as he propped his elbows up on the table. Kuro who was sitting still beside him also stared with her blue eyes narrowed to slits.

……This is.

……As I thought. They came with the intention of letting us ask questions from the beginning.

Questioning‘ was, so to speak, a measure of the asker’s ability to gather information and their ability to process information.

Depending on what question the Priestesses, Sennenshi or Guards here were to pose, they would gain a rough idea of Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>’s analytic ability.

……You could call these two examiners.

……They’ve come to determine whether Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> can become a reliable ally or not.

That was why they showed up boldly while prepared for the dangers.

If they were to ask a question which ran counter to the Governmental Sector’s expectations, they would be regarded as having no information gathering ability and would be provided no beneficial information to oppose the Lords of Unusual Books.

“That’s good, nii-chan, that look isn’t bad at all. You understand.”

“──Huick-sama. You’re saying a little too much.”

“Kuro, these guys understand. There’s no point in tediously hiding our objective from people who understand.”

Now, what question will you ask me? You’ve already ascertained there’s no reason to hide anything, the ‘Number Nine’s‘ daring gaze clearly conveyed that.

“What I want to know is your information source.”



Huick and Kuro widened their eyes slightly.

“First. The fact that Kagura and I fought ‘Golden Maha‘ has not been announced outside of the tower. ……The second is the Lords of Unusual Books’ base. How did you find a base that even Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> hasn’t found yet? We haven’t received an explanation for either yet.”

“………………How unpleasant, you noticed that.”

After a very long silence, that was what the secret operative muttered.

“You’re pretty good even though you’re young. Ah, I’m still in my twenties myself. Well, if we’re talking age, Kuro over here──”


“……Right, let’s continue the conversation. I’ll start off by saying the question’s not bad.”

Resting his chin on his hands, the man from ‘Heaven’s Wheel‘ pointed at his own eyelid.

“It’s the eye. You should understand if I say Mikuva’s Crimson Eye. As for your question, we can figure out either one of those by using it.”

Oya, but you shouldn’t be able to use that without a compatible individual?

“Correct. That’s why this person’s here.”

Huick pointed with his chin at the suited woman directly behind him.

“There are currently a total of three people compatible with Mikuva’s Crimson Eye in the Governmental Sector. Kuro is one of them. Though I say compatible, that doesn’t mean fully compatible, so there is a limit on the information able to be drawn out but……well, she can at least get information of that level. I think that’s good enough of an answer.”

Is that enough?


This man who named himself as Huick was a trickster. Complete opposite the ‘Number One‘, he would plan with one or two layers of his opponent’s thoughts in mind.

“And your response is?”

“Let’s seeee. You said it was a counterattack but it sounds more like an infiltration, so it’ll be a select few elite, right? The opponents being who they are, Regular Guards aren’t going to cut it……and there are few amongst the Elite Guards who are privy to the circumstances. Ahh, what are we to do; with things being the way they are, we have no choice but to send someone from those gathered heeere.”

Meimel crossed her arms underneath her chest and pressed a finger against her own cheek. That expression was like an expert enjoying themselves in an intellectual game.

“One or two people?”

“No way. We don’t know the enemy organization’s scale, so it’s logical to have more allies. ……Well, there are only two from the Governmental Sector so we can’t ask for dozens of people. If you’re looking to cooperate, we’d like around two. In reality, the limit for those who will be able to infiltrate in one go is four including Kuro and I. More than that would be a separate unit.”

“By the way, what’s the maximum?”

“If you don’t trust us, you can prepare as many as you want.”

Meimel asked with a smile and the Number Nine spread his hands.

“But I’ll pass on a big family; at most, it will be five people. That is to say, you pick five and that’ll be seven when Kuro and I are added. In that case, two from your five would come with us as the main unit and the remaining three will infiltrate using a separate route.”

“Fumu, fumu. So two will be travelling with you and more than that is a different unit. ──This is a difficult problem, hmmmm.”

Contrary to her words, the Priestess’ tone was that of enjoyment when she answered.


“Where are Viola Nova and Horn Nova?”

“They’re on standby on the floor above.”

“Thanks. That means that with the nine here and the Nova sisters, we have eleven. Syun-rei is really busy with the barrier in place of Salah-sama so she’s excluded. Up to five of us can go……oh dear, how troublinggg, who shall we choose from amongst these wonderful members?”

Meimel gazed into thin air with a teasing smile.

……The infiltration of the third organization. The most that can go is five.


Looking around at those gathered again, Sheltis gulped.

First, there were three Priestesses. Meimel, Ymy and Viola who was waiting on another floor.

Likewise, there were three Sennenshi. Ran, Leon and Horn on another floor. In addition was the Cadres Guard, Ishtar. All of them were able individuals included in the superior part of the tower’s strongest.

……Adding in the four from our unit makes eleven people.

……Five will be chosen from here to head for the Lords of Unusual Books’ base.


If you want to know, chase after me. Now, Sheltis, chase after me. That is the beginning of everything.


……I want to be chosen to go.

Igun’I’s true intention. In the first place, why the Lords of Unusual Books had an abnormal knowledge of Mikuva’s Crimson Eye and the Forbidden Crystal was still a mystery.

……And above all, they know that I have mateki.

A single premonition weighed on his chest.

They freely operated Mikuva’s Crimson Eye which can’t be used without a compatible individual and……they knew that I fell into the Garden of Corrupted Song <Eden>.

If it’s Igun’I, does he also know how to purify the mateki residing in this body?


There was what happened in the Governmental Sector but he had thought so ever since he thought the information of the Governmental Sector’s cultured Yuugenshu was related to him and Ymy. Now that he knew all of that was the secret maneuvering of the third organization, he wasn’t going to let this suggestion from the Governmental Sector slip past.

……Ymy, I thought your purification of that mateki which no Priestess could purify was truly amazing.

……You really are doing your best. For all those of the tower.

Then me too.

No matter how dangerous this infiltration mission may be, if it’s connected to Ymy and my sakes──

“Now then, has everyone decided on how they feel?”

Meimel pulled out a large notebook from who-knows-where.

“Of course, I will be making the final decision but first I’ll hear you out if you have a request. Those who wish to participate in the joint plan with the Governmental Sector, name yourself and step forward.”

While spinning the pen skillfully around her finger, she looked over the assembled members.

“……Oh my, nobody?”

Nobody reacted.

Meimel stared in wonder at the silent Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> members.

“That’s unexpected, hmmmm, or are you just holding back? Then I’ll just decide it myself, and I suppose that’ll be fine. Well then──”

“…………If I”

From his throat which was parched from nervousness, he squeezed out his voice.

Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>’s members. And the two secret organization members focused their sights ── Sheltis gulped deeply.

“If I would do, please let me participate.”


Part 3

Those who wish to participate, please name yourself and step forward.

Easily over ten metres away from the meeting room, in the shadow of an intersection, Eyriey had her eyes firmly closed and was listening to the conversation.


……So this is telepathy.

The conversation happening within the locked meeting room was directly echoing in her head. Given that she was a common civilian, she obviously couldn’t use shinryoku spells. The one using spells to listen to other peoples’ conversations with telepathy and even allowing a third party like herself to listen in was──


The girl with hair the color of reflective water was only staring fixedly in the direction of the meeting room.

“Eyriey, did you hear the conversation?”

“Perfectly. That’s Shasa for you, amazing! Wouldn’t you prefer being an apprentice Priestess?”

“……That would also be nice.”

The girl nodded with a smile which didn’t let on as to whether she was serious or joking.

“Rather than that, Eyriey, aren’t you interested in that infiltration talk from just now?”

“Yeah, yeah! I heard Sheltis’ voice so I wonder if he’s going somewhere a─gain. Even though that means we won’t get to play.”

It would be fine if it was an expedition to the Nature District or the Biotope. But if it was like the times with the Governmental Sector or the floating archipelago <Lagoon>, then Yuto and Eyriey herself would be lonely.

“Then let’s go.”


“Eyriey, please participate in what that Huick person was talking about as well. No matter the case, it concerns Tenketsu Palace <Sophia> so I’m also interested.”

“…………Eh-ehhhhhhhh! Wh-What does that mean!? You’re telling a civilian like me to name myself in there!?”

“As an airship maintenance worker or something else, there are any number of ways to sneak yourself in.”

“Eh. W-Well……I like those kinds of things but it didn’t seem like their positions or the atmosphere would permit something like that? It was a ridiculously serious talk.”

“It’s fine. I’ll do something about that. Also”

In a rare act, the girl balled a fist tightly and winked.

“You need not worry about your physical wellbeing. I will have a reassuring partner travel together with you.”

“Ohhh, a partner!?”

To warrant being called reassuring, he or she must be quite reliable. Who would that be? A Sennenshi? Or Sheltis? No, no, there’s also the possibility it’s somebody strong who hasn’t been recognized yet.

While she was occupied with that.

“I’m counting on you, Yuto.”

“O─kay! I’ll be going with Eyri-nee!”

“So there you have it, Eyriey, please take Yuto along with you.”

“Yuto will do her best─”


In comparison with the merry young girl and Shasa who was smiling as well. Eyriey muttered with a sigh.

“……It’s not like me, but I’m worried.”


Part 4

Meeting room 269-F.

“Houhou, I seeee.”

A lone Governmental Sector secret organization executive shook their shoulders in pleasure.

“What’s this, if one person speaks out……was everyone just checking how those around them would act? However, this is too many people. Now then, let’s have the promised selection.”


His subordinate who corrected her posture was standing still silently. With her mouth drawn to a line, the silent woman was looking sidelong at Tenketsu Palace <Sophia>’s Priestess.

“Fumu, fumu, we’re a little over five people. What to dooo, there are those I want to have go within those who haven’t named themselves as well……well, let’s separate this and that. Okay, this will dooo!”

Meimel shut her notepad and nodded in satisfaction.

“Already done?”

“Yes, I’ve already decided. We can’t have our Governmental Sector guests waiting either.”

Answering Ran’s question with a wink, the Priestess who managed the tower brushed aside her own bangs. With flowing movements, she pointed to the door directly behind her.

“Well then, I’ll announce those chosen to participate in the joint plan with the Governmental Sector.”



“Only those whose names are called, please remain in this room.”


In tandem with Meimel’s proclamation──

The meeting room was wrapped in a quiet tension.


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