Kantai Collection E-5

I am so happy I completed this god damn event map that I’m actually going to post here about it because I feel like I really need to type this down so I can look back on it in the next event and realize why the Hell I’m still trying to clear even when RNG is wrecking my ships like nobody’s business.

After 8 straight failed sorties, a great deal of which were somehow done by the CL oni critting my Haruna to red immediately (I tried going straight to the boss regardless once and she lived with 71 HP) or that CV hime pre-boss node (100% Abyssal accuracy OP), I managed to get to the boss with no chuuha/taiha ships and entered the night battle with no chuuha/taiha on my escort fleet. Needless to say, my main fleet had two taiha because RNG OP.

Night battle started off okay. Ro-chan wanted to cut-in, so I was like “YES!” until she only did 40 damage (which was still a “yes” but not as loud). BB water demon decided she wanted to hate on me here so she decided to taiha Sendai who was next in line. Yuudachi came up and did a double attack for like a total of 9. Then my E-5 goddess, Yukikaze, came with her insane luck and pulled a cut-in, dealing the final 190 damage to the boss and winning me E-5. I wasn’t sure if she would manage to do it or Kitakami + Ooi who were right behind her would do it (or fail to do it), so I cheered and started messaging/shouting at everyone about the win.

If any of you are also playing Kantai Collection and struggling with this god damned boss, I can only wish you luck. I stopped praying to RNG-sama and started praying to the KanColle developers near the end. Hopefully that’s what blessed Yukikaze, even if I’m not spiritually in tune enough to believe that.

As an aside, if I had failed that sortie, I have absolutely no fuel or ammo left now so I would’ve failed to clear ♡.

EDIT: E-6 farming being amazing for me personally. I got a lot of random rares during the event (Ooyodo, Tokitsukaze, etc.) and now I’m getting everything I wanted to date (Kaga, Shoukaku, etc.). If my luck on E-5 was traded for this, I’m strangely okay with that.


10 responses to “Kantai Collection E-5

  1. Nice, I have midterms so im too busy studing to go through the entire event. Im stopping around E-3 since im too busy T.T It hurts so much not getting that new ship girl. Once again, good job. All hail RNG-sama~

      • Can’t blame you lol, got rekt at E-2 medium, I could only imagine what E-4 Hard would be like. Not to mention it’s combined fleet iirc, and unless u evenly leveled everyone, chances of a weak ship getting crit into red and sending you home is doubled @_@

  2. ahhhhhhhhh…. Im too late to make it into event x__X just barely got started…think I’ll sneak in here and got some enlightment

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