Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden Volume 7, Intermission – Ultramarine

4-3-J with a Ta-class BB is the definition of evil while grinding levels. My HQ level finally passed 80 so now I can’t use 1-5 anymore (it’s 84).

Meanwhile, since I don’t feel like having headaches from playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, I’m translating instead xD.




The water tank was filled with pale, light blue solution. Small bubbles were floating up and popping, floating up and being eliminated with a dry sound.


Ahaa, haha……hahaha.

Laughing was mixed in with the sound of air bubbles popping.

Is that it? That airship.

Yeah, that’s it.

I wonder if we should tell Igun-I.

Yeah, we should. But first we have to report this to Armadyl. Including the pilot, there are seven people?

Seven……huh……but that co-pilot seat catches my interest.

Yeah, I can see something blurry like a mirage. It’s strange.


Suddenly, the children’s laughter which had filled the room disappeared.

A silence spread gently. It was a raw, stinging silence that was born, almost like when a child is sulking.

Well, whatever. Igun-I is the expert for those things.

It was easily a minute by the time the cheery voice echoed out.

That’s right, Igun-I is the expert. That’s why we should tell Igun-I too.

Yeah, so with that decided, we should get going.

Each of the voices that had been going around instantly went silent in order and then.


This is a mass transmission to all Lords of Unusual Books ranks from ‘Blue‘ Neue and ‘Green‘ Noesis.

Warning ── assumed pattern 049 has been detected and the defense system has been activated. Preparations for interception underway.


The perfectly clear voices of the twins traveled through the interior of the facility as if they were singing.


26 responses to “Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden Volume 7, Intermission – Ultramarine

  1. How goes the mochi farm lol…. and speaking of hq level, i shouldve gotten my DDs to 70s before i hit 80 /sigh dumb me

    • With how you listed your fleets off as “main”, “2nd” and “3rd…are you by any chance not doing expeditions? If you’re doing them and you just happen to have three mainstay compositions, it’ll be annoying later because mainstays you come up with early are usually extremely high consumption.

      At level 20, I would suggest getting just clearing the first node over and over unless you think you can manage to clear 2-4. The ideal composition is to have a mix of BB/CV (the heavy duty stuff) but you can easily pass a CLT into there for opening torpedoes. If you want to bring lighter ships, I would advise sparkling them because they’re gonna get rekt in one hit.

      What I did at HQ 20 was basically rush my 2-4 clear to get to 3-2. I had magically managed to procure a sub from construction (alternatively, you can get them at 1-5) and she cleared 2-4 solo through sparkling.

      • I enjoy grinding any new ship so yea I often forgot bout expedition… I’m just not normal person tho for having doing those xD. But yeah thx for suggestion.

    • well duh… I rarely done it. but yea I don’t know any benefits that come from expeditions. I’ll try to do it tho

      • Basically all of your resources come from expeditions. You said your battleship doesn’t have any ammo? You just need to run expeditions 2 and 5. Pretty much -nobody- is gonna have their fleets around except the main one. That’s just a big waste of time.

  2. Err I know I night be a bit of a beginner here with only HQ level of 28 and only at 2-4 but yep BBs consume a ton of ammo. But then again I did go with aircraft carrier/aviation carrier way. Meh need more firepower for 2-4

      • Yeah lol, though I find *most of the time* branching maps tend to be pretty fair with the enemy types u encounter if ur forced to bring somewhat lighter fleets.

    • So far I power through with standard carriers already have remodeled akagi and junyou and ryujou. Gonna remodel soryuu next and nagato and mutsu? Or just throw in I-168 and put in kongou kai or maya kai meh. Don’t know which to put. Prbly kongou because I already have very high AA from Reppus and shinden kai and type 62 fighter bombers. Well gonna try beat 2-4 soon but soryuu keeps getting medium damage by 2
      2nd battle…. and I haven’t gone anywhere near the boss node yet…. sigh

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