There will be a collaborator for the Mondaiji project on my end, but they will not be starting work until somewhere in mid-May because of college. I expect a general boost in translation rate at that point.

So uh.

Hi there, I’m a friend of sinemerald’s on a borrowed name as my usual nick is taken here. I’m also the aforementioned collaborator for the Mondaiji project.

My level of Japanese comprehension isn’t abysmal but if you guys have any complaints about my translation skills, feel free to let me know. It’s actually been a decently long while since I’ve picked up a project as large as this but it fits in with my need to brush up on my Japanese over the summer, so I figured why not. I am also personally interested in Mondaiji-tachi, so don’t worry if you think I’m just going to treat this as a chore.

As for when I’ll be starting….probably early June. I currently have a week left before the end of the college semester and I would like another week to rest up and plan out my summer. I definitely won’t be as fast as sinemerald is when it comes to cranking out translations, but I’ll try to keep up.


Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Volume 1, Chapter 3

I called it a “banner” in my translation, but it could just be called a “flag”. A flag doesn’t hang in as many places as a banner though, so I opted for banner. I forget which one was used in the anime.

The part about the wheel of transmigration is really, REALLY sketchy right now. I checked it over a few times and it’s still kinda messy. I’ll be clearing it up once I get more time to match my schedule to other people’s (to bother them).

The “New Year’s” gift mentioned is an “otoshimono”. If you know some Japanese, you may relate to the romanized version of it better than the English translation.

Many things start with capital letters because they use katakana over kanji in the original text. The majority of those are in [] braces, but some of the same ones are outside. I like my consistency, so a lot of things have capitals. Also, anything that seems to be some kind of important thing (eg. Divinity) is capitalized.

From now on, I’ll be releasing this thing in parts. I didn’t expect Mondaiji to be so ridiculously long, but it really is a lot longer and more complex than Seirei, so it’s best to just release the parts.

Made some quality of life changes that should help while correcting some grammar and spelling mistakes -AshenRaven

Part 1

They met at the water fountain plaza as the day was ending and, having heard what happened, Kuro Usagi’s rabbit ears were standing on end as usual in her anger. Storm-like preaching and questioning flew about in response to the sudden development.

“H, how did you come into contact with the leader of “Fores Garo” and even manage to pick a fight in that short time!?” “Moreover, the Game’s appointed date is tomorrow!?” “And to be battling in the enemy’s territory!” “We don’t have the time or money to prepare!” “Just what were you thinking!” “Are you listening, you three!!”

“””We pissed him off. We’re currently reflecting on our actions.”””


Kuro Usagi raged at the the excuse that seemed to have been coordinated beforehand, possibly under somebody’s suggestion.

Izayoi who was watching that with a smirk delivered the finisher.

“It should be fine. It’s not like they were indiscriminately picking a fight, so forgive them.”

“Y, you may be thinking it’s fine as long as it’s interesting but the only thing we get from this Game is self-satisfaction, you know? Look at this [Geass Roll].”

The [Geass Roll] Kuro Usagi showed was a Gift necessary for those without a [Host Master] to become a [Host] and begin a Game.

The Game’s details, rules, wagers and prizes were written on it and it was sealed with the signature of the leader of the [Host]’s community. The contents of the prize section that Kuro Usagi was pointing at went like this. Continue reading