Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden Volume 5, Chapter 3 – Relationship Time

Why so many double quotes, author? It makes me so sad when I have to go italicize each one.

Just an FYI that I’m apparently going out tomorrow (apparently because stuff like this gets sprung on me outta nowhere), so nothing’s getting done tomorrow.

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Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden Volume 5, Chapter 2 – The Governmental Sector

Thanks for the encouragement and everything over this week, it really inspired to act like I wasn’t doing anything. It also inspired me to actually do nothing in the latter part of the week. I still got something done though.

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About Hyouketsu’s Next Releases

So I think everybody’s pretty much antsy about when I’m actually gonna get around to doing this.

[b]I’ll finish releasing the entirety of volume 5 by the end of next week. I promise.[/b]

I’ve been pretty distracted the last little while (and no, it’s not Dragon Nest) so I haven’t really done much but I’ll sweep everything that’s not urgent to the side and finish this up. Chapter 1 will probably get wrapped up by the end of tomorrow.