Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Volume 8, Chapter 4 – Date With Dragon

And thus this is FINALLY completed. This post is currently awaiting editing by AshenRaven.

At one part in the chapter, I put down “Aqua Elusion”. The actual word is “水遁” (suiton) which is a generic ninjutsu move. It literally means “water escape”.

This post has been edited -AshenRaven

Part 1

Dawn. At a flatland, far away from the castle at which the representatives were staying—

A black-haired girl with her hand raised towards the darkness was there.

“Crush the universal light, O spirit of the evil black dragon—”

The radiance of kamui that shot into the surroundings indicated the magnitude of the spirit being summoned.

“Thou shalt abide my command and eliminate my enemies!”

The moment the icy cry echoed into the dark’s stillness.


Tearing through the night, a pitch black dragon manifested from thin air.

Dragon spirit <Nidhogg> — the celebrated highest-class dragon spirit of Dracunia.

The atmosphere shook from the enormous dragon spirit’s roar and— Continue reading

Poll – Second Stage

Already seeing some comments talking about series that aren’t from the top 5 list. If you need the tl;dr, I’m not accepting anything outside the five series mentioned in this post. All posts that do not vote for one of them will be deleted.

Now the thing is: is it actually worth it? I’m just gonna say that…Mondaiji is obviously going to win, no joke. So I’m actually going to SWITCH this a little bit and poll for the complementary project. Considering I have another translator onboard for Mondaiji (confirmed), I can afford to take on a secondary one as well.

With that said, this will be taking the top 5 from the other poll and pushing them into here. I believe I said five in the original poll post. This poll will likely close faster than the previous poll.

Now then, here are the rules for this time’s poll:

  1. I am ditching the crappy polling system. Screw that stuff from Polldaddy; it’s worthless trash.
  2. Only the votes in the comments will count. Please make them very obvious! And only select one series! I passed over many things like “I would like to see _____ or _____!” in the last one because I’m only counting ONE vote.
  3. Try to keep your opinions off the comments because it’s kinda hard to sort out the votes if there are a lot of other things in there. Counting the votes from the last one took just under an hour.
  4. This poll will end as volume 8’s translation is completed.
  5. You may only vote for the allowed series; no more series suggestions will be considered.

These are the series you are allowed to vote on (check below for how these were calculated):

  1. Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden
  2. Gate – Thus the JSDF Fought There
  3. Madan to Ou no Vanadis
  4. Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?
  5. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo

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Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Volume 8, Chapter 3 – The Ice Demon and the Hell Cat

Chapters are a little longer than usual, so this actually took quite some time. Couple that with my job requiring me to pretty much rewrite the entire system and yeah. Chapter 4 will actually take LONGER because it’s a whopping like 80(?) pages. I’ll be posting that one in parts because it’s just too long to merit full releasing with my current time schedule.

I’m sure people have noticed that zzhk picked up volume 10. Yaaaay~ I don’t actually have to do it to read through it (though I guess I can just skim it and finish the novel in like 2 hours). Though this raises another issue: the poll. So I’m actually going to move into the second portion of the poll, like, tomorrow. Yep. Because I’m just done for today. Though I’m pretty sure the one that’s gonna be at the top is Mondaiji either way…that thing is literally heads and tails above everything else.

This post will likely be edited eventually. Yep — this is an unedited release. You get to see all the glory of the unedited copy.

This post has been edited -AshenRaven

Part 1

Chirp, chirp chirp.

A small bird’s chirping could be heard outside the window.

The second morning following the conclusion of the <Tempest>.

Kamito was abandoning himself to pleasant slumber.

“……Onii-sama. Please wake up, onii-sama.”

Ruffle ruffle. Ruffle ruffle.

“Uu, nn……Est, let me sleep a little more.”

Kamito groaned in bed. His fatigue from the real battle hadn’t been abated yet. At least for today, he wanted to sleep to his heart’s content.

“Jeez, onii-sama, you sleepyhead!”

An amazed sigh……somehow, it seemed that she had given up. Continue reading

Addressing Issues

Okay, I’m going to assume people know what the heck has been happening in the comments. So let’s get a few things straight. A warning that this contains minor profanities.

1. None of your flake matters to me.

I don’t get why some of you think I’m going to change my personality just because you criticize what I put on here. It’s not going to happen, and you can’t make me give enough of a shit for it to happen. I will continue to be careless, type things while half-asleep and overall piss the living daylights out of everybody with a complex. Problem? Get over it. Is this butchering the work? If I don’t consider it to be, then it’s not. The word is purely subjective: you can’t argue it. If you want to though, I won’t stop you.

I won’t be arguing back against anybody in the comments anymore; it’s too much of a waste of time. I don’t care what kind of perfectionist ideology somebody has, forcing it onto somebody else isn’t going to work. I’m not fixing -anything- except for really major errors that I think actually matter.

Now then, I’m not going out of my way to defend NanoDesu, but he has been civil. The negative view of his opinions is just because it’s being put alongside various other arguments that have more crap plus my argument with him. In no way has he outright stated anything that is bullying. Not gonna give him too much credit though. My big problem with his is that he is a condescending narcissist. Shamelessly plugging his group in the comments is just a result of his line of thought where “I am an ideal” stands strong. Good work appearing like you don’t think that though (it’s not very convincing).

Just FYI, there’s a major difference between this and real business, NanoDesu: it doesn’t affect me no matter how bad the quality is.

2. I’m not going MIA.

If you recall, there’s a post about my getting a job. Yes, it’s a full-time job. And I had to buy something to do my job which resulted in getting advance payment right at the start. So right now, I’m in debt. I’d like to say I would pay off my debt first, but that’d take a while. I’ll likely drop work around Sunday and just translate some stuff.

3. I have volume 10.

No, I haven’t gotten the hard copy yet, though I have ordered it. Thank you to all the people who posted links and various information to help me get this. I should actually be receiving my hard copy in a day or two (hopefully), with the latest at early next week.

4. Ahahahahaha.

I know somebody’s going to be butthurt because I just denied their very existence (perfectionism), so I only have one request: make your bullshit funny. It’s boring to read the regular crap some of you slap into your comments. At least do something as bad as リンペイ pointing out that I put “lap” instead of “beside” and extending it to me being terrible for the rest of my life. Yes, I knew that mistake was there and left it. Whatever. Terrible? I’m fine with that.

Hope that clears a few things up. And yes, feel free to rage as hard as possible. If your veins explode and you happen to leave this world, I’ll consider coming over and pissing on your grave. Amen.

Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Volume 8, Interlude – The Dusk Witch

In a room of a high-class hotel built in <Ragna Ys>’ business district.

Greyworth looked down out the window at the night view that stood out against the darkness.

“This might become the last <Blade Dance> that these eyes see.”

She narrowed her eyes and felt slightly sentimental.

She had debuted and won twenty four years ago. She was fifteen at the time.

At that time, the <Blade Dance> system was still working properly.

Three years ago, an unseen crack had appeared.

And now, the current competition obviously had unusual circumstances arising.

It had been a short cycle of only three years from the last tournament. The participation in battle of a darkness spirit that was not the user’s official contracted spirit. The grotesque existence that wasn’t a spirit contractor, let alone human, <Nepenthes Lore>—

(—Just what exactly is starting here?) Continue reading