Why Am I So Slow

I’m sure some individuals that are avid light novel readers have been fretting about why I’ve been updating so consistently slow right now. I’m writing this now because it could become even more infrequent depending on some events within the next week.

So first of all, a big part of the reason I’m not getting much done at the moment is that I’m actually commuting to my local university. I spend around 6 hours there per day. That’s still okay though (I’m sneaking translating in between activities).

Secondly – and this is the big one – I’m still involved in the working scene. The most recent venture will have me actually having to leave my house, unlike all the remote work I’ve been doing until now where I would be able to lounge around and finish it at like 3 AM. I have an interview on Wednesday next week so I’ll need to focus on brushing up on all the skills I need so I don’t just bomb out and embarrass myself (and also fall into a good bit of self-loathing for squandering chances like this).

As for if I manage to pass this interview, the work hours will be standard. I believe that’s around 8 hours a day, so a good portion of my day will go missing. Coupled with other things I have to do, I’ll have a minor piece to devote to translating. I will set a realistic goal for myself when I come to face exactly how much work this job entails.

That’s about it; now then, I’ll be off to study all my work materials.