Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Volume 12, Chapter 1 – Lost Memories

Restia!!! Nuuuuuu!! And with this chapter, I’m bowing out of Seirei Tsukai’s volume 12 translations. I leave it to you, zzhk! Back to Hyouketsu for me~

Part 1

───The <Blade Dance> that was carried out at <Astral Zero>.

One week had already passed since that had come to an end.

Concluding the battle with <Team Inferno> led by the <Strongest Blade Dancer> in victory, the girls of <Team Scarlet> returned to Areishia Spirit Academy after finishing the Empire’s triumphant return parade.

However, amidst the rising voices of welcome, the girls’ expressions were heavy in silence.

The world’s destiny had changed, that day.

Ever since the audience with the <Spirit Lords> at the True Shrine.

Kamito had lost consciousness and hadn’t woken up even after returning to the human world.

And so───


“───Most likely, this is amnesia caused by mental stress.” Continue reading


Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Volume 12 Prologue

Yeah, I did it. I went and translated the prologue. And I’ll finish chapter 1 while I’m at it.

Hey, Kamito.

If there comes a time when I become not myself───

I’d like you to kill me.


And if possible───

Forget about me.


“……, Uu……”

What entered his vision when he first opened his eyes was a pure white ceiling.

Gentle rays of sunlight flowed in through the curtains. The scent of freshly laundered sheets. Continue reading

Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Volume 11, Prologue


It’s been a while! Glad to be back! Now to go to sleep. I’ll write actual notes when I wake up. One giant note though: I haven’t read 9 and 10 yet. STILL. WHAT AM I DOING. Okay, to bed.

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Translator notes have been changed to the style I’m using in Hyouketsu. They’re a lot more convenient (when I wrote the notes up here, I’m pretty sure I forgot to mention a lot of things). It’s not actually part of what I translate so I don’t mind changing it despite my stubbornness with consistency.

Stammers like 「えっ、えええええ!?」 (for example only) are still “Ee, ehhhhh!?” instead of “Ee-ehhhhh!?” because of the aforementioned consistency. I like consistency. It’s not changing.

As this was pre-release, I didn’t release this on Baka-Tsuki. I might have to do that soon considering this is an official sneak-peek and I don’t think there’ll be any differences in the actual release like I was worrying at 6 or 7 in the morning.

“Absolute Sword Arts Final Form ─── <Last Strike Dual>!”


The <Demon Slayer> in his right hand and the <Vorpal Sword> in his left.

The crossed light and dark dual blades smashed Rubia Elstein’s sword.

The instant the crimson sword broke.

The overflowing red hot flames raged all at once.

“……No, way……!”

Time stood still. Within the fierce flames───

A sigh of despair leaked from her lips.

Or it could possibly have been just a gasp for air. Continue reading

Noticed that somebody asked this

I looked on the Animesuki forums and saw this question:

I noticed that you use kamui in Chapter 5, is it the alternate translation for Divine Power?

Why yes, yes it is.

While we’re at it, all of the alternative names and such are here on Baka-Tsuki:

Partway through the translation, I also stopped translating the kanji versions of the names. Some of them mean the exact same (eg. “Tasogare no Majo” as “Dusk Witch”) while some are quite different from the furigana provided (eg. “The Sword That Pierces Truth” as “Vorpal Sword”). I don’t think it requires detailing, but you can just run the kanji on the Baka-Tsuki through to Jisho or even Google Translate (gasp!…but it’s actually not bad for single words and short phrases).

EDIT: Just a note that I didn’t answer this directly on Animesuki because I can’t post on that thread without some kind of moderator approval. And the last time I tried posting on it, I don’t remember seeing it get approved.