About Hyouketsu’s Next Releases

So I think everybody’s pretty much antsy about when I’m actually gonna get around to doing this.

[b]I’ll finish releasing the entirety of volume 5 by the end of next week. I promise.[/b]

I’ve been pretty distracted the last little while (and no, it’s not Dragon Nest) so I haven’t really done much but I’ll sweep everything that’s not urgent to the side and finish this up. Chapter 1 will probably get wrapped up by the end of tomorrow.

End of Hiatus…?


To make a long story short, this college semester has been the most vague and needlessly pointless that I’ve ever had and I wasn’t sure until….about yesterday, that I found out that I managed to pass all my classes. The problem was not knowing until well after the end. Oh, and Phantasy Star Online 2 may have had some hand in keeping me busy (Hasn’t been a single day I haven’t been on it. I suffer from the same symptoms as sinemerald does in terms of gaming).

Now that that’s out of the way though, I just need to get back on track. I can’t apologize enough about my absence for all these months but I’ll make it up to you guys with some content updates over the next week or so.

Happy New Years to everyone!

Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden Volume 5, Chapter 1 – Expedition

I blame it all on Dragon Nest.

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Latest update: Part 4 at January 18, 2014, 11:16 AM PST (COMPLETE)

As you may have noticed, the “Latest update” part has a link in it. I wonder where it leads? I’ll try to remember to keep it updated as I add them. Please note that you need to actually open the post for it to work though~

I flubbed up and totally forgot I had done part 2 already.

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Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Volume 12, Chapter 1 – Lost Memories

Restia!!! Nuuuuuu!! And with this chapter, I’m bowing out of Seirei Tsukai’s volume 12 translations. I leave it to you, zzhk! Back to Hyouketsu for me~

Part 1

───The <Blade Dance> that was carried out at <Astral Zero>.

One week had already passed since that had come to an end.

Concluding the battle with <Team Inferno> led by the <Strongest Blade Dancer> in victory, the girls of <Team Scarlet> returned to Areishia Spirit Academy after finishing the Empire’s triumphant return parade.

However, amidst the rising voices of welcome, the girls’ expressions were heavy in silence.

The world’s destiny had changed, that day.

Ever since the audience with the <Spirit Lords> at the True Shrine.

Kamito had lost consciousness and hadn’t woken up even after returning to the human world.

And so───


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Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Volume 12 Prologue

Yeah, I did it. I went and translated the prologue. And I’ll finish chapter 1 while I’m at it.

Hey, Kamito.

If there comes a time when I become not myself───

I’d like you to kill me.


And if possible───

Forget about me.


“……, Uu……”

What entered his vision when he first opened his eyes was a pure white ceiling.

Gentle rays of sunlight flowed in through the curtains. The scent of freshly laundered sheets. Continue reading